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  1. Hi folks Thanks for continuing to update the system. I have a problem with the new update, while I've been using the same schedule, and with this update marks that I have the same problem, which can not detect. This is the error log: Admin file contains a error. guid tag is not correct, Location id=0 13:19:47 : Scheduler file contains a error. start tag missing where id=0 My schedule: <Scheduler> <!-- Restart (Every 6 hours) --> <job id="0"> <time>05:30:00</time> <delay>000000</delay> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 El Servidor se reiniciara en 30 minutos</cmd> <cmdtype>0</cmdtype> </job> <job id="1"> <time>05:50:00</time> <delay>000000</delay> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 El Servidor se reiniciara en 10 minutos</cmd> <cmdtype>0</cmdtype> </job> <job id="2"> <time>05:55:00</time> <delay>000000</delay> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 El Servidor se reiniciara en 5 minutos Por favor aterrice ahora y desloguee para no perder sus cosas.</cmd> <cmdtype>0</cmdtype> </job> <job id="3"> <time>05:59:00</time> <delay>000000</delay> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 El Servidor se reiniciara en 1 minuto</cmd> <cmdtype>0</cmdtype> </job> <job id="4"> <time>06:00:00</time> <delay>000000</delay> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Epoch_server\@epoch_start.bat</cmd> <cmdtype>1</cmdtype> </job> </Scheduler> Can anyone tell me if it contains any error, still momentarily with 1,597 version with which I have no problems. rgs
  2. Yes! :D, thank you very much Rowdies and all who helped me to solve this problem, =KCT=BlackMamba, kklownboy, Horuss, icecain02, rikibitta and all those who downloaded the video to see what the problem was. I'm glad to see that this community remains the example of solidarity and camaraderia. thx for everything!
  3. thank you all for the recommendations. Try to go with 9.9 and had no result To better understand me, I leave a video of how you see the weird effect that makes the game. Sorry about the poor quality of the video, but as you can see, the image comes and goes steadily from white to black and reappearing images. http://www.mediafire.com/?zyg2mzlt0za My Shortcut: "C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -nomap I made changes in the gamma and brightness to prove, but I felt no results, im usign 1.05 patch I have the steam version and the DVD version, all make the same problem.
  4. Thanks again, but this does not fix.
  5. thanks for the tips, but the problem continues even. Arma2.cfg language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=46875; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1680; Resolution_H=1050; refresh=60; Render_W=800; Render_H=600; FSAA=1; postFX=2; HDRPrecision=32; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=1059745664; nonlocalVRAM=123076608; winX=16; winY=32; winW=1680; winH=1050; winDefW=1680; winDefH=1050; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=4; Windowed=0;
  6. Let's see, and read the 91 pages of this issue and I did all or most of the changes recommended in these 91 pages, and if you also adjust the memory, but the problem remains. Aca les dejo a catch so you can see the settings using estouy besides that also can see the problem. The catches are not blank on purpose, if not where should it be the landscape or the aircraft, nothing appears, the screen flickers constantly goes blank and then returns the image, but this is constant in all the maps and conditions. Set memory def
  7. I do not understand then that happens, just have problems with this game, although I see that many ATI users who also have these problems, what strikes me is not the case with users of NV, there will have to wait for someone you can think of a solution to save us all;) My DirectX is version 9.0c One more thing, which OS you have installed? well thanks for the tip mate.
  8. The ATI Catalyst 10.2 not work for me, the game is unplayable. hard conf: Os: XP Core 2 Duo E6750 (not oc) Ram: 4GB VCard: HIS ATI 4870 x2, 63º(not oc) I tried several settings and drivers and still the problem persists, please BIS Help us!. rgs Mlv
  9. malvinas.cdm

    Ping Limit

    This topic from "Anunnaki" he show and explain other parameters they are Necessary to adjust the server Desync_timelimit = 30 //Another necessary command is to control the time limit to support the desync when the user suffer 100000 the desync ¿Someone can say to us if they thinking of adding this to future updates for Arma? thnx Mlv
  10. malvinas.cdm

    Ping Limit

    Hi all, someone can say to me, Is it possible limit from the server the maximum ping of the users? I search a server command Ej: pinglimit = 175 (to kick a users exceed that valor) Rgs mlv