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  1. I've been banned from the French "[G8][LEGION]" PvP server for the actions of someone else. I can't find any contact info for this clan so am helpless to sort it out.

    The map was AAS50M Pobeda Dam and I joined as the 2nd player. Vlado was on there and I said "salut" and got no reply. I took the cobra and flew to Delta and landed at the flag to cap it.

    I was capping nicely, expecting Vlado to get me at any moment. A new player called "Aras" or something joined blufor and spawned at Charlie (the dam). Within a couple of seconds of spawning he'd managed to kill Vlado I don't know how (Vlado wasn't in the Charlie cap zone) Next thing the trees all started falling over around me in a decreasing radius and I died as everything exploded.

    So, I say on globalchat, "hack!", wondering what the French for hack is... That's when I decide Vlado's AFK. So I respawn at Charlie and watch Aras or whatever his name is. Nothing spectacular happens and I leave after a couple of minutes to go out on an errand.

    I come back half an hour later and I'm banned.


  2. Well, I did a bit more testing on my 3-screen 5.1 setup before attempting to fix it.

    - engine noises usually behave completely properly, though less well behaved for helicopters

    - engine noises sometimes have the wrong volume

    - weapon noises are incorrectly positioned: once they're off the centre screen, they sound like they're out of sight way off to the side even when they're actually just a bit off centre


    Then I ran Oktane's little test and it ran perfectly - I was able to navigate to any relative position with my eyes closed.


    Then I set the Default Communication Device to some other device on the other (X-Fi) soundcard. Previously, it was set as my 5.1 headphones.

    Having made that change, I played Arma2 ...with mixed results.

    - engines have gone insane: it's like my left ear is simultaneously inside every engine within a 1km radius. In the background, I can hear the correct engine sounds...

    - weapon sounds are correctly placed, _I think_

    The game is now unplayable :D

    EDIT ---

    plugged in some stero headphones and set that default comms device to Speaker

    Arma2 now works perfectly. Nice one, oktane!

  3. I've a single 8800GTX.

    I'm mostly on foot in Arma2 but recently I've been having a ball in Cobra helos and have increased the viewdistance whilst flying (from 1500 to 3000).

    After flying for 10 minutes or so, I start getting the visual glitches you'd associate with overheating gfx. If I land quick and set the view distance low again, it recovers, but if I continue, it very soon locks up my machine.

    The funny thing is that my 8800 is reporting a temp of 62 celsius which doesn't seem very hot to me. I wonder whether the quality of my power supply causes the problem as the resistance in the card increases with temperature. I do have a strange setup...

    Main PSU - 560W, good quality

    Secondary PSU - 330W, awful quality, sat on the floor & hotwired so it doesn't need a power button :)

    Primary gfx - BFG 8800 GTX OC (receiving power from hotwired secondary PSU)

    Secondary gfx - Radeon X700 Pro :D

    Game resolution 3072x768 (Software TripleHead)

  4. When the player disconnects, all his AI - which were local to the client computer - move to the control of the server.

    You can spawn a script on the server for each AI created which loops round (or waitUntils...) the right moment and then kills them.

    Or maybe it's easier to check every minute or two whether you have stray AI wandering around.

    if !(isPlayer (leader _unit)) then {deleteVehicle _unit};