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  2. Well, here we go: In the follwoing I will explain to you in ten easy steps how you plan an addon, create the model, create the textures, put the textures on the model, how to get a working door in it, how to implement a proper damage simulation, how you get this addon to Arma 2 and how you can release it: Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial. I hope this tutorial will spawn many new addonartists and even more high quality addons to this great Arma2 Community! A .PDF version of this file is already in progress, and currently I am on page 45 and half of the pictures aren't included yet. So expect a 60 page Manual on how to start an Addon from scratch. This is an unoffical tutorial.
  3. @EDIOE We would certainly like to do that. However, at this point it is too early for us to promise anything. @chrys This sounds like some permissions issue on the feedback tracker. I've passed this info on. Thanks.
  4. mondkalb

    Global Mobilization - RC Branch Changelog

    06-06-2019 Global Mobilization v1.3151 Content Fixes Added: 100m grid to 2D map of Weferlingen. Added: Adding animation for doors on 2t medical truck Added: Door step animation for door on 2t medical truck Added: East German Medic unit. Added: Empty License Plate preset Added: Zeus Game Mode East and West, summer and winter. Added: Civilian variants of 2t truck Added: Version number now visible in main menu (GM icon tooltip) Changed: Adding tracer ammunition to PKT on all east german vehicles Changed: Penetration values of all hand weapon ammunition adjusted Changed: Removing top 2 stretchers on the Medical Ural 375D Changed: 30 round magazines for 105mm L7 tobe used in campaign Changed: 762 ammo update part 1 Changed: Added gloves to danish winter uniform. Changed: Adding Vehicle in Vehicle capabilities for 10t mil gl truck Changed: Adjusting civilian 2t truck tires Changed: Adjusting FFV limits for cargo positions on M113 Changed: Adjusting Pzf84 Illum trigger time Changed: Adjusting viewlimits of BMP1 commander's turret Changed: AI-Assist in tank missions Changed: Attribute option to select License Plate type Changed: Border Fence Gate's resistance to vehicles Changed: Border Gates are now unlocked by default. (setVariable ["locked",True] to lock gate again) Changed: Concussion Grenade and Fragmentation Grenade to behave different Changed: DF7X40 and FeroD16 sizes. Changed: Doubled Air Raid Siren audible distance. Changed: Enemy distribution in "All Cats Are Grey by Night" Changed: Increased structural integrity of border fences. Changed: Increasing accuracy of P1 and PM (just a bit) Changed: Increasing MP2 rate of fire (just a bit) Changed: Lowered M35/53 Helmet's position on head. Changed: Missile Safari Coop mission - Some enemy AI paths redesigned. Changed: Moved eye memorypoint of P1 and PM further back Changed: Reducing Armor of TPz1 Changed: Reducing IndirectHit and indirectHitRange of the PKM API round Changed: Reducing IndirectHit damage and IndirectHitRange of HEAT rounds Changed: Reducing Supply range of support vehicles Changed: Reducing T55 rotation and elevation speed Changed: Removing Digital GPS and Crew Manifest (right and left display) from driver and all turrets Changed: Removing UN from T55 UN turret texture Changed: Rifle ammunition adjusted to better represent reality Changed: Setting KPz1 XSW Spotlight doors to open by default instead of closed Changed: Storing Turreted weapons now also works when player is under AI command Changed: Structural integrity of structures and small objects increased by 160%. Changed: TvT missions's respawn at MHQ Changed: Uniform-Updates are now fully local, no longer needlessly global. Fixed: Floating branch on Summer picea 03 Fixed: Explosives and mines no longer have a muzzle to be switched into Fixed: Mirrored mirror on type 1200 Fixed: Adding exhaust effect to second exhaust pipe of Type 1200 Fixed: Adding medical capabilities to ACEI and ACEII containers Fixed: Adding missing placeable objects for Binoculars Fixed: Adding missing Repair ability to BPz2 Fixed: Adding showWindow = 0; to all Take and Store weapon useractions Fixed: Advanced Turret Eden editor turret double occupation issue Fixed: Ai Driving component Fixed: Bad PhysX Geometry Lod on railroad objects. Fixed: BMP1 commanders hands not following the optics when rotating Fixed: BMP1 gunner and commander get in animation issue Fixed: BMP1 Maljutka disappearing when gunner is turned out Fixed: BMP1 rear left foor opening the wrong way Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 2t truck Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 5t trucks and 10t truck Fixed: Borderfence when destroyed removes SM70 along with it. Fixed: BPz2 Commander Hands not following MG3 movements Fixed: BPz2 commander proxy position is too low Fixed: Branches and Tree Stump clutter objects now render correctly in foggy weather Fixed: Bridges had wrong Z-Bias. Fixed: Broken Nation Insignia in lower lods of BRDM2UM Fixed: BT11 and BT6 rooftop collision issues. Fixed: Bumpy bicycle ride (Thanks Lexx!) Fixed: Cargo animation issue for 3rd passenger on Post p601 Fixed: Church Door Opening wrong way Fixed: Commander RTT view not following the rotation on BMP1 Fixed: Damper compression on type 1200 Fixed: DDR Crew was unable to throw grenades or place mines. Fixed: DK infantry groups factionclass Fixed: Dozer blade named selections in lower lods and shadowlod Fixed: Driving behaviour of zsu234 to avoid locking up of tracks Fixed: Engine getting turned on when loader turret is moving Fixed: FlakPz1 Groups faction class fixed Fixed: Floating wooden boards in lower lods on Ural Transport and Ural Ammo Truck Fixed: Friendly AI "All Cats Are Grey by Night" not reacting to commands. Fixed: Grenades bounced off an invisible window glass on gm_euro_office_01 and _win Fixed: Hatch closing logic ignoring if the cargo seats Fixed: Indirect hit calculation Fixed: InitSpeed for MP2A1 magazines is configured