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    Your coolest MP kill?

    My favorite MP kill was in the plain old flag-fight map that came with version 1.0 (on Malden). After being shot to hell and back by the guys I was playing with (they'd already got their grubby little hands on both available sniper rifles) I managed to grab a LAW. In pure frustration, I aimed the crosshairs at the horizon and let fly. The rocket dissappeared from my view, and about 5 seonds later, I heard a cry "what the f***?" from the next room (we were playing LAN), then up came the message "Robotman was killed by *me*". Apparently he was lurking in a building somewhere near the flagpole, when my little old 66mm rocket demolished it! Pure fluke, but very enjoyable anyway. -------------- Favorite death? Hearing an AI under my command call "Soldier, 100m". When I heard this, I thought I'd crowd up against the 5-ton truck we just got out of so he wouldn't have a clear shot at me. What my dimwitted AI failed to call was "RPG soldier", even thought it appeared in the text, all he said aloud was "soldier". This would have drastically changed my course of action, needless to say. About 2 seconds later I was greeted with an ear-splitting boom as an RPG blew the truck and myself into little pieces. I was absolutely furious for about 5 seconds, and then laughed so hard I nearly fell over. Â
  2. Major Fubar

    small arms vs choppers

    Ok, this is a really dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone else have trouble locking AA weapons like the AT-4, Strella or Stinger onto choppers? I find the US weapons the most troublesome. Is there some sort of trick to it? Or can choppers not be targeted?
  3. Major Fubar

    How to heal?

    I found that when I played a medic once, I got an option to heal myself when in a vehicle (from memory, I think it was a 5 ton truck, not an ambulance of any sort). As soon as I got out of the vehicle, the option dissappeared. Is this a known fact, or just a glitch particlar to that mission? (The mission was "Oil War").
  4. Major Fubar

    .50 cal sniping

    If the .50 is too powerful, ammo could be limited, to say 2 mags (22 shots). I also like the idea of the muzzle flash, and the recoil should cause the crosshairs to jump a lot more than the M21. But I concede the point, that the M82A1 could cause game balance issues. I mean, the US already have a sniper weapon that kicks the SVDs ass (better crosshairs, bigger mag, zoom etc.).
  5. Major Fubar

    Smoke launchers

    Hi, new to this board, but I'm just wondering about smoke launchers in OpFlash. Have any mods covered vehicular smoke lauchers? Many of the vehicles depict smoke launchers in the models, but do not have any "smoke-ability". The M1A1 Abrams, for example, features 12 smoke rounds (One L8A1 six-barrelled smoke grenade discharger is fitted on each side of the turret). It would be nice if there were an action available from either the commander's or gunners position to lauch smoke rounds, to help obscure the vehicle from anti-tank rockets and cannon shots. Also, I am curious about smoke rounds for grenade launchers (both the US 40mm and Soviet 37mm). Personally, I believe this should be integrated into a future official update, but are there any mods which address this issue? {I have a pretty fast PC, so I'm not sure if smoke effects bog down slower machines, possibly this is why the only "offical" smoke device is a hand-thrown grenade.} Thanks, Major Fubar Â
  6. Major Fubar

    a mod poll

    I think it'd be pretty cool if pistols were available (especially for officers), but I guess that would involve modifying the whole firing stance. Beretta 92, .45 auto and Tokarev maybe?
  7. Major Fubar

    Smoke launchers

    Are you sure smoke doesn't affect AI? I thought it had the same efect as hiding in a bush, and I've found both to be effective against AI. Curious....