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  1. Hi, I have the tobii eyeX one year or so.

    It isn´t really helpful in A3 for me. I made it as slow as possible to track me but evene then it gives me a sick feeling after few minutes.

    Also i minimized the horizontal range alot but I still used the "alt" key to look around.

    To me A3 is a keyboard and mouse game.

  2. Hey congrats for the cool update. I implemented it into my mission and its pretty cool.

    All works fine except the killsounds. It wasnt that easy to build all the codes into already existing files (initplayerlocal & initServer).

    If you think about starting your scripts from the init.sqf via execVM and have all your codes in one folder "AI_injured", would be much appreciated.

    Anyway thanks for your work and keep it up that way.



    Ais will continue to shot to injured units and kill them. you can add a setCaptive command to injured units if you want to stop them to shoting to injured mans.

    No, I would prefer if they shoot injured ones. Otherwise they need to arrest each other....

    I like your idea much and implemented it into my mission but need to test more. All ai´s I had shot died instantly.... ;)

    They should scream after every hit imo.

  4. What does the array do in the init field of the flagpoles? I.E. towns=towns+[[this,"Pyrgos",400,2,10,2]];


    thhamm can tell you better than me but i think this is a remnant from the old OFP missions.

    400 = $/min ; 2,10,2 = Resistance infantry, tanks and cars.

    Iam not sure 100% but its something like that. Anyway today we can change most of that in the init.sqf.






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  5. @ crcerror1970

    You can have a look at Common\InitUnitTypes.sqf where you can find the support stuff for both sides.



    You should rename your edited version to avoid konfusion to other players.

    Make sure to give credtis to the authors.

    Also checkout the crCTI Proman in workshop to have less work with including CUP stuff.

  6. Tweaked a bit around and it seems bleeding cause the most fps hits in average battles. I disabled it, for more performance. The mod is still very CPU intense, which causes noticeable stutters which wouldn't appear in vanilla and that in an already very CPU intense game. But so immersive as fuck  ;) Wah, it makes me sad.

    I dont think its that cpu intense. For me its same with or without.