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  1. hi pilgrim, if you are the one who made UnRtm, please contact me via skype Mike.Andrew, or mikero@norfolk.nf

    I need your help (again) with translating the xyz component of the comressed floats

  2. Hi

    hoping you can help me with binarised rtm files



    i am trying to write a tool that converts binary back to plain.

    is there anything you can tell me about the CompressedFrames ???

  3. hi octane, kju contacted me with high recommendations about you.

    you are *very* welcome to have full access to the depbo.dll source at dev-heaven should you wish.

    just contact me (preferably via skype) with your dev heaven login name, if you want full svn access to the source code. It should make your life much easier and a lot less re-inventing of the wheell