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  1. 5 hours ago, mushik said:

    Is there anywhere a walk through description for the campaign available (any useful tip apart from "shot at anything in front of your gun")?

    I have problems to continue in "The more the merrier". It seems, your are forced to a zig-zag course trough the landscape to avoid the destroyed bridges. But one narrow strip of land (bordered by channels) cannot be crossed by the AI. Is there a time constraint (like "cross the bridges before they are blown")? How do I continue? (Leaving the tank to manual control the other tanks seems to abort the mission)

    There is no time constraint. Order your AI to stay in File formation. They will then queue up behind you and take the exact route that you are driving. This way they will easily follow you across bridges.

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  2. Heya, the flag property for factions seems to not be used anywhere, as that path is incorrect. (Icon does get used.)

    The flags can be found here:



    Countries are named after the two-letter nato code from the 80s:

    GC = East Germany
    GE = West Germany

    Full list:



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  3. Heya Haleks, this is already available.

    _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_01";
    _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_02";
    _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_03";
    _unit addUniform "mbg_alien_hybrid_01";

    The units you can place in the editor are actually "naked" models. So by giving those any other uniform they can shape-shift into humans. 😄
    Using the code example above you can transform humans into these aliens.

    Please let me know if this works, otherwise I'll find a solution that fits your parameters.


    Edit: The classnames are a bit of a mess. This was all a super quick project, sorry. 😄

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  4. We're waiting for the patch to clear and with it also a resolution for a potential regular distribution of the GM data without having to purchase it, so it is more in line with Apex/Contact's terrain assets (But not identical).
    Once that is sorted out with BI's help we can go ahead and provide some road map of what we would like to do in the future, specifically regarding free content updates. However, and I cannot stress that enough, we are fully dependent on BI approving each release, which adds uncertainty to our own planning and ability to commit to future plans.

    During the development we described a possible GM release as Surprise-Blitz-Release. That is a release without any announcement or prior warning. This is currently very likely what will happen with future content.

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  5. Plans exist of course. However, as said before (And hence why no messages here from me), is that any future update depends on BI making QA resources available to publish such an update. We're still waiting on processing the first patch with BI's cooperation at this time. Anything else I say will likely be taken out of context and turn into a "But you promised to include X Y Z" in a couple of months.

    @Blackland I don't feel the need to address every single "Will this be included", "Why no air assets if there is AA guns", "Please add this highly specific item" type of requests when the general information is out there that any update will have to be negotiated with Bohemia who have other higher priority items currently on their agenda.


    Edit: Just as I am writing this I see maxl30's post that apparently Leo 2 and T-72 are confirmed. That is exactly what I mean. These were never confirmed, only expressed that we'd certainly like to include these at one point.

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  6. Created on 23rd May 2019 during the waiting period for the new Arma 3 Expansion. Many speculated that it will include aliens. But in case it does not, this quick addon will give you some solid quality aliens.
    I've purchased three alien character models from Turbosquid and made them usable within Arma 3. (Adjusting size and sekeleton to work).

    The aliens speak their own language!

    The creatures are found under:
    Independent -> Aliens -> Men

    - Alien Scout Model
    - Alien Brute Model
    - Alien Commander Model
    - Alien Hybrid Hunter Model
    - 2x Alien Language Radio Protocol

    Watch out for the Brute and Commander, as they are heavily armored. Bring enough ammo to take them down.
    All Aliens are placeable by Zeus.

    - Mondkalb: Configuration and Import
    - Will Morillas: 3D models of Alien Characters
    - 3diggerart: Mutant Hunter Hybdrid (https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/fantasy/mutant-hunter), Thanks to B.A.D for donating this!
    - B.A.D. for the second set of Alien Language sounds

    Workshop link:

    Some pictures:


    This is entirely unrelated to Global Mobilization. It is just a fun little project for the evening without any stress or pressure. 🙂

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  7. Drewski's video is a blatant and deliberate misrepresentation of GM just to get clicks. The Devildog video is somewhat fairer, but again a lack of knowledge about the topic and setting is used to paint GM in a bad light.

    I understand however why these youtubers needs to do this, as their job and career as well income depend on such content. After all "paid mod" is a very easy target.
    Ultimately I wish them the best and that they develop solid followup careers that do not rely in the future on such misrepresentations.

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  8. Hello,

    do you see the campaign in the full overview? Click on "Singleplayer" in the main menu, then navigate to the "Campaigns" entry. A new page appears that shows a full overview like this.
    If "State Scarlet" is not listed there, then GM is not activated. You can activate it via the Arma 3 launcher's DLC tab.

