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  1. MMN-Iceman

    Retaliation campaign now available in English

    WOW! This is the best and hardest campaign i ever played I hope i will reach the 2nd mission Great Job Guys!
  2. MMN-Iceman

    New coop map

    yeah freedom fighters is great
  3. MMN-Iceman

    Custom faces doesnt work on our dedi!

    ok thank you! i guess the server supporter turned the security level too high cause the server doesnt saved anything in my Tmp2301 folder.
  4. MMN-Iceman

    The king of pings

    ya SniperSkull your ping is bad too but i guess oyman is the KING
  5. I can see my custom face on our server but the other one cant see it! It´s only white! Its a 1.94 Dedi! Can someone help me plz?