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  1. On 31.3.2017 at 2:15 AM, oukej said:

    Can you pls provide more info? Broken in what sense?

    AI squads should respawn after death triggered on markers named Respawn_West/East. (Description.exe / respawn = 3;)

    They don´t do it since 1.68 anymore. What they do is laying down till the server cleans them off. Then they are at pos x0-y0 of the map.

    This happens if they are squadleader with no squad. If they do have squadmembers they respawn 95%, and in 5% of all cases they do respawn into one of their squadmembers.

    Even human players respawn with vanilla weapons sometimes.


    I guess it has something to do with checking death or with a change on the new respawn module of A3.


    We had problems like this in ArmA1 and never since then anymore.

    The whole cti community is waiting for information aiming to this bug.

    Help is very welcome af right now...



    another ticket about it https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124098








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  2. In CTI´s the ai Leader wont respawn, they will be deleted after death. If they have ai members in their squad the leaders will spawn into them till noone left.

    If a you try to jip into a deleted ai leader slot the game will kick you back into lobby.

    There is something really messed up with the respawn and AI´s...


  3. 20 hours ago, kremator said:

    Yup, have noticed there are no respawns for AI.  Needs a fix asap (if anyone knows how :) )

    Yes, I hope the hotfix will resolve this very bad bug. crCTI Proman has same problem since the latest patch 1.68.

    A workaround would be nice or even an info whats causing the issue. 2 Weeks of broken cti (hearts).


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  4. via init.sqf

    aisRespawn = _type;
    aiSettingDefs set [_type, ["Respawn", ["Default", "Base 1", "Base 2"], 0] ];
    _type = _type + 1;

    triggered in eventrespawn.sqf

    _marker = "Respawn_West";
    if (_si == siEast) then {_marker = "Respawn_East";};
    _posRespawn = getMarkerPos _marker;
    if ( !isPlayer _unit ) then
    	_spawnSetting = (((aiSetting select _si) select _gi) select aisRespawn);
    	if ( _spawnSetting > 0 && _spawnSetting <= count(BaseMatrix select _si)) then
    		_posRespawn = (BaseMatrix select _si) select (_spawnSetting - 1);

    I tested it again for longer time and the problem appeared after 1hour even without your mod.


  5. Hi, forgive me if this is already asked but i cant find an answer here or in google.

    Maybe it is known issue but I noticed that all vehicles which could swim boarded with AI dont want to swim on all CUP terrains or terrains who used CUP depencies.

    I tested it on Tanoa and Altis which works well. On Chernarus for example the vehicles dont move at all they just say ok.

    Is this a bug and if yes is it known or can we hope for a solution ?




  6. 23 hours ago, Chairborne said:

    Uhm no? Pretty sure you should be able to lock with a visual cue on HUD.

    You can also turn on the laser designator, open the targeting pod (left ctrl+rmb) and self designate on targets that arent usually lockable with the Vikhr ATGM.

    Beware though that there are two versions, one with ATGM missiles and one with AA missiles (Igla). If you're not getting any visual cues with the Igla then maybe something changed somewhere else, it used to work right before.

    Just tryed today in eden with no luck. Could only lock enemy chopper with rmb on sight but no locksignal to see or hear. fired rockets but they flew straight into horizon.

    Again Iam lame as pilot but can anybody tell how to do it ?


  7. I would like to ask one about locking targets with the Ka-50. Couldnt find anything here or in bugtracker.

    In Ka-50 you dont have visual locking on hud or radar right ? So one needs to lock on view and have audio lock sign ?

    Sorry if this sounds stupid but Iam more Infantry than pilot, I need to know though.

    Or is there any chopper on opfor who can lock aircrafts ?

  8. 17 minutes ago, frankfranconi said:

    Yes I am using Linux, but I don't think this limit is the cause. I don't have any mods loaded besides CBA_A3, CUP weapons, units and vehicles. Also I would hope that reaching the PBO limit would at least throw some kind of mildly useful error message, but I haven't seen anything of the sort.

    What are the folders named on your server ? If like @CUP Terrains - Core then it dont work well or dont work at all.

    Linux goes crazy with gaps. Maybe thats your problem as your rpt says

    You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.


    That means its not loaded. ArmA never lies...


  9. 7 hours ago, pognivet said:

    sure. im not hating. simply frustrated over these basic things. i will help any way i can.

    As far as I can see you won´t be a great help with disrespectful posts. Also you are surely hating as your post if full of it.

    The bugs you are pointing on are mostly true but we can´t expect anything.

    How often do we need to explain how this community works ?

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  10. On 12.1.2017 at 1:45 AM, killzone_kid said:

    Never happened to me, no idea what you did there. I use default binding for Arma 3 Apex preset


    3 hours ago, fraizer said:

    Same problem (on all my computers) for me since this update ! i fault it was from my computer....


    they will fix this or it will stay like this ? becaus i just cant play like this..... shooting from your base its make you move parts etc... !!!


    its raly a shame. why always changing our keys ?! its already so many keys to configure all time.


    we dont want this last key change !


    any solution by editing directly the key file ???


    If you have any info please post here.


    In Keyoptions at "Generally" at "Use default action" the LMB will cause this problem.  If you unbind it you can use the MMB or other key.

    This will help a bit but it is not much better cause in custom mission menues you still need to use the LMB for buttons. Also for Error messages or even in all A3 option menues.

    This shows that the LMB is usual for clicking buttons and so on. A solution would be to stop or remove the automaticaly popping up symbols.

    They only should be shown after scrolling the mousewheel.


    Atm I find myself shooting for no reason or almost killing others cause I just want to click menues like inventory of vehicles or open doors.

    Not possible to get it out of the head after so many years. It is like switching pedals in your car.



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  11. 2 hours ago, kridian said:

    Solution: Change the key (Use default action & Use selected action) to SPACEBAR. One of the easiest keys to hit. :thumb:

    Oh I really apreciate your suggestion but to me it´s not a solution. Look, actionmenu with spacebar would not change all the custom menubuttons in diffrent missions which need to be clicked with lmb.

    Then there are some other controls on the spacebar I dont wanna change. Enhanced movement for example (example)... Also it is hard to teach an old donkey new moves.


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  12. 3 hours ago, eh chaser said:

    Please do NOT upload any more versions on Steam Workshop.

    We did not provide such a link because we want to have a patch applied before.


    So please be patient  and wait until we upload it by ourselves soon™.





    I can´t believe people act like this. Specialy those who have 10 server rules by their own.

    They don´t accept the rules of BI and the  modders but will their rules to be accepted ?

    In my eyes this is a heavy disrespect to the artwork from all modders. It is a crime to the art.

    We should all disrepect them and BI should react to this. Otherwise there wont be great free releases like this one anymore longer.

    Sorry but Iam really pissed of, forgive me.



    p.s. Thx for the update to this wonderful terrain ! I feel much better now don´t need to sip some shots.


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