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    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    It's amazing how people see some cool demos and immediately think it's like a better version of ArmA 2 and BIS must use the engine. Consider that major parts needed to make something like ArmA 2 are still missing. Squad based AI that can navigate a huge map, fight large scale battles, detailed weapon simulation ect. I imagine this will be used to rehearse small scale scenarios, much like what VBS2 is used for. With a few humans and simple AI playing insurgents while a squad of soldiers plays the other side to rehearse tactics. Making a commercial game out of it will require much more work and a big budget to fill in the things that a game needs. Unless they want to sell it as a cheap multiplayer-only game, which could be something like Americas Army with support for bigger maps, more vehicles and Crysis-like graphics. Does look very cool though. Would be awesome if it really was turned into a commercial game.
  2. Maddmatt

    Groin pad soft armor vs 9mm fmj

    You still wont be having children after that :p
  3. Maddmatt

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    Without something to alert you to an intruder, they could get to you before you can get to your gun. That's where an alarm or dog comes in handy. It's pretty common for robbers to end up stealing their victims' guns. Sometimes the gun just makes things worse, if you have a gun then they're much more likely to shoot at you. I think guns are only a good idea in places where violent crime is high. And a pistol is the best choice because you can conceal it, and it's easier to get around with indoors. I'm heading to New Zealand soon (again), and gun crime is so rare there that I think it's better to be unarmed. Even the cops there don't carry guns. If I was staying here in South Africa I'd seriously consider getting a gun though. But a lot of the robberies and hijackings here are done by heavily armed gangs, a lone victim with a pistol doesn't have much of a chance in a situation like that.
  4. Maddmatt

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    If he gets into your room before you notice him, he'll have his gun pointed at you before you can grab yours, even if it's under your bed and loaded. Hell, you'll probably still be asleep :p
  5. Maddmatt


    Yea instead you're some nobody who can kill hundreds upon hundreds of trained enemy soldiers. Same s**t, different story. Looks fun though. I'm keeping an eye on it but I'm not expecting much.
  6. Maddmatt

    LA Noire

    Voices still need to be recorded in advance, the facial animations could go with the voice sampls just the the game does/did (maybe this has changed at some point) with lip-sync. Plus a bunch of facial animations to cover a bunch of other common situations and you'll have something as dynamic as the game is now.
  7. OT: I live here :p Moved back here at the beginning of the year. But I'm back in New Zealand in July 2011. Some games that are my personal favourites from the past, besides Deus Ex: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Need for High Stakes. Running from the cops was always a blast. Mafia. Max Payne (duh, it's my avatar :p ). Tachyon: The Fringe. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Where's the good space/futuristic combat games these days? Star Wars: Rouge Squadron. Unreal Tournament. Man I kicked ass at that game :p All I can think of for now.
  8. Too many people here must have missed out on Deus Ex. It deserves a modern remake. Deus Ex 2 sucked. Hope the upcoming one is as good as it looks.
  9. Maddmatt

    Need for Speed SHIFT 2

    Here is the official site with some very interesting info: http://www.needforspeed.com/game/shift-2-unleashed Using the first Shift as a base, this has potential to be an awesome sim. Just need to keep the EA morons that wanted crap like "aggression points" in the game away from this.Hopefully the FIA GT stuff comes with all the necessary stuff to simulate FIA GT races like pit stops. The trailer already shows we'll be getting more cars on the track, there's definitely more than 16 cars there.
  10. Maddmatt

    North Korea shells the South, South retaliates

    Time to take bets on when World War 3 starts.
  11. I don't see where you get that from. It says "in-game video playback", nothing more. It will be used for pre-rendered/live-action cutscenes I assume.
  12. Maddmatt

    Picdrop.net anyone?

    Nice. Thumbnail support and some basic image editing like re-size, crop, adjust compression ect would be good to have. http://www.picdrop.net/uploads/sox1.jpg
  13. Maddmatt

