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  1. Mr Fenix

    Easter Eggs

    edit: beaten to it :D
  2. Yeah, that's partly why I'm talking about a scheduler. The semi-hypothetical scheduler is already checking what's due to happen. Adding something to the list has little effect on performance as the list-item is not even looked at until the time it is needed. Computing a waitUntil (or the other kind of trigger) is relative hell for the processor because the required condition could sneak up on it from any direction. Here I am become a half-baked philosopher! Suma, put us out of our misery!
  3. Mr Fenix

    Floating zone poll

    I have changed my float to about 70% which is as much as I can before the gunsight moves out to either side-screen and becomes mis-aligned with the viewfinder. Liking it!
  4. I can't: the humour was implicit in my post. Logically, a sleep command should be more efficient because the system knows exactly how long to leave the thread alone and can set itself a reminder for that time. Meanwhile the waitUntil is like an Obsessive Compulsive, forever going around the house checking that the gas and electricity are off.
  5. All of you are on your own thinking it makes more sense to check a sleep command every frame :D
  6. Speaking as a noob, my idea for a scheduler is way more efficient than that. And, one of the biggest changes for servers in Arma2 was to introduce strict scheduling - so there is a scheduler. :P
  7. Sorry for just guessing at you! I didn't even know you had to add a module!
  8. If I'd created the sleep command, it'd be more efficient because you say "sleep 10" and it forgets about your script until it's reminded by a scheduler. Using waitUntil would generate comparisons every frame. So I prefer sleep thinking pros code like noobs llike me!
  9. I expect you can place them. Use the cursor keys to change type and colour after double-clicking on the map
  10. sorry, dunno about the editor, I'd use a script. There's a list of them all somewhere (maybe the biki) which I printed - I think there are over 140 in total.
  11. you're not creating the new marker types. You've just enabled them.
  12. Mr Fenix

    I just wanna be ME!!

    Yeah, let's have some real life in there!:)
  13. Aren't you supposed to run the dedicated server from a separate (copied) folder if you're hoping to run the client too? Haven't tried it on the same machine myself... When you run Arma, it kinda locks all the files.
  14. Mr Fenix

    I just wanna be ME!!

    I want to be taller. Weird playing at the same height as the rest of you.
  15. Mr Fenix

    Arma: The Concept

    I vote approval of the concept (I'd buy the lean version), but I'm sure MP benefits from SP dev work, so even if you don't use it, you're playing the result of a lot of hard work in all dev areas.
  16. Mr Fenix

    Holo gunsight...utter pap?

    If you read the manual you'll see that different sights are levelled at vastly different ranges, and I think this may influence how people perceive the sights and the weapons they're on. If you know where the zero is, you can point and shoot with a greater variety of weapons. I printed out this page and keep it on my desk for reference during play
  17. Same here, I have to click on the lowest tenth of any desired row. I'm using 12:3 aspect ratio with smallest interface size.
  18. Default setting breaks my game down from 30-40fps to 10fps. The comment about using too high a setting causing conflicts with the game data and crashing the game is true.
  19. Mr Fenix

    Pagefile tweak = much improved FPS

    Yeah, another partition doesn't help much - it can be worse or better than a single partition. Separate discs for the win.
  20. And the low-level reason is your graphics card eats into your 4GB. If you have an AGP system, you lose more RAM according to your BIOS AGP aperture setting. Maturin, a "let me google that for you" moment indicates your card is PCI-E which means it demands none of your 4GB system RAM for itself - though it will still reduce your available RAM by the size of your VRAM (see my quote above). Anyway.., you say it's only happened once... Uninstall the game and have a lie-down.
  21. Mr Fenix

    Default FOV too zoomed in?

    That's cos the red-dot sight doesn't just magnify the scope but the whole screen. I never worried about it before but it is a bit daft isn't it!
  22. Things to check/confirm: - RAM diagnostic. Sufficient spare space on hdd for caching? Some favourite software or peripheral driver not needed for the game but interfering nonetheless? BIS want to hear about CTDs and there's a procedure for sending them crashdump files.
  23. That happens when the server.cfg is telling the server to load a mission which doesn't exist, so possibly you've renamed your mission (or deleted an old one) without updating the default mission setting.
  24. Mr Fenix

    Move the on-screen text?

    I wouldn't be happy with that, but I am happy for myself because I have 3 screens and in 1.02 I couldn't see text I was typing or tell which channel I was typing in etc. In briefing screens I couldn't read other people's stuff either. So BIS, if you're fixing this, don't forget about me with my triplehead!
  25. XP doesn't reserve 1GB for itself. Maturin, is your video card PCI-E or AGP? Right-click on the Task Bar, choose Task Manager and tell us (from the Status Bar at the bottom of the window) how many processes you have running and how much RAM you've got used out of how much available.