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    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I can´t believe people act like this. Specialy those who have 10 server rules by their own. They don´t accept the rules of BI and the modders but will their rules to be accepted ? In my eyes this is a heavy disrespect to the artwork from all modders. It is a crime to the art. We should all disrepect them and BI should react to this. Otherwise there wont be great free releases like this one anymore longer. Sorry but Iam really pissed of, forgive me. p.s. Thx for the update to this wonderful terrain ! I feel much better now don´t need to sip some shots.
  2. Thanks for the update ! You guys are a great team.
  3. Hey Phronk, congrats on this great little beauty. This feels really great and helpfull. Easy to implemate and looks fit. Thanks for sharing it. So merry xmas for you to be. ps. Description.ext Line 27 you accidently opened the class Params twice. Just deleted the line and it worked like a charm.
  4. Muecke

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    Hi, I have the tobii eyeX one year or so. It isn´t really helpful in A3 for me. I made it as slow as possible to track me but evene then it gives me a sick feeling after few minutes. Also i minimized the horizontal range alot but I still used the "alt" key to look around. To me A3 is a keyboard and mouse game.
  5. I doubt it. :party:
  6. crCTI since 2002 ! In OFP,ArmA 1,ArmA2 & ArmA3. CTI never dies... :581:
  7. Thank you for the update. Great Team !
  8. You mean "The Draging Dead" :D Link is in first post...
  9. Hey congrats for the cool update. I implemented it into my mission and its pretty cool. All works fine except the killsounds. It wasnt that easy to build all the codes into already existing files (initplayerlocal & initServer). If you think about starting your scripts from the init.sqf via execVM and have all your codes in one folder "AI_injured", would be much appreciated. Anyway thanks for your work and keep it up that way. :D
  10. Haha, thats awesome !!! Finishers are a great idea. Cant wait to have this in my missions. Really good job Dude !
  11. No, I would prefer if they shoot injured ones. Otherwise they need to arrest each other.... I like your idea much and implemented it into my mission but need to test more. All ai´s I had shot died instantly.... ;) They should scream after every hit imo.
  12. Hi, sounds very interesting. But how´s the behaviour with AIvsAI, will they kill injured ones ?
  13. Muecke

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    thhamm can tell you better than me but i think this is a remnant from the old OFP missions. 400 = $/min ; 2,10,2 = Resistance infantry, tanks and cars. Iam not sure 100% but its something like that. Anyway today we can change most of that in the init.sqf.
  14. Muecke

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Hey crcerror1970 how is the behaviour of the ai on the brigde in Davle ? Do they pass well ?
  15. Well that looks pretty much like germany in summer. Have you checked the look while rain or cloudy time ? In any case I would say you guys found a solution to work around the Apex Lightnings. Where is the donate button ? I bet pizza and beer is appreciated by you while working on this baby.
  16. Muecke

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    @ crcerror1970 You can have a look at Common\InitUnitTypes.sqf where you can find the support stuff for both sides. P.S You should rename your edited version to avoid konfusion to other players. Make sure to give credtis to the authors. Also checkout the crCTI Proman in workshop to have less work with including CUP stuff.
  17. Problem is, when you are dead you are dead. scnr :rolleyes:
  18. Everon the home of real CTI. :292: Iam just running a mission on it. Check my workshop if ya interested...
  19. Whow, thats like CTI will comming home !
  20. Yes, you are right. Its 27,1 vs 15,3 frames here.
  21. I dont think its that cpu intense. For me its same with or without.
  22. Muecke

    Heros Survive

    Congrats to the release !!! :619: Awesome work in such a great quality. Good job Heros that´s a splendid basement to simply build in any mission. Keep on doing it ! :clap:
  23. Muecke


    Am I the only one ? 0:15 female eyes ? Anyone ?
  24. This project is fckn awesome ! :292: