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  1. Heya, yes we would like to expand GM of course. In our minds we're far from done. However any updates have to be negotiated with Bohemia Interactive, as they'll have to clear any update/patch through their QA.

    The setting for GM is generally 1980s, while the campaign and terrain are set specifically in summer 1983. At that point the vast majority of MBT available and waiting on each side of the wall were Leo 1 and T-55.
    This means of course that the next logical step for new MBTs within GM are indeed Leo 2 and T-72. 🙂

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  2. @fingolfin We will provide a high-resolution render of the 2D map soon.

    @DetCord The SPAAG vehicles serve as perfect mission objectives of course. We'd very much like to include helicopters into future updates. The exact form, content and release date of these updates is however currently unclear. Any future update to the DLC will need to be propery QA'd by Bohemia as well, so other scheduling concerns need to be considered. I can tell you however already that CH-53G and Bo-105 aircraft already exist to a very advanced state. At one point we simply needed to make a cut to get GM out at some point.

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  3. @alexmarine Ultimately the loadout of default Motschützen was a design decision. Indeed the KM-72 is available as well so should you want to create different loadouts, Arma 3 makes doing that super easy.

    RPK (7.62mm) exists with 75rnd drum magazine, and RPK-74 exists with 45rnd magazine. The respective 30rnd magazines fit of course as well.

    We're balanced around Vanilla Arma 3 in functionality. The artwork I would say is ahead compared to Arma 3 content. Please do note that there are almost 6 years between GM and the original release, and we didn't want to go for Arma 3's art style when we could instead provide a full conversion for Arma 3 with our own style and requirements.

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  4. Yep, don't worry about us. We're actively working on this. But we also keep rather low profile for now to not make the wait too hard by dangling all the new bits we made in front of everyone.



    Q 01: When will GM be released?
    A: We do not want to provide any fixed release date. A release will certainly be unannounced and a surprise. "Blitz-Release", if you want to call it that.


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  5. Heya, I wrote in February about making sure the armor simulations receive proper base classes.

    Could you please look into applying this baseclass change also to the sub-classes?

    class CfgArmorSimulations
    	class Default // yay, a baseclass!
    		class Default // yay, a baseclass!
    		class AP // oh no, not inheriting from a baseclass
    		class HE // oh no, not inheriting from a baseclass
    		class HEAT // oh no, not inheriting from a baseclass
    		class TandemHEAT // oh no, not inheriting from a baseclass
    	class Armor_ERA_Light: Default // yay, inheriting from a baseclass!


    Edit: I know its a bit pedantic, as the values inside these subclasses are only two in total. But one never knows what might happen in the future with this class, and what extra might find its way into this. And Class Default also already exists. :D

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  6. 1 hour ago, Shelestov said:

    I can't say that i enjoy the process, more like i feel like i have to do this.

    Oh, I may draw some strong negative sentiment for saying this: In my experience this is a bad mindset.


    Let me explain:

    It is my strongest belief that modding must be for the personal enjoyment of creating the mod. Every minute you spend making an addon, you are spending a minute on yourself. Either as personal recreation or as skill development. To me, the fun in modding comes from a combination of both of these. A challenge to go further and farther than I have before.

    At no point am I making a mod for anyone else but me. A release is always just a bonus. Nobody has a right to it: You release an addon when you are happy and done with it (for the time).

    If you feel like you have to release it because of some outside pressure, be it promises to the community or other, it's not a stress-free hobby anymore, and therefore not a recreation. You will burn out, stress out over it, get annoyed with the project and worst of all, it becomes a chore. Nobody likes doing chores, and chores generally do not result in great work. (Unless you're a paid professional, where it becomes your job to do this. And you have to be, well, professional, about it)


    As an example, I needed to place about 130 direction signs on my current map project. Each sign being a unique combo of distance and destination-name. I was dreading to do it, because I knew it would be soul-crushing mind numbing boring work. I overcame this by finding a new and better way. Spent a bit of time honing my scripting/programming skills, and at the end of that I was able to generate all 130 direction signs in exactly 1.5 seconds. It was fun to do because I learned new things, new methods, new ways to tackle tasks that seem huge and full of despair. Learned bit of extra scripting, too, and so on. The time was well worth spent honing my own set of skills and tools. That's why I mod. That's why I think you should mod and continue with your high standards. You've figured out how to make really great looking vegetation. That puts you in the top 0.1% of mod makers. If you can do that, you can do the rest. :)

    Now all this comes with a big fat huge escape-clause:

    If your modding activity is serving as a portfolio project to seek (future) job opportunities. Then you'll just have to bite down and suffer through it, but also maybe it's not the best profession to go into.

    I hope this wasn't too off-topic. :O

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  7. 9 hours ago, Shelestov said:

    I'd like all the models to be custom, but with one modeler it's impossible. 

    That's strictly speaking not true. :)

    My advice is to seek consistency across the assets used, you have already committed enough work to add a unique new collection of new custom assets. Mixing them with older structures from even Arma1 will really impact that consistency and overall look and feel of the terrain.

