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  1. 9 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:




    Do you get this on the sample mission and where?

    Cause as i checked also on the dedicated din't notice anything

    No its implemented in my CTI mission. Got this error in my rpt after a match on dedicated server.

    Our server does not write rpt logs so I cant tell if the error will show up there.

    I have a InitPublicVariables.sqf in my mission and have now added HEADSHOT = []; in it.

    Seems to do the trick.



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  2. Server fps 20 is good, we play with 15 fps sometimes.

    There are many many scripts running in the background and every ai is getting orders all the time.

    If the fps is getting under 10 the mission will reduce the viewdistance until the server has restored the fps.

    Also you can use headlessclients too.

    At the end all these things are workarounds to the arma engineproblems.

    ArmA cant handle the memory somehow. You will need to restart the game and reconect to the server.

    Fps is good then.




  3. 51 minutes ago, deadhead said:

    I have a question regarding default parameters.


    I run a private dedicated server with some friends, I would like to change the default parameters so whenever the game restarts, the default parameters will be other then the now default parameters.

    Which file do I need to change these default parameters?


    Folder "Hpp"

    File "Parameters.hpp"

  4. 3 minutes ago, ineptaphid said:

    I know you do not want to download 3rd aprty software..But Xpadder is fantastic! I have over 3000hours in arma now-all played on controller. Every control is mapped, i can switch profiles with one button for different situations-vehicles, infantry etc. Works great with my xbone controller.

    can you post a video of playing infantry with controller ?

  5. 2 hours ago, onetwo said:

    Did that just now and it does not fix it. You are sure your friend didn't accidently disable 7.1 Sound with his tinkering?


    As a bad temp fix you Logitch users out there who are unable to swicht from 7.1 surround to 5.1 try VoiceMeeter  as an intermidiate between WIndows and your Headset. There you can set 5.1 surround wich does not cause the shutter for me. Sadly you loose 2 Speakers that way.

    He deinstalled the Logitech driver and switched to regular windows driver.

  6. On 19.3.2017 at 7:36 AM, scrable said:

    Seems like it is an issue for logitech headsets.


    I have the G930 and experience serious problems. My Sound Samples seem to have no effect(standard on 128) and my sound playback device is set to 16bit 44100Hz

    Same as my team mate, he updated the logitech software and switched headset to be controled via windows.

    One of it worked.


  7. To all server owners who suffer from this bug, would you do me a favour and test it on your server with difficulty regular ?


    After 1.58 the difficulty settings for the servers are fixed. I tryed the latest hotfix to check maybe the CTI fans of BI have done some for us.

    Accidently I tested the AI respawn on regular setting. It worked 99%.

    On Veteran it does not work. There are some differences between them. First thought is the command mapContent = 1;

    maybe respawn markers are not visible or trackable in higher difficulties ?

    I added this command into my custom difficulty setting but it does not work that way.

    But thats a lead maybe ?!



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  8. 7 minutes ago, kremator said:

    UPDATE:  More information .... The issue only seems to occur in a dedi server.  On a local host there is no issue, and the AI respawn as intended.

    I can confirm this !


    Also just to say if not sayed before: The slots are ai but playable. If humans play in those slots respawn works.


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