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  1. I have the same symptoms, in as far as I have not been able to play today.

    I double click a regular server in the list and this is what I get: -

    1. The server's lobby background comes on

    2. I get "Group channel" in green in the bottom left

    3. A very slight pause.

    4. I'm back in the server browser and the server list starts a refresh.

    (dev branch)

    ---------- Post added at 22:17 ---------- Previous post was at 22:04 ----------

    just turned logs on and found this in it: -

    Missing addons detected:


    That might do it!

  2. The poll question was poorly written but the point it's trying to make is clear. I voted that I got <=5fps on Altis but actually I get 9fps on Altis compared to ~35fps on Stratis. I upgraded my gfx because of the Altis issue and that took me from 7fps to 9fps. It barely makes the slightest difference whether I have max or min settings (though I couldn't use max... or even native resolution... settings on my old card!). I've provided launch options in various combinations and they also seem redundant to the issue.

  3. There are a lot of evo versions out there and who knows if they use the same methods.

    You have to use a program like Seeker (well,t hat's my favourite search tol) to search the scripts for vehicle names and relevant key words to build up a picture of how the whole thing is connected.

  4. this is my favourite Evo for Arma2. 3.7 has added lots of nice touches and fixes over 3.6 - and 3.6 was great.

    IMO, Normal version is not too hard for single player, so an easier version is unnecessary. After the next official patch, maybe you can add a setting for the number of players in order to scale the enemy. Or, you can script it so the server adjusts enemy reinforcements to suit the number of players ;).

    The hardcore version btw is not to be taken lightly! The first town held for 24hrs! The situation was partially caused by a UAZ-MG hidden in the forest. When I was working on my Arma1 Evo ripoff, I considered adding code to make the town surrender if there were players in the town for a certain length of time AND there had been no kills or deaths. Just an idea for consideration - it's great as it is.