    If your goal is to finish a terrain soon for general use, then using the older assets is your best bet.
    However, if you enjoy the process of creating and progressing the terrain, then it's not an impossible task as you presume. It's just a very lengthy but also very enjoyable task well worth it. :)

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  8. The dubbing for 8 voices was completed in April last year in a studio environment. Thanks for the offers, but we'll stick to known variables with voice overs and actors. I am not sure if I'll even keep some of the voices recorded so far. It was a lot of effort, and a lot of fun, too. But it clearly showed that direction to the VA needs to be given on site, therefore I will have to pass on any offers from externals.

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  9. Heya @Asheara please consider scalability of the system for community warhead types by adding baseclasses to

    class Armor_CAGE
    class Armor_ERA_Heavy
    class Armor_ERA_Light

    class Default for these to inherit from.

    This way community creators can simply add their own Warhead types to class Default and rest assured that all other Official and Community-Made Armor-Simulations (that inherit correctly from class Default) will have the new Warheads, too.
    An easy way to establish compatibility across various mods without requiring explicit compatibility class patching.
    A baseclass will make this a lot easier to config-patch, too.

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  10. Celle 2 is super abysmal in Arma 3. The colors are totally off. I really don't like it in Arma 3. But I guess in lieu of any replacement I can see why people go back to that old terrain.

    As for the release:

    Yes, I intend to keep the terrain as a separate Workshop item from the military assets. But I will probably bundle terrain + terrain-assets together as one item. Splitting it up into separate packs of "Terrain", "Structures", "Vegetation" might also be possible in the end, but that is less likely.

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  11. I completely agree with @REFORGER88 here.


    Since the jets upgrade was deployed to Arma3 baseline the simulation and usage of guided missiles of any kind is working extremely well. So both vehicle choices would offer some great opportunities for scenarios and missions.

    Especially when you're looking at playing with smaller player numbers:

    A small tank-hunter detachment on any of those vehicles will surely be realistic and fun to play with. (If you don't mind not surviving it. :D)

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  12. Hello there! It's time for a teeny tiny update of the terrain work, as I have a happy announcement to make:
    The old vegetation from Arma2 is completely gone!

    But what am I using now instead, you may ask yourself? The vegetation from Altis and Stratis? The jungle from Tanoa!?
    The correct answer is: 30 new vegetation models specific to the biome of that exact location. I doubled down on the effort and started a month ago making trees. I have redone them countless times to get them right and to make myself accept them as a viable replacement. The new trees are up to standards and tested for performance in forests as well. I am getting no less than 54fps inside a forest, where a similar view distance inside a Tanoa forest only yields me about 40fps at the same graphic settings. This partly due to Spruce and Beech forests being tall and dark, leaving little ground vegetation to suck performance. :)

    Here's the collection of all the veggies I have eaten made:

    The lineup so far:
    Fagus Sylvatica (Beech)
    Alnus Glutinosa (Common Alder)
    Picea Abies (Norway Spruce)
    Quercus Robur (Common Oak)
    Salix Alba (White Willow)
    Crataegus Monogyna (Common Hawthorn)
    Corylus Avellana (Hazelnut)
    Phragmites Australis (Reeds)
    Typha (Cattail)
    Triticum Aestivum (Bread Wheat)

    This is quite a lot, and while there wont be any more trees in the forseeable future, I still plan on adding two more types of shrub/bush.

    Addtionally, I wanted to share a closer look at the terrain, so I prepared a 3000x3000px render of a custom styled 2D map created from my sourcedata in QGIS.
    (Its a 12MB file) Link here

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  13. 1. One vertex at a time. Approximate the shape, compare with images from all angles and blueprints. Refine, repeat. You'll get there.

    2. If you're willing to get deeper into this hobby, consider a Photoshop subscription. Its about 10GBP a month now.
    Additionally, look into Quixel. Its basically permanently 40% off (I just checked, and it was). It's a one-off 50GBP thing that will help you out a lot. However, Quixel does have its issues and problems, so if you have some extra cash, Substance Painter will really make the tank a treat if you are willing to sink time into that tool. But it goes for around 200GBP now. Wait for the next steam winter sale to get it for cheaper if you consider.

    3. Export as FBX from object builder, set the export scale to 0.01. Export objects with _geometry to have them directly import into the geo lod for example. Try this with other extensions to have them directly import into the relevant lods in OB.

    4. Its not well documented, because its a very uncertain thing. PhysX vehicle configuration is notoriously hard and random. Just taking a working config from the arma3 vanilla tanks doesnt help much, as the vehicle center of gravity and assigned weight in its Geometry lod influence the vehicle's behaviour. The offical sample addons are your best chance at understanding it.

    5. Its not the correct area. These are:


    Edit: I've pinged the moderators. They will move this thread for you in a bit.

    6. A chieftain is very much Cold War gear. If you are interested in that topic/theme, drop by here on this discord. You'll find some others working on projects of the same theme/era and it will likely help your motivation seeing other's work and progress and sharing your own there. Maybe you can join some existing effort, too. :)

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