too high Fixed: Issues with some weapons having laser range finders enabled Fixed: K125 Speedometer needle animation Fixed: Launcher + Binocular in IWP had wrong IK mode enabled. Fixed: M113 cargo would not seat back down correctly. Fixed: M113 Command Antenna Mast not animating Fixed: M35 Helmet Netting always visible on last lod. Fixed: Mass of PKM Fixed: MG3 belt not being present in 1st person view on KPz 1a1a1 Fixed: Minor terrain object placement adjustments. Fixed: Misaligned Geo Lod for big steel frame mining tower. Fixed: Missing author for GC insignia. Fixed: Missing Author for GE voices. Fixed: Missing shadow lod for optics holder on Pzf44 Fixed: Missing smokeshell effect classname Fixed: Misplaced exhaust smoke effect on the p601 Fixed: Misplaced particle effects on BPZ2 front machine gun Fixed: Badly positioned P1 pistol Fixed: Mixed up animation names in the customization dialog on the KPz1a1a1 and 1a1a2 Fixed: P1 and PM having cartridge ejection on the wrong side Fixed: Practice grenade no longer behaves like a normal grenade Fixed: Propellers on TPz not rotating to the back when in swimming Fixed: Rifle animation for when magazine is shot empty Fixed: Script error when undo button is used after replacing a gm vehicle with another gm vehicle Fixed: Second fuel pump indicator on the 5t fuel truck not having its indicator Fixed: Skeleton mismatch for winter DEST building. Thanks Dahlgren. Fixed: Smoother reload anims for MP2 and G3 when running. Fixed: Some bridges no longer slow down bikes. Fixed: T55 commander clipping through hull when turret is at 10 Fixed: Terrain issues with bridges Fixed: Terrain issues with rails Fixed: Terrain issues with rivers Fixed: Texture of 5t refuel truck fuel tank Fixed: Texture underside of FlkPz1 turret hatch Fixed: Towing hooks not being in ramp named selection on m113 versions Fixed: Turret Switching system no longer working after respawn Fixed: Unit remains prone when exiting LATGM and Fagot launchers Fixed: Weapon mass macro producing proper results Fixed: West German Field Cap had minor head-clipping. Fixed: Weird glass issues with East German grocery shop. Fixed: Winter church using wrong replace-damage model. Fixed: Winter Highway Bridges used non-winter textures. Fixed: Wrong flag for German voice in virtual arsenal. Fixed: Wrong getin/getOut position for TPz1 Fixed: Wrong isEmpty animation on PM pistol Fixed: Wrong number of doors displayed in 3Den for office_01. Fixed: Wrong proxy indexes for cargo position in fireGeometry and wreck lod for 2t truck Fixed: Wrong smoke effect direction on all mounted MG3 Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 375D Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 4320 Fixed: Wrong user action in stables building Campaign Fixes Fixed: Campaign "Never Say Never" : Return-To-Group Warning disabled for cutscene Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Added more equipment to military bases Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Carrying over persistent bridge damage Fixed: Campaign - No more Frozen AI units in Papenrode Fixed: Campaign - Player no longer has duplicate compass and watch Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Enemy Movement patterns Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Second Infantry Platoon no longer required to end mission Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Black Screen bug after loading autosave. Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Reworked M113 behaviour entirely. May that driver someday pass his driving test... Fixed: Campaign mission "No Smoke" - Extra Autosave at beginning.
  5. There is no time constraint. Order your AI to stay in File formation. They will then queue up behind you and take the exact route that you are driving. This way they will easily follow you across bridges.
  6. Heya, this issue was already known before GM released and was addressed the same day it was reported to the CUP team. I assume your installation is not using the latest CUP version. You can read up on the initial bug report here:
  7. Heya, the flag property for factions seems to not be used anywhere, as that path is incorrect. (Icon does get used.) The flags can be found here: Countries are named after the two-letter nato code from the 80s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NATO_country_codes GC = East Germany GE = West Germany Full list: "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_us_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_au_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_be_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_bu_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_ca_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_cs_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_cz_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_dk_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_fi_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_fr_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_gc_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_ge_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_gr_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_hu_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_ic_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_it_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_lu_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_nato_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_nl_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_no_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_pl_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_po_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_ro_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_se_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_sp_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_tu_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_uk_co.paa" "\gm\gm_core\data\flags\gm_flag_ur_co.paa"
  8. mondkalb

