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  1. Metal Heart

    Repair/Service buildings

    Since when they worked in OFP? You guys must've played a bit too much MFCTI Maybe the engineers are on a vacation and that's why the rep depos don't work. Or maybe they're not the kind of engineers that fix a thoroughly thrashed 60-ton main battle tank by snapping their fingers a few times.
  2. Metal Heart

    non zipped 1.08

    Ofp.info download was corrupted for me too. Armed-assault.de worked.
  3. Metal Heart

    What would you like to see?

    Wrong, Resistance got loads of stuff other than just a new campaign. For instance, a certain little island with new better looking objects, textures and vegetation Oh, or did you refer to the expansion by Codemasters? Well, it added many voices with a russian accent
  4. Metal Heart

    Repair/Service buildings

    Not everyone wants to be forced to have some sci-fi insta-repair depos all over their missions. And adding it is easy for those who want such, so why bitch about it, it's better the way it is.
  5. Metal Heart

    View distance in MP

    The view distance is a bit shorter for objects but you can see the shape of the terrain further away until it dissappears into the fog completely. Also, you might be intrested in the command setTerrainGrid which is the same as the terrain detail setting. Values: 50 very low 25 low (default for mp) 12.5 normal 6.25 high 3.125 very high And these commands are local, meaning that one client might see further away or have more detailed ground elevations. Obviously, this can cause problems such as player 1 or his AI shooting through the ground from player 2's perspective etc. To turn off 3rd person view you need to use the difficulty settings. There's no command to force it off per mission other than looping something like player switchCamera "INTERNAL" but that might not be such a good workaround.
  6. Metal Heart

    Hacks & Cheating..

    Maybe all they want is a hug? It's not too much to ask, really. You can do it TKC, and we promise not to laugh or anything
  7. Metal Heart

    ArmA:Armed Assault vs ArmA:Combat Operations

    Yeah, it's strange since it makes perfect sense to have two different names for the same game. Because it does. Believe it or not, there are many games that have different versions for different countries, most commonly in language and gore.
  8. Metal Heart

    Can i get another id number

    You can probably switch ids by exporting the old key from Windows registry (local machine\software\bohemia\arma\key), then reinstall with a new cd-key to get a new encrypted id, export that too and then you can switch by importing whichever id you want to use. At least that's how it worked with OFP, saves the trouble of reinstalling OFP after reinstalling Windows. So, why would you want to use two ids anyway?
  9. Metal Heart

    View distance in MP

    a. 900m, unless the mission changes it with: b. setViewDistance
  10. Metal Heart

    My problem with the Aimpoint model in ArmA.

    Dominant eye. Aim something at a distance with your thumb (you need to have it well focused, not the target) then close one eye. If the thumb moves (revealing the target behind it) the closed eye is dominant. You could look at it from different distances (which is NOT the same thing as zooming as is possible in ArmA), making it appear in different sizes relative to the stuff behind it.
  11. Metal Heart

    My problem with the Aimpoint model in ArmA.

    I think there's a lod for weapons which is only visible for the player in 1st person view, you could make that partially transparent. It would look a bit silly when you're not aiming though but at least it wouldn't be transparent for others.
  12. Metal Heart

    Vista + out of reserved memory

    Maybe it would help to set it quite low, like something under 1GB. I have mine at 768 MB (total 1GB) and it never runs out. Anyways, back to Vista bashing, sorry for the interruption.
  13. Metal Heart

    Hacks & Cheating..

    The player number can be used for kicking out some weirdo with strange characters in his name without having to refer to an ascii chart. Like #kick 42 instead of #kick XOXOl33td3l74sn1p4hh666XOXO The player ids are visible on #userlist
  14. Metal Heart

    Vista + out of reserved memory

    I would set it at, maybe 2GB or so, should be more than enough. If they use a 32-bit unsigned integer to hold the value of maximum memory, it might roll around to zero if you set it at exactly 4GB
  15. Metal Heart

    Single player mission in Resistance

    Point it at the target, then click fire once to activate it. I think the range is limited only by view distance. It creates a target that appears as an enemy on the radars of the vehicles with laser guided weapons, such as the A-10 and AH-64.