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    GameSpy Server's ping = '?'

    If I do all the ports to the server, would that stop my client PC from being able to use those ports..?
  2. Mr Fenix

    Disabling Post Processing completely?

    wtf are you using AA for? Disable it.
  3. Mr Fenix

    Is two controllers setup possible?

    My joystick works fine My Saitek steering wheel + pedals don't work in ArmA Unplugging my wheel didn't work for me.
  4. Mr Fenix


    My marginal PC took a performance hit with v1.05, but v1.05 fixed so much for MP play, it's essential. The game rocks.
  5. Mr Fenix

    Noob guide

  6. Mr Fenix

    6thSense.eu Presents: ArmA Coop Nights!

    Another fun night, last night. I'm still cringing when I think about the nade I threw at the rebel roadblock (nearly as bad as sickboy and the shooting-a-friendly-tank-up-the-ass-whilst-in-convoy incident... Anyway, sorry again carly40.
  7. Mr Fenix

    I enjoy ArmA!

    You too, huh? Â Did ya catch my new prayer?
  8. Mr Fenix

    official complaint to BIS

    Is this thread still here? Has anyone pointed out that you can't lodge an 'official' complaint through an informal channel? Anyway, my 'contribution' follows: - Who'll join me in a prayer? Our Coders Who art in BIS Hallowed be thy game Thy Kingdom come Thy Republic be done In shops as it is online Give us this day our daily fix And forgive us our teamkills As we forgive those who teamkill against us And lead us not into ambushes But deliver us from Rambos For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory For ever and ever Yeah, man! Catchy, huh?
  9. Mr Fenix

    5.1 surround in ArmA?

    I played ArmA through my Medusa 5.1 headset and it sounded great with 3 speakers per ear. Â It sounded fantastic. However, I didn't keep it on because I've never managed to get the Medusa microphone working. Â Now I'm back to onboard stereo and 0.99UKP headset.
  10. Mr Fenix

    Does VoiN work?

    WTF? So in-game VOIP actually WORKS??? Can't wait to get home and try this NAT business...
  11. Mr Fenix

    Completely lost

    1. Connect to an empty server 2. Make yourself admin with '#vote admin your name' 3. Choose missions with '#missions' 4. Enjoy. Â People will join. Â If they don't, you get time to familiarise yourself. Â You'll soon notice when idiots come on and waste your vehicles and then it's '#kick smacktard' and '#missions' to choose again. The ingame voice is broken. When you join a server, look to see if it gives out TeamSpeak server info. If it does, write it down, exit the game, join the channel and get playing like a team. Nothing more satisfying than asking for help and getting it or being asked for help and giving it. The game isn't about points, after all! I've started playing on passworded servers like that of www.6thsense.eu. Â Enforced teamwork and tactics. Â Good fun.
  12. Mr Fenix

    ArmA wont start...again

    It wasn't clear but I meant to say have you patched XP since it was working? Windows Update can break your Windows if one of the updates doesn't interact properly with your setup.
  13. Mr Fenix

    ArmA wont start...again

    Did you change something in XP setup or game setup? Did you install something else? Did you uninstall something else? Did you patch something else? Did you fill your hard-disc with porn? One thing this game has made me do is System Restore! Never used it before; now I use it all the time because I don't want to break ArmA. -Fenix out.
  14. Mr Fenix


    It's dumb to think you're sneaking up to an enemy whilst breathing noisily. I'm sure I read somewhere that the definition of stealth does not include making loud rasping noises.
  15. Mr Fenix


    One of the most knackering leg exercises is to walk with thighs approaching the horizontal. We do it in kung fu training. You have never heard a room so full of panting as when we do this. It kills!
  16. Mr Fenix

    Bullet holes / marks

    I've been working hard in my Crap Noob Ideas Factory and had the following so-called thought: - Rather than decals etc, could a cartridge object or maybe a new cylinder object be embedded in the surface of the object being shot-up? The end of the cyclinder would perhaps be visible atop the target object's textures. Another one which I'm aboslutely certain the engine couldn't support: how about a series of quite short hollow cylinders end-to-end corresponding to the projectile penetration?
  17. Mr Fenix