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    Heya Haleks, this is already available. _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_01"; _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_02"; _unit addUniform "mbg_uniform_alien_03"; _unit addUniform "mbg_alien_hybrid_01"; The units you can place in the editor are actually "naked" models. So by giving those any other uniform they can shape-shift into humans. 😄 Using the code example above you can transform humans into these aliens. Please let me know if this works, otherwise I'll find a solution that fits your parameters. Edit: The classnames are a bit of a mess. This was all a super quick project, sorry. 😄
  9. mondkalb

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    Update! Added more aliens! New: - Alien Brute Model - Alien Commander Model - Alien Hybrid Hunter Model
  10. We're waiting for the patch to clear and with it also a resolution for a potential regular distribution of the GM data without having to purchase it, so it is more in line with Apex/Contact's terrain assets (But not identical). Once that is sorted out with BI's help we can go ahead and provide some road map of what we would like to do in the future, specifically regarding free content updates. However, and I cannot stress that enough, we are fully dependent on BI approving each release, which adds uncertainty to our own planning and ability to commit to future plans. During the development we described a possible GM release as Surprise-Blitz-Release. That is a release without any announcement or prior warning. This is currently very likely what will happen with future content.
  11. Plans exist of course. However, as said before (And hence why no messages here from me), is that any future update depends on BI making QA resources available to publish such an update. We're still waiting on processing the first patch with BI's cooperation at this time. Anything else I say will likely be taken out of context and turn into a "But you promised to include X Y Z" in a couple of months. @Blackland I don't feel the need to address every single "Will this be included", "Why no air assets if there is AA guns", "Please add this highly specific item" type of requests when the general information is out there that any update will have to be negotiated with Bohemia who have other higher priority items currently on their agenda. Edit: Just as I am writing this I see maxl30's post that apparently Leo 2 and T-72 are confirmed. That is exactly what I mean. These were never confirmed, only expressed that we'd certainly like to include these at one point.
  12. mondkalb

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    No, as stated this project was started just today during the hype and speculation leading up the to reveal of Arma 3 Contact. I thought it would be funny to release Aliens for Arma 3 after the reveal because I did not believe they would do this theme. 😄
  13. Heya, I used https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDriveOnPath during the campaign to get all sorts of vehicles across the border in exactly the way I want them.
  14. Drewski's video is a blatant and deliberate misrepresentation of GM just to get clicks. The Devildog video is somewhat fairer, but again a lack of knowledge about the topic and setting is used to paint GM in a bad light. I understand however why these youtubers needs to do this, as their job and career as well income depend on such content. After all "paid mod" is a very easy target. Ultimately I wish them the best and that they develop solid followup careers that do not rely in the future on such misrepresentations.
  15. @maxl30 I have added it to our list of things. It's easy to do so I think there's a good chance for it. 🙂 @LoneGunner1974 The audio is in German, subtitles are available in English and German currently.
  16. mondkalb

