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  1. If you're getting 20+ fps then the game is running fast enough to play. If you have a big PC and you're getting that low framerate, then you're doing something wrong :P. Fiddle with your graphics driver, fiddle with the game settings.

    I'm getting about 20, maybe as high as 30, fps now. In a few days, I'll have a new video card installed in my AGP slot and I'm hoping to double the fps with better visuals, too.

    Moving from 128bit 6600GT 256MB DDR3 to 256bit X1950 Pro 512MB DDR3. The last upgrade before I change computers.

  2. I think an admin should be present at all times, automatically selected maybe based on how long they've been on. Even random would save many headaches. I spend a huge amount of time in crashed servers wishing an admin could sort the mess out - which they invariably can, as I know from the lucky times when I or another was admin when it went tits-up.

    Yesteday, I also had the experience of an official admin logging in and it automatically stripped me of my power. And that's cool.

  3. 3. prone delay: Im not feeling the delay it takes to hit the dirt, there seems to be  a 2 sec delay between the keystroke and result.

    Prone delay...

    1. It could be your video card rendering too many frames ahead.

    2. It could be that you're not noticing the act of going prone is occurring. Check it out on 3rd-person view.

  4. Though I haven't yet worked out how ot fly the choppers safely (the game doesn't recognise my pedals), I'm now very used to the controls of of ArmA.

    I was put off by the vast number of them at the beginning, but to make it simpler, I deleted all the mappings and added things in as and when I saw a need for them. Simple.

    There's still lots I don't use and that's fine by me because there's often two ways of doing things.

    It helps that I always remap all controls anyway in every game. Never ever used WASD since the original Elite release and before. In fact to make room for joystick etc, I always move my keyboard way out left for my left hand so I use the cursor keys, the numeric keypad and the right side of the main keys.

    I was relieved to be able to copy key assignment file straight over from the demo with only a couple of minor glitches.

    -Fenix out

  5. It'd be a shame to give up on this game. I say that as a Battlefielder from 1942 and up to 2142. I'm even paying for a 2142 server I won't use again. ArmA rocks.

    Where's that rpt file? How much RAM on your video card?


    -Fenix out.

  6. To clarify my position: -

    I'm perfectly happy to have bought an imperfect v1.04. Coming from the Battlfield stable, imperfect ArmA is more satisfying than what I'm used to. I'm only sad that I never bothered to try OFP back in the day. All those wasted years!

    I'm eager for the next patch, but not impatient for it. In my few days of joining the ArmA masses, I've noticed a heartening sense of community, like we're all on the same side. This game is awesome and has amazing potential, too.

    That said, thanks for the heads-up on patch info links.

    -Fenix out.

  7. If you could turn off HDR, then you might as well allow aimbots on MP games.

    The HDR might seem excessive but the game is set in a tropical latitude where the skies are much brighter than they are in most of Europe, and the contrast with interiors is far greater. They've done a good job with it. Now, if there was a way to wink or blink in the game to control eye exposure, as some of us do IRL, and they certainly teach it in the military.

    This game's awesome! I love the blinding glare from oncoming headlights in the game at night. Shame we can't equip torches for signalling amongst, other things. Sunglasses.

    -Fenix out.

  8. It's got plenty of insect life and the environment is full of the buzz and motion we want.  Having larger examples of fauna would just enhance it.

    The original idea was to make an environment where the old rule of "if it moves, shoot it" no longer applies: it adds to the realism and adds tension. What they've already done in the programming achieves that.  Many of us look forward to a time when this can be extended to other life AI.  Remember though if there're herds if wildebeast roaming, the server is going to take a hit smile_o.gif.

    What I'd like to see first is the cockerels and (guard?) dogs that you hear.  At the moment I have to pretend that they're within locked doors.

    I noticed yesterday that the flight of the seagulls (not that I ever die, mind you!wink_o.gif is well animated with flaring of wings during descent and stuff.

    -Fenix out.

  9. I was fully expecting my UK retail copy of Arma to ship with v1.05; this expectation coming from the ArmA website.

    However, it actually comes with v1.04. Still better than the demo version but can't wait for more fixes and features.

    I was further confused that there isn't a v1.05 thread floating at the top of this board.

    When's it expected - no pressure, guys wink_o.gif - and what's going to be in it?

    Also, why are there so many servers still running v1.02? Good to see more and more v1.04 servers every day, though!

    -Fenix out.

  10. I can dig that HDR must be lef ton for all players in MP; is this why we also have to have 32-bit colour? I was hoping that I might be able to use 16bit at some point...

    Note to myself: buy Raybans and a blanket to put over the top of me and the monitor.

    -Fenix out

  11. Hello, this is my first post smile_o.gif

    I have a relatively old PC and it ran the demo well enough for me to enjoy it. The UK retail version is running better for me than the demo, which is pleasing.

    My specs are:

    Athlon 3000+ 333Mhz

    2GB DDR 333Mhz

    nVidia 6600GT (256MB DDR3 at 1GHz)

    In the game video options, I've currently disabled everything that can be (AA, AF, shadows, post-proc), and the rest is on Normal, running at 1024x768.

    In the ArmA.cfg file, I did change the colour-depth entry to 16bpp but I've got no idea if that makes any difference. If it doesn't would someone please code it so it does, thanks!


    On a general note about graphics, I think we'd all be a lot better off if the game developers released info about the amount of GPU/G-RAM each setting used. We'd be able to mix and match our preferences perfectly, then.

    -Fenix out