    Crashing to Desktop

    In your situation, this is what I would do... #1 Don't give up hope! In Add/Remove Programs: - Uninstall openal Uninstall all audio software In Device Manager: - Uninstall soundcard drivers Delete the sound cards Shutdown Until the game is working, simplify the computer setup. Â So, I'd forget about the MIDI soundcard at this stage. Â Even if it's not a problem, Windows isn't perfect and might mess things up... Depending on which is the MIDI soundcard: - Open the case and remove the MIDI card or Disable the onboard sound in the BIOS Reboot Re-install audio for the single active card. Reinstall DirectX Run DXdiag and take off hardware audio acceleration. Reinstall openAL Start ArmA Disable ingame hardware acceleration and EAX Reduce ingame graphics to no more than 1024x786 or a similar widescreen if that's what you got and lower/disable all the game graphics settings. Play and pray! If it works, create a Restore Point After a day or two of it working, either install the MIDI card and test again for a couple of days OR play with dxdiag acceleration settings, and in-game settigns and test those for a couple of days. Â Use Restore Points.
  18. Mr Fenix

    Crashing to Desktop

    After I turned off all acceleration and isntalled 2 other soundcards and the game became stable, I went back to my original soundcard and now run it all with acceleration on maximum. Maybe all I needed to do was delete my soundcards in Windows XP, reboot, reinstall/update, install openal and play.
  19. Mr Fenix

    Crashing to Desktop

    My game used to crash all the time and now it never crashes. I did a lot of fiddling so I'm not sure exactly what was required. Some things seemed important though. The first rule of ArmA is your video card can't handle as much as you think it can. It's not usually the drivers that cause the problems, just the amount of work the game demands. For the sake of testing stability, reduce your video settings to the minimum. If you've got AGP (I don't think you have), reduce the AGP aperture to 128MB or maybe 64MB. Overloading video can cause CTD. The game audio is particularly sensitive also. If you've got 2 souncards installed, be very sure which card is doing what. Find the latest drivers for your exact audio chips and install them. Update DirectX again. Do a successful(! update from www.openal.org or from the installer on the DVD. Then run dxdiag (Start, Run, dxdiag) and turn of audio acceleration. In game, turn off audio hardware acceleration and EAX. Take off all overclocking until later. It's more fun tweaking a machine that works than having a turbo-charged machine that crashes all the time. Doing all that and more worked for me and I'm eternally glad I did it because the game is the best I've ever seen - and I've never even seen it with high settings. Gameplay, teamwork, realism/immersive environment - it rocks and rocks and rocks. It's still got bugs but so what? I don't play the bugs, I play the game. I'm happy with my 18-25fps! Rather 18fps of this than 30 of Battlefield . Good luck!
  20. Mr Fenix

    6thSense.eu Presents: ArmA Coop Nights!

    I enjoyed last night but it was a shame with those server-side (mission?) glitches. Nice to be part of something a bit different. See ya soon for another go -Fenix out PS I have now installed teamspeakoverlay
  21. Mr Fenix

    2g ram=less draw distance

    I think you miss-described your CPU... Â Pentium M's don't use DDR2@667; more like DDR@266 or DDR@333. Â Or maybe I'm having a brainstorm Having just got my PC ultra-stable for this game, I'm not in a hurry to start pulling RAM to make drawing comparisons, but I am interested to know the answer. Are your graphics PCI-E or AGP? Â I'm guessing PCI-E but I'm no expert cos I still run AGP. Grass draw-distance is a function of "Shading Detail" and yours sounds like it went down a setting. Whether distant objects are drawn or not depends on Object Detail but the interaction between view-distance, obj detail and texture quality make it hard for me to guess quite what you're seeing. Have the graphics settings changed automatically, perhaps? Â Maybe the game has given you a higher resolution and changed the settings. -Fenix out.
  22. Mr Fenix

    Is my Gfx card gone to heaven?..

    I tried that on my brand-new X1950 Pro about 10 days ago. The computer froze and I turned it off very fast. Luckily it survived. Re-install DirectX from the ArmA DVD. Then run (Start -> Run) DXDiag and check out the video parts. This will help you decide if your card is fried or just ... I don't know what... -Fenix out
  23. Mr Fenix

    securom of my ass ...

    Comparing a programmer of such a cool game to a traffic-warden was a bit harsh, I guess! I was thinking BIS would have more control over the packaging of their game, but can accept that this is very possibly not the case. -Fenix out
  24. Mr Fenix

    patch 1.05 problem

    You want to refer to page one of the top sticky in this forum: - http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=56898
  25. Mr Fenix

    1.05. Be happy you have it.

    ArmA is the first game I've ever bought for which I am quite content to put up with bugs - on the understanding that they'll be fixed later. I read that it was a shortage of funds that led BIS to release ArmA Czech version. Given a choice between giving programmers money for food and Ferraris before they finish programming ArmA, or not giving them money having and them dying of starvation before they've finished.., I'm perfectly happy in this case to buy an unfinished game. Also, this buggy version of ArmA gives me a whole lot more pleasure and challenge than all the Battlefield games ever did together. (yeah, I missed out on OFP... just didn't like the name so never tried it!. -Fenix out.