  9. Hello CUP team, please investigate your class tank_f inheritance.

    Loading CUP Vehicles and its required dependencies removes parameters from class "tank_f" >> "sounds" >> "engine". Likely some class forward-reference without proper load-order does this by accident.

    The .rpt is sadly a bit unhelpful:

    Updating base class Sounds->, by CUP\TrackedVehicles\CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Tank_F/Sounds/ (original CUP\TrackedVehicles\CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34\config.bin)

    It is not specific to the T-34. That T-34 addon simply happens to be the first in the load-order that touches on Tank_F after some other addon accidentally changed its parent. I wasn't able to locate which addon within CUP does this.

    The config path "CfgVehicles" >> "Tank_F" >> "Sounds" >> "Engine" is a completely empty class when starting Arma 3 like this:

    "-mod=G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CBA_A3;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Weapons;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Units;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Vehicles"

    Starting without any mods keeps that class's content intact. Starting with just @CBA_A3 also keeps that class in tact.

    Obviously messing with such high level base classes is not a good idea. 🙂

    As requested, ticket created:

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  10. Don't worry!

    We'll release some more details about the re-texturing of GM content this weekend.
    You can already read up on how to make use of our insignia system and adding your own here.

    I can say already that some example re textures for GM to AAF are prepared and will be available for regular use on the Steam Workshop shortly after the DLC becomes available on the steam store.


    3 hours ago, ghoulishPeach said:

    Norway and the Netherlands specifically


    Edit: @ghoulishPeach There is a dedicated Discord set up with the topic "Arma Cold Warriors" where a bunch of cold war related projects gather and exchange research knowledge and technical help. I think your project would be a good fit there.

    Invitation to that discord is of course open to everyone:

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    Heya @stburr91, perhaps I can provide some background information on this that explains it further.

    GM is at heart a project that GalComT and I always wanted to make, just out of pure personal interest. This particular theme and topic always interested us, and the enitre Arma series is the perfect platform for a game in such setting. As you may remember, the first title in the game's series was in fact set in the Cold War ("Arma - Cold War Assault", released in 2001 as "Operation Flashpoint") and is what got us into this game series. The Arma engine in all its iterations is still in its core a game about vehicle vs. vehicle combat with infantry support on a grander scale, the defining scenario of military action during the Cold War in Europe.

    Because the engine is so incredibly versatile - it served as the petri-dish for two major game trends in the past decade (Zombie Survival and Battle Royale) - we took it on as the base for our hobby project and set off to convert it into a setting that we were interested in the most. One thing led to another, in fact it heavily shaped both our professional careers, and we landed today in a position where we could partner with Bohemia. This meant pushing our dream project even farther than otherwise possible.

    The decision to make a Cold War Arma 3 project was purely ours out of personal interest. Once presented to BI they agreed with the potential the project and we offered with it, and enabled us to get to where we are now.

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  12. 15 hours ago, Dedmen said:

    Some if not all of the audio has been made by the devs themselves.

    Citation needed.

    Our VA sheet has eight listed and paid voice actors. Granted, two of those are GalComT and me.

    Edit: Before everyone gets their panic modes activated about this. I've spent two years in theatre before moving to Prague, so this matter is not fully amateur-work, either. 😉 

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  13. Heya

    1. We're looking forward to providing all the modding resources needed, including sample addons and configs as well as all the texture masks and templates needed.
    2. Custom missions, of course! Also custom terrains. For that we provide stand-in objects to allow packing of your custom terrain that makes use of GM assets. (Similar to how the APEX assets were handled at release). No plans to have them integrated into other DLCs. No new UI, Huds or any locking. Full regular Arma 3 experience as you know it. 
    3. Object shadows? Not sure what you mean exactly with that. The satmap is 100% synthetic and no shadows have been baked in. Perhaps you mean the footprints of buildings. They are of course correctly transferred onto the satmap. AO maps, of course.

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  14. Bohemia has been very strict with us on that regard.

    One of the reasons the DLC invitation by BI was so attractive to us is actually very closely related to this topic: We now have BI's backing and legal department's power taking on the fight against content piracy. Our previous projects in Arma 2 already had been regularly targeted by asset rippers and content thieves (Inb4 "But you released it for free, that means I can do with it what I want!" 🤦‍♂️). For a while GalComT had to regularly take down/DMCA illegal ports of his trucks and offroads from the Spintyres workshop on Steam.

    Now when it would happen with GM (including other assets, not just models), we have much more clout and a better stand to pursue offenders through regular means, since now there's a very good case to be made for monetary damages and compensation.


    It's easy to forget the annoying sides that addon makers have to deal with. The Creator DLC initiative resolved one of those headaches for us completely. 🙂 

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