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  1. Mr Fenix

    RAM & Virtual Memory question

    Listen to Bulldogs
  2. Mr Fenix

    Hold and Evolution games

    lol, just read that, hund.
  3. Mr Fenix

    PvP: An Endangered Species

    The priority is not to argue over which missions to play. Gotta start somewhere!
  4. Mr Fenix

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    I'm getting a shiver down my spine! Sleeping with the light on tonight!
  5. 10 minutes to attack 6 targets requiring 12 satchels with no respawn? I like all the individual components, including short engagements, but I don't see how that would work all together.
  6. Mr Fenix

    PvP: An Endangered Species

    I'm currently enthused about getting an Arma2 ladder running on the Clanbase site. My clan's signing the petition there. If you want it, check it out - register and sign the petition. It'll be the start of something wonderful.
  7. Mr Fenix

    So a humvee killed me at 400feet..

    That would be my guess too, Max. Sometimes, it would be better if catastrophic impact replaced the vehicle (deleted it) with a particle and noise effect.
  8. Mr Fenix

    New ClanBase Ladder for ArmA 2

    There's now an 81st. Just 98 more of you required! :D I have posted on my own clan's site to get them to register and sign the petition. If you guys did that too...
  9. Mr Fenix

    cannot use keyboard?

    When you're setting up the controls, never use the "Next" (or "Previous") buttons. Always click "OK" and then choose another control to edit.
  10. Mr Fenix

    Why am I so bad?

    I have no idea what this post is about. What is it about this game which makes people say "press J" instead of the informative "press action menu"? I'm dying to know what happens when you press A without B, A with B, and double tap C. Sounds like a cheat mode seeing as it causes delightful victory :D.
  11. Mr Fenix

    3D surround sound

    @raytracer - lol @trancetasy, i'll check that out. your effort appreciated!
  12. all the code examples above do the right thing. in general terms, what's happening is as follows: - public variables can be used like this. you prepare a variable the same on every client. When one player does the required action, he changes his copy of the publicised variable and then uses the publicvariable command to broadcast that to all other players. because all the players are running a script which is waiting for the special variable to change, they receive the updated variable and all of them execute the required script on their own computer. if you need to use that variable again, at the end of each client's script the variable is reset to it's original value and the wait begins again.
  13. I joined the server because I was in the mood. What I want is a load-out and a sit rep. However, I would not lose my war boner if the intro lasted less than 5 seconds.
  14. bizarre behaviour in which you accrue negative points if you kill enemies with a vehicle not of you side.
  15. Mr Fenix

    New ClanBase Ladder for ArmA 2

    i'm the 79th voter. had to register to vote but if we get the ladder, i'd be registering for that anyway. help us! Just a hundred more should do it :D
  16. coding music, i like!
  17. Mr Fenix

    I need your Support!

    i've joined clanbase to add my vote. please make the effort too!
  18. I was going to vote no but then I read your idea and thought it sounded pretty cool. Just bear in mind that if your mission starts with an intro sequence I wil hate you forever. That goes for the rest of you editors. Nobody gives a fuck about intros, especially with JIP. Cut scenes at the end (between mission stages) would be acceptable :).
  19. JISM. I don't care what the letters stand for.
  20. Yeah it simulates them going to ground. funny though.
  21. BSL wouldn't work. BSL is British Sign Language. How about pwnScript?
  22. had a look but i've lost the physx option in my driver... it was enabled, now it's gone :)
  23. The pilot could refuel it. I wish I'd thought of the faster fuel consumption idea when I was trying to limit range on an old, unmaintained chopper.
  24. Mr Fenix

    3D surround sound

    I've been playing with current 5.1 settings for about a week now. It's working OK but there's a bug if you have 3 screens and use the 12:3 aspect ratio. The increased fov is not reflected in the sound space: things you can see in front of you (on left or right screen) sound like they are offscreen.