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    random evolution

    I can set up "global variables" like Param1 ok so can add a "Unlocked/No Ranks" option easily enough. For example, last night I wrote a "No MHQ" game option which, amongst other things, will appear in .r23 in a day or two. I'll check out the plants and smoke punisher, thanks. Everyone wants me to add ACE to it, but I want to get all the ideas out of my head first, so it may have a to wait a while. If someone else does it well in the meantime and I hear about it, I'll do a quick port. nowyoudie - i see you're on the server now. I must apologise for Faron who insists on putting on an old, bugged version of hohei every morning. I'm debating whether to rudely shut the server down, delete that mission and restart it as I type.
  2. Mr Fenix

    random evolution

    evo 2 and 3 are fairly similar. i have ranking and it is coop. name is actually "(Co30) Random Evolution TG .r22". u start with a satchel. snipers get an spr12 and can upgrade quicker than other players Making notes for .r23 right now
  3. Mr Fenix

    random evolution

    It's running the vanilla beta with faces and SFX permitted. VOIP is off (we use vent). Sometimes the rest of the clan play a mod (e.g. ACE) but I just use that as editing time :). I had no idea plants were still an issue - afaik we don't have lowplants or anything running. I certainly don't have anything like that on my client. Is there a reason to have such a thing?
  4. Mr Fenix

    v1.15 beta

    Nice to see a few more ppl on 1.15b but I guess a lot waiting for the official release. Any news or rumours?
  5. Mr Fenix

    Evolution mod and rank persistence

    ...that's the first time I've thought of any use for the ArmaLib library. Ranks can be piped into and out of the server for true persistence. If that's what you want.
  6. Mr Fenix

    v1.15 beta

    1.16.. it wouldn't surprise me. didn't it happen before 1.12 beta --> 1.14 release.
  7. Mr Fenix

    v1.15 beta

    The only help I can provide is to make a little noise in the community; the idea is that BI hear it and move with 1.15 before the whole thing dissipates. I've always played the betas as they come. Now I actually have a stake in a Windows server and we want everyone to be a potential player on our server. And, like I said, going back to 1.14 was too unpleasant, despite the low beta uptake.
  8. Mr Fenix

    v1.15 beta

    multiplayer really does load better for JIP players, motorbikes are just great. We switched back to 1.14 because not so many on 1.15 but it's unbearable and we've just gone back up to 1.15 after two days.
  9. Mr Fenix

    v1.15 beta

    ah, i see. Linux is lovely but if u prefer Linux to the joys of 1.15 then i can't help ya!
  10. Mr Fenix

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Hey neon nice to see someone in XDC give a damn about arma I think if you go to zero throttle at speed and flare (nose up), the rotors would be ripped off by the extra resistance if they rotated to the zero-throttle position. Zero-throttle doesn't mean the same in a real helicopter but for the game... When I flare for a landing, I keep the throttle high (usually actually increase it) and flare left or right like a handrake turn. The higher the throttle, the greater the braking effect. Uh.., that sounds dumb but it's what you actually want in the game. It's like Asteroids in that respect .
  11. Mr Fenix

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Yes, complaining is more appropriate. Actually the answer is... Why have autocentering? I understand the cause, but insufficient programming is not reason to keep it around. A joystick is inconvenient in any regular computer setup. Having to switch inputs around to go flying/infantry/driving is just not convenient. The fact is the game should be playable with mouse and keyboard, why shouldn't it? Forcing a joystick down people's throats is silly. So, remove autocentering, it results in nothing but annoyance. Forcing a joystick down peoples' throats.. there's an image and a half! I have my keyboard on the left, angled just so and my left hand does the keys (no, not default keys). My joystick is next to it, next to the numpad and the joystick is lined up wioth the centre of my screen. My mouse is on the right of my joystick. There's no sense of inconvenience as I move my right hand from mouse to joystick for flying. I can teach you to set your controls up sensibly and ergonimically but hey, I've got flying to do. Amazed this thread is still going. All you complainers: please gather in a field and await my strafing/maypoling attack
  12. Mr Fenix

