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  1. messiahua

    Is it possible to declutter the aicraft HUD?

    I'm not concerned about number of vehicles. I just want to turn off this magical feature for more realistic gameplay. Thank you very much PvPscene!
  2. messiahua

    Is it possible to declutter the aicraft HUD?

    Is it possible to disable this feature somehow? Maybe some value in configs?
  3. v2 will work faster or slower (performance/cpu wise) ?
  4. Thanks a lot nuxil, will check it! Thanks for you answers Sickboy!
  5. I've checked everything. Here is simplified php code: also i tried "while ($line = fgets($sock)) $reply .= $line;", but it hangs if I don't set socket timeout, because for some reason it can't detect eof. I also checked tcpdump and all i get is one udp packet 1400 length... :(
  6. I've made some debug and found out, that the problem is in too long mod string (mod hashes), for some reason I get only 1400 bytes and nothing more. If I turn off all mods on server - everything is fine until it fits in 1400 bytes.
  7. Is there any information about this? I'm using this query "0xFE,0xFD,0x00,0x04,0x05,0x06,0x07,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF" to get info about server, but since some patch (don't remember exactly which one), this query doesn't provide players info. Anyone know how to query server for player list?
  8. Thanks a lot for you answer, Sickboy! (can't write PM, so thanking here)
  9. Is it possible to check via some variable or function if ACE finished initialization? There is a problem with medic gear. I'm using script to removeallweapons and add my own gear, but I guess ACE adds medic stuff via scripts itself, so my script doesn't work like it should and requires some delay, but I don't want to set it to some random high number.
  10. messiahua

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Has anyone found out what new IED feature is?
  11. Hello everyone, I want to know if it is possible to change RscDisplayServer class. My goal is to increase dialog and control size, so that missions list (ValueMissions) would be bigger. For example: class RscListbox; class RscDisplayRemoteMissions; class RscDisplayServer : RscDisplayRemoteMissions { class controls { class ValueMissions : RscListBox { w = 1; h = 1; }; }; }; When I try this block of code just to check, that it works, game constantly crashes. Am I doing something wrong or it is restricted to modify this class?
  12. Made some test and figured out, that when you use DAC_Reduce_Value leader is running as fast as he can and if you disable reduce - group walks as expected...
  13. Yep, good idea. I've just checked completely new empty mission with only default DAC, no other scripts, changed only behavior settings and it seems to be working. So I guess there is some kind of a mistake in my other missions. Will try to figure out...
  14. No, DAC_intern. Quote from manual: I have only specified files (Creator and Behaviour) in mission root folder as per manual: I need it. Quote from manual: Yep, I know that. But I don't need other options, I did this to check, that it really reads config from mission and not from addon.
  15. Hello, I'm having a problem with AI behavior. I'm using my own DAC_Config_Behaviour.sqf via DAC_Single_Config = ["Creator","Behaviour"]; and I configure for infantry zone #0: I've deleted all other cases and double checked, that I use #0 in triggers, but spawned infantry is still running fast. I want them to move slowly and careless like on patrol. Why is it not working? Is it a bug? Here is example of DAC_Zone call, which I use: P.S. Thank you, Silola, for such a great system!
  16. messiahua

    New Beta Build 70951 is up!

    Does anyone have a problem with latest dedicated beta server? It just hangs on mission loading and does nothing. If you close its window, it still hangs in process list. I've tried different missions and completely without mods. Everytime same story. Edit: nevermind. I guess, I did something and it started to work... don't know actually what was the problem. I just added -exThreads=3 -CpuCount=2 in command line
  17. messiahua

    CAA1 public release

    You can try oac_core, that I fixed for my arma group because of these problems: http://armedassault.kiev.ua/temp/oac_core.rar There was also a problem with magazines, so I commented all override definitions.
  18. Is it possible to somehow start this editor via scripts?
  19. messiahua

    1.05 released

    Now waiting for server binary... ;)
  20. Seems to be working, thx. But I still don't get how to create this six-updater.yml except to do: But it just doesn't work and it doesn't listen on localhost to proceed to next steps.
  21. What should I do, if I get only (after entering '1' and pressing enter): There is also a window appearing, but it closes quickly and I suggest, that some error is occurring there.
  22. Yep, you're right... Strange, i've checked it one more time and everything is fine now. Probably i was using the old version. Sorry. :rolleyes:
  23. Is it possible to bring back mass also for bushes and such stuff? I just want to have more FPS, but currently it's not fair, that I can get inside them and others can't.
  24. messiahua

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    No dedicated server exe with patch - bad :(