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    @a_killer_wombat Very good point! I've added that to the list of things to fix. Thanks!
  17. mondkalb

    Problem with the campaign

    Hello, do you see the campaign in the full overview? Click on "Singleplayer" in the main menu, then navigate to the "Campaigns" entry. A new page appears that shows a full overview like this. If "State Scarlet" is not listed there, then GM is not activated. You can activate it via the Arma 3 launcher's DLC tab.
  18. mondkalb

    MP missions on dedicated server

    Just add gm; to your -mod= list for the server startup.
  19. Hello. - The campaign issue is already known and logged on our internal trigger. - You're not meant to fire the ATGM at full speed. 😄 - Dedicated Server repository seems to be locked for some reason. It is being looked at already.
  20. Hello CUP team, please investigate your class tank_f inheritance. Loading CUP Vehicles and its required dependencies removes parameters from class "tank_f" >> "sounds" >> "engine". Likely some class forward-reference without proper load-order does this by accident. The .rpt is sadly a bit unhelpful: Updating base class Sounds->, by CUP\TrackedVehicles\CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Tank_F/Sounds/ (original CUP\TrackedVehicles\CUP_TrackedVehicles_T34\config.bin) It is not specific to the T-34. That T-34 addon simply happens to be the first in the load-order that touches on Tank_F after some other addon accidentally changed its parent. I wasn't able to locate which addon within CUP does this. The config path "CfgVehicles" >> "Tank_F" >> "Sounds" >> "Engine" is a completely empty class when starting Arma 3 like this: "-mod=G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CBA_A3;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Weapons;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Units;G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@CUP Vehicles" Starting without any mods keeps that class's content intact. Starting with just @CBA_A3 also keeps that class in tact. Obviously messing with such high level base classes is not a good idea. 🙂 EDIT: As requested, ticket created: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/T3275
  21. Quick update from us. We have released the texture templates for all our vehicles, along with documentation on how to use it and their advanced functions. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Global_Mobilization_Insignia_(Vehicles) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Global_Mobilization_Retexturing
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    Don't worry! We'll release some more details about the re-texturing of GM content this weekend. You can already read up on how to make use of our insignia system and adding your own here. I can say already that some example re textures for GM to AAF are prepared and will be available for regular use on the Steam Workshop shortly after the DLC becomes available on the steam store. 👍 Edit: @ghoulishPeach There is a dedicated Discord set up with the topic "Arma Cold Warriors" where a bunch of cold war related projects gather and exchange research knowledge and technical help. I think your project would be a good fit there. Invitation to that discord is of course open to everyone: https://discord.gg/VhdaJu5
  23. mondkalb

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Heya @stburr91, perhaps I can provide some background information on this that explains it further. GM is at heart a project that GalComT and I always wanted to make, just out of pure personal interest. This particular theme and topic always interested us, and the enitre Arma series is the perfect platform for a game in such setting. As you may remember, the first title in the game's series was in fact set in the Cold War ("Arma - Cold War Assault", released in 2001 as "Operation Flashpoint") and is what got us into this game series. The Arma engine in all its iterations is still in its core a game about vehicle vs. vehicle combat with infantry support on a grander scale, the defining scenario of military action during the Cold War in Europe. Because the engine is so incredibly versatile - it served as the petri-dish for two major game trends in the past decade (Zombie Survival and Battle Royale) - we took it on as the base for our hobby project and set off to convert it into a setting that we were interested in the most. One thing led to another, in fact it heavily shaped both our professional careers, and we landed today in a position where we could partner with Bohemia. This meant pushing our dream project even farther than otherwise possible. The decision to make a Cold War Arma 3 project was purely ours out of personal interest. Once presented to BI they agreed with the potential the project and we offered with it, and enabled us to get to where we are now.
  24. Heya, on the terrain you can expect a new soundset of ambient life, but no new physical creatures.
  25. Thanks everyone! @Dedmen's picture is impressively accurate! @nettrucker Indeed, OFP's CWC was a major influence, so it was pretty special for us to be able to do our own entry in that era and setting. There are a few nods to the original CWC missions in our Campaign. One very obvious you'll see right away in the first mission. 🙂