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    I watched one of the videos. Doesn't seem to spam you with enemies and ridiculously fast paced combat like COD. I could enjoy that, when it's cheap that is...
  14. Just because a game has issues does not mean you can't get your moneys worth of entertainment from it. As if anyone would still be playing DR by the time a patch came out to fix all that anyway :p
  15. All the recent race sims suck in there own way and can be criticised just as badly as F1 2010. The rFactor based sims that are so popular have pretty terrible AI that have extremely simplified physics to the point where they don't even react properly to being hit. They don't even kick up smoke or make skidmarks. They all take off perfectly from the starting line in a way no human can. I still think F1 2010 looks like a decent game, it's certainly an improvement over trash like Grid, Dirt, and their Operation Flashpoint ripoff. Still, they'd better address those bugs.
  16. Yea they ruined it alright... PC Score: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/f1-2010 Xbox 360 Score: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/f1-2010 PS3 Score: http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-3/f1-2010 :rolleyes: It may not be a super realistic sim but it's still a decent and enjoyable game. Not that I would buy it, only having one class of vehicles in a racing game is boring for me. For those wanting a proper sim, hopefully rFactor 2 isn't too far off :) If you want a proper F1 simulator, there's this: http://www.ferrarivirtualacademy.com/game/en/index.jsp One track, one car, and only hot-lapping so it's not for everyone. A couple more tracks are on the way, for a price.
  17. Maddmatt

    Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

    I know right, nothing worse than having to stop masturbating to close a pop-up ad! :p Probably a buggy addon/plugin. Try removing some and see if it helps. Now I'm using the Firefox 4 beta. Liking it so far. Good performance, starts up real fast and the interface is better. And for my Android phone I'm using the Dolphin HD web browser. It recently got an update with a good performance boost, but it's still sluggish at times so I think it needs more work. It's the closest you can get to Firefox on Android, with support for addons like Adblock Plus. The main reason I use it it because there's a "Desktop toggles" switch you can get as an addon that lets you easily switch between mobile and desktop sites. Useful for sites that don't give you an easy way to switch. Also, when you need to conserve bandwidth you can browse the mobile sites. When you've got plenty of bandwidth (Wi-Fi or data plan) you can take full advantage of the web with the desktop sites.
  18. Maddmatt

    From the creators of Birds of Prey: Apache Air Assault.

    I got all excited then I saw that :( Looks awesome, maybe the PC will get an improved version like with Wings of Prey (speaking of which I'm going to try the demo and consider buying it).
  19. Maddmatt

    Reviews and Revenues

    I don't take them any more seriously than comments from 'normal' people. I don't think the reviewers opinion is special in any way, besides better English skills their ability to judge games is pretty much the same as any other person who frequently plays video games. I read the review itself and don't pay much attention to the score because it often seems they suck the figures out of their thumbs.
  20. Maddmatt

    Mafia 2

    11 hours is ok, nearly double the recent Call of Duty games at least. Maybe there will be some good DLC. Pity it doesn't have a Free Ride Extreme mode like the first Mafia.
  21. Maddmatt

    North Korea on Facebook?

    That's a fail at propaganda, it's not in English so only Koreans can understand it, and it's blocked in South Korea so the only people that would understand it can't even see it.... I wonder how they like the comments they are getting on Youtube :D
  22. Maddmatt

    Mafia 2

    You completely missed my point. Looks like other posters have explained so I wont say any more... I guess these ridiculous cover systems are so popular because they make the game easy, especially for gamepad users. I hate this system and wish it would die. A system that works in first person would be cool, only a few games do that as far as I know (like Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood but I haven't played it myself). Mafia is already 3rd person so even without the cover system you can cheat a bit, but at least it wouldn't be as ridiculously easy. I'm gonna read reviews and see how long this game lasts before I buy it. Like I've said regarding other games, I'm not paying full price for only 6 hours of entertainment. Still, I look forward to getting it, even if it means waiting until it's cheap or on sale.
  23. Maddmatt

    Mafia 2

    That cover system sure makes the combat easy, I wish games would stop implementing that stupid system that lets you hide while still magically seeing around the cover. Is there a hack or something to get rid of the time limit when roaming the city? They had this in the demo for the first game too, pretty lame. Seems like a very good game overall. Nothing groundbreaking but good fun, better than the usual crap. I like that it doesn't take mor than two or 3 shots for anyone, including the player, to die. Makes firefights seem a little more believable. Dumbed down in some ways, but better in others. The simulation mode for cars is pretty awesome, still not super realistic but it sure makes driving more fun. I might just buy this one :) Despite the cover system I find combat here much more fun and immersive than GTA4. I don't think the game feels anything like GTA4. It's in a city and lets you roam around, hardly a GTA exclusive feature. Edit: There is a time limit patch out there, but it's a modified *.exe so I don't know if posting it is ok, Google it yourself if you want it...
  24. A Tight corridor with the enemies focused in front of you :p Well hopefully it's actually a decent game this time, realistic or not. I really think they should drop the OFP name though, they killed any good image it had with the last game so it sure as hell wont benefit this one.
  25. Maddmatt

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Any info about a release in South Africa? Btgames.co.za doesn't have it listed in their pre-orders and they're usually good with listing upcoming games here.