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  1. Hi

    I just sent kju my ssh key I generated for DH. My username on DH is 'oktane' too. No rush, I was just curious what the code looked like and the read only account couldn't get in to that SVN repo.

    Yes I agree it will be less work. I would write my own from scratch in C# but I know you already have a good codebase that I may be able to copy and paste some bits and add a new handler for BIS shdc (shadercache) files.. I cannot write c++ from scratch but I can understand it and can probably mod your already good code bits. I don't need write access, I will see if I'm capable of doing it first and submit to you for review if you like.

    What my goal is:

    SHDC handler which extracts compiled shader .fxo files from SHDC files, and can rebuild them. The byte format for the file is fairly basic. In this way, shaders can be easily patched without redistributing BIS data or bin.pbo's.