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  1. Muecke, what version did you play? Before Beta 7 there was a problem with mapclick where the distance from where you clicked to where the AI or respawn point was.. was done wrong. It didn't take into account altitude. That is fixed now.


    oh i see...

    i put the version 11 on server to have a test on it !!!

    we played v10 and it is good for play smile_o.gif)

    -what i miss is to buy stuff without beeing near to a base like in the original cti`s.but its ok

    -what about if you dont have fixed startbases ?is it possible?

    if every side have a buildingtruck at start and can choose a place to build?

    can you make a mission on everon island ?

    many quesstions dont take it wrong iam just happy with your cti.

    Peace and thx much


  2. ok ok ok

    we tested it again on our server but same problems.

    -the respawn markers didnt work.(and its not easy to see the marker cause of the other markers)

    -switching soldiers only sometimes works

    -when iam in the startbase after death i try to get a new buildtruck but allways stuck on heavyfactory.

    ppl allways interested in this mission going on to connect...thats nice to see !!!

    Muecke banghead.gifbanghead.gif

  3. yo nice idea !!

    i tested it on our server.

    1.respawn change didnt work (only once happend)

    2.chopper respawned in airfac so not easy to come out

    3.jip works great

    4.using building should be directly on buildings not over map

    do troopswitch only work when you have ai near a base ?

    greetz Muecke