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  1. Looking at the countdown on the arma 3 website, I knew of the copy+paste fiasco before todays patch. But it still irks me. I wasn't a fan of the futuristic setting, but thought there'd be some stand out vehicles, alas, was not to be. Myself, i'll get over it, GTA V is only round the corner, play that for 3 months and who knows, maybe when I come back to arma 3 the campaign will be finished.
  2. mr reality

    Farmers in Arma 3

    Ahh, brings back memories of the red OFP tractor, cant remember if they made a tractor for arma and arma 2 though.
  3. mr reality

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I just used a switch trigger, with opfor not present on the support waypoint, worked a treat.
  4. mr reality

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Awsome, no problems installing and its well worth the money. Only thing i thought was odd though was that the merlin doesnt have a door gunner, but thats irrelevent as the quality takes your breath away. Nice one BIS, churn out some more BAF stuff and you'll have my cheque in the post.
  5. mr reality

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    In screenshot #8 is that 2 landrovers behind the warriors, i was sure landrovers arn't listed as content.
  6. mr reality

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    This is the post....
  7. mr reality

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I havn't posted in a long while, but this news made my eyes pop out, official Brit units, hell yes, now i'm deffinatly getting OA..
  8. I breath in. You must like reclycling air, because you've always got your head up your ass, like all the other fanboys. If somebody wants to post a negative comment on a game they purchased, there free to do so. Take a look at the satisfaction for patch 1.03 threads, and you'll see a lot of pissed of people. Not everyone sees arma2 through rose coloured galsses. What better way to vent there anger, than in an expansion thread. There game isnt working, but theres an expansion heading our way. Not what they wanted to hear.
  9. I dont get why people post in game forums, when they think the game is so greaaat, but instead of playing, are posting in its forum...:j:
  10. I dont touch arma2 now, situation very similar to datters post above. I'm currently playing eve online, so that takes most of my gaming time anyway. I will however ponder over the thought of buying a new PC when operation arrowhead is released (Mine is three years old now). But i will most certainly buy a preowned copy. The main reason being, i havent been able to play the campaign and i've only messed about in the editor. So i havn't really had my moneys worth out of arma2.
  11. mr reality

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    Considering arma2 was supposed to be optimized in every aspect, especially the terrain, i can only say that BIS were kidding themselves. Arma2 has been a major dissapointment for me. I realy didnt expect the amount of issues that the game had on release. Call me naive, but i would of thought BIS would of learnt from the disaster of armed assault on release. This game had been in prodution for 4 years or so. And it's released in a shit state. Bring on dragon rising, at least it will work out of the box.
  12. I have quad sli 7950 gtxs and the game runs crap on the low settings. The minimum reqs are a joke. At least in my case. Also, i could run armed assault with high to very high settings after the third patch with smooth gameplay, and that game wasnt duel or quad core optimized. I was expecting to run arma2 on medium settings atleast on my rig, but i cant run it on low.
  13. mr reality

    Poor performance...

    I'm another one who has to sit ArmA2 out until more patches come along. I can't even run chernarus in the editor, nevermind play the campaign. Armed assault ran perfect for me just before the release of arma2, but i uninstalled it, thinking BIS surley couldnt fuck another release up, but boy was i wrong. I had years of enjoyment out of flashpoint and armed assault, but arma2 just sucked the fun right out. At least with dragon rising, i'll have a game that works. One thing you have to commend them on is the fact they are making it for consoles, something arma2 never in a million years would work on.
  14. mr reality

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    41 here, ive just started EvE online and my wife wasnt happy with me playing arma, she's certainly not happy about me mining for ore in EvE...
  15. mr reality