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    I was reading above about autocentering and thinking "what autocentering?" but I see how that would happen with a mouse. Surely if you're going to play at pilots, the first thing you do is buy a joystick? Or is complaining more appropriate? There's no point having two settings for old and new flight models cos you can't have some helos zooming around like UFOs whilst others obey laws of physics. The laws of physics are a lot of fun with the right tools for the job
  13. Mr Fenix

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    I'm saying that joysticks are specialised flying controls and if you're actually into it you probably have one. I bow and LOL @ at proficient keyboard pilots. My opinion of OFP flying is valid: it sounds like driving a car with traction-control rather than piloting a helicopter. My *point* is that flying in Arma is not broken to the extent it is in OFP: it's great fun if you're any good. Practice makes perfect. I didn't address the heavy-landing damage issue because the answer to that in most cases is to do a light landing, I got the impression that the thread instigator couldn't manage a light landing from a starting height of zero... Yes, it'd be a Good Thing to make landings more survivable. Similarly, I'd also like the ability to knock enemy aircraft out of the sky by 'landing' on them in mid air, whether that's realistic or not. At the moment, I die just about every time I try it. -Fenix out.
  14. Mr Fenix

    Wait For Host

    The fix for this is to do 2 server list 'Refresh' actions before joining.
  15. Mr Fenix

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    I've never flown an OFP helicopter but it sounds like the gayest experience ever. Arma's heli flight model and controls are great - not realistic in a sophisticated sense but good enough to allow those with skill and finesse (and a goddam joystick) to strut their stuff. Fenix out.
  16. Mr Fenix

    OpenAL 2.0.3

    My audio is fine but I'm happy to have an openal update on my system. Trivial download, hassle-free installation and it fixes stuff, apparently . Back in the day of ArmA 1.04, openal updates helped with my game stability.
  17. Mr Fenix

    Helicopters spin around in circles

    Sound like you're playing SP from a mission save point. Â I think your tail rotor got damaged before you saved, maybe on landing, if not under fire . Go to external view and see if it is spinning when the engine is on. Â If it isn't, it's been damaged. See a good video of a blackhawk having its rotor shot out: - http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/downloads/index.php (It's on page two of the videos)
  18. Also, remember not to be logged in as *Admin* when you quit the game.
  19. isn't that solved with persistent=1; in the server cfg file? Mine didn't end the mission when it was empty.
  20. Mr Fenix


    The only thing that could work but won't happen is if the server would detect fools and prevent them using stuff. And if the squad leader says hold-fire, they can't fire. Or if ppl just played bf instead and left us to our fun.
  21. Sure I observed it on my server that the regular/veteran option jsut didn't show
  22. In your server config file you can have cadetmode=0; which removes the option for changing mode during MP mission selection.
  23. I run a dedicated server and have noticed that the 2nd beta for 1.07 crashes to desktop at least once a day. Previously, it was fine on 1.05 Beta and then on 1.07 first Beta. I've set my server to reboot at 04h00 every day because of this. Anyone else have this? My system: - Athlon XP 3000+ 2GB RAM. XP Pro SP2. No display, keyboard or mouse attached.
  24. Mr Fenix

    Beta 1.07.5154 feedback thread

    So, you dramatically increase a gfraphics setting and predictably lose fps. Then you want someone to fix your low fps? Gee, let me think... Turn your goddamn settings down.
  25. How can I make my ArmA server's ping show in the ingame browser screen? It's running on dedicated hardware with 100mb ethernet into my 6mb UK BT HomeHub ADSL modem/router. The max I've had connected in testing is myself on my client rig plus 8 others on internet connections, totalling 9 players, and I've had those players confirm the connection was solid and low ping. I'm not running anything except XP Firewall and the HomeHub's own firewall. I turned off all the firewalls and it still gave me a '?'. So I turned them back on. F