    Why Arma 2 has a small market

    I would have to disagree there. Its been stated that there was no real interest when Armed assault was in prodution, that game was made solely to make money to fund armaII. Now seeing for myself the state ArmAII was released in, and the state it remains in after three patches. I've come to the decision that BIS are not interested in making military games. They know they have a stable fan base, with which to milk money from, when there coffers are running low. So what do they do, they do what they do best, and thats just rehash the older game and add a few extra features. Oh and lets not forget the bugs, it wouldnt be a BIS game if it didn't have the same old bugs from 2001....
  16. Why are you in the troubleshooting thread if your not helping. You sir are a moron.
  17. Most deffinatly not. The state BIS release there games in, is not something i would want to pay for monthly, neved mind a one off payment. Also, why should the modding community provide new content if BIS isn't paying for it. It's the community that kept ofp and arma alive, and how have BIS thanked them. They release a half baked sequal to an age old game. They even admited that armed assault was just a rushed release with no real interest involved, other than to squeak more money out of the loyal community.
  18. This is simply not true. OFP couldn't be played on the highest settings even 5 years after release,maybe never, because of poor optimization. Try playing Armed assault with everything maxed,including view distance, and see if you dont get a couple of slide shows now and again. With developers releasing games every 2 or 3 years with the same series, the older game just gets forgotten about and they move onto the next one. Armed assault was only produced so that BIS could make money to carry on with ArmAII. So in that logic, how could armed assault ever have been a game to last 4 or 5 years. I and very many of the guys having problems with ArmAII can play other games fine with high settings, it's only BIS games that make your hardware scream in pain, which inturn tells me it's just not optimized. The engine is a mess with all the countless patches and in the long run this can't help. There must be hundreds of MBs of files in this engine that isn't even used, it needs an overhaul.
  19. Jaundiced is correct, if you look down the right of the list on both screenshots, you'll also see that a few of those top games havn't even been released yet.
  20. mr reality

    ARMA2 put you off the Army ?

    I never played games before i enlisted, but i can honestly say that it would of had no effect on my decision. I served in a british infantry regiment for 6 years, and in that time i did a 2 year posting to londonderry, NI. That was the closest i ever came to a 'combat' enviroment. I can honestly say that i enjoyed every minute of my time in NI. It was the routine boredom of catterick and a pointless posting to the falklands that bored me the most. The bonding is something very few people actually experiance, and to have there lives in your hands, and vice versa, is a very rare feeling. I never thought i was going to be shot at, just like i don't think i will be hit by a car if i cross the road. @trickster1982, I was in a mortar platoon for 2 years (green howards, now the yorkshire regiment) it was the easiest 2 years of my army career. Once you dig your pit, put your mortar in it, your done. We were airlifted or landrovered everywhere, the furthest i had to walk was when i needed to take a piss.
  21. Check the settings in the difficulty menu. If your playing on veteran, the third person box is checked.
  22. I'd have to agree with the OP as well. Couple things i've notice in A2, You cant command the gunner to target and fire when your turned out in the T72 and T90. Don't know if this is a factor regarding the real tanks. When you aquire a target for the gunner in the M1A1, it spins your command sight around, very disorientating, this doesn't happen in the tusk variant.
  23. I'n not 100% sure of the name, st david island, something like that, for OFP. I could give a frenchpoint truck two or three waypoints, set it on safe and it would happily drive to its destination. Yes nemesis, you are probably correct, in that the newer islands have far more objects on them, but my question would be, is it worth it, at the expense of gameplay. I personally would prefer far better AI driving to a more cluttered island. All i can add to that is, if the devs make more complex islands, then they should make the AI able to drive on them. At the moment its like tits on a bull, useless.
  24. mr reality

    little white dots, very small lines?

    I thought these dots are supposed to be mosquitos or midges. Partictulaly when in and around wooded areas.
  25. It's not that the vegetation causes massive slow down, it's because it's ugly to look at when you can see the lod switching and the bushes 'moving' when scanning the horizon. I was just expecting ArmA2 island to be a real step up from armed assault. Maybe my eyes just can't get used to it, as most people don't seem to mind it.