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  1. Mister Frag

    AI kept shooting at static weapon

    Nope, that's not crazy, that's the way the game was designed. If you repeatedly attack your own side, the AI will think of you as the enemy no matter what uniform you're wearing.
  2. Mister Frag

    Queen's Gambit (US)

    I downloaded it from Metaboli -- paid US$ 19.99. Works great with the Atari ArmA download.
  3. Mister Frag

    AI kept shooting at static weapon

    It may make sense to destroy them, but not when there are still enemies shooting at you, and that's what I've seen the AI do. They don't mind wasting all their ammo to take out an unmanned crew-served weapon or vehicle.
  4. Mister Frag

    Iron sigh blur?

    And of course in real life you wouldn't do that, given the proper training. You're supposed to focus on the front sight and blur out the target.
  5. Mister Frag

    Bullets do richochet off of water :)

    Why would someone launch an AA missile at a body of water, much less a wave?
  6. Mister Frag

    3 point sling?

    Actually, you would more likely use exactly what you are told/allowed to use. While some services may be tolerant of improvisation and field modifications, not all of them are. You certainly aren't going to have much luck if you decide to swap out the sling while you aren't deployed. Imagine lining up for inspection, and you are the only guy with a non-issue sling -- you are going to be scrubbing toilets for weeks. Having said that, I agree with you about the sling. I've got a couple of rifles, and all but my precision rifle have some form of three-point sling.
  7. I had the same problem with VoIP and V1.08 on my Audigy, and had stopped using it (VoIP). I downloaded the driver from Station Drivers and installed it, but haven't had the opportunity to test it yet. The reason why I'm posting is because ArmA would not start up after installing the Station Drivers Audigy driver, and reinstalling DirectX (the June 2007 version) didn't help either. What did the trick for me was to reinstall OpenAL.
  8. Mister Frag

    pixel shader 2.0

    The cards that KODE suggested do have PS 2.0, and would therefore be able to allow sniperboy to run the game. They may not offer the best performance, but given the budget he has, they are one of his few options. sniperboy, before you commit to buying anything, please check whether your system has an AGP or PCI Express slot. Given that your current card doesn't have PS 2.0 support, the system may be old enough to date back to the days before PCI Express, and you don't want to wind up with the wrong card. pchaxor, being rude and insulting other members on the forum doesn't do much to enhance your credibility.
  9. Mister Frag

    Finally - Arma is using 2 CPUs

    Microsoft has a tool called IMAGECFG that will modify the executable file header to change the Processor Affinity Mask. http://www.robpol86.com/Pages/imagecfg.php
  10. Mister Frag

    Armed Assault videos

    I apologize for briefly taking this off-topic, but going from the FRAPS codec (which is lossless) to MPEG (which is lossy) and then transcoding again to DivX (which is also lossy) results in a needless loss of image quality. You're better off staying with the FRAPS codec while you edit, and transcode to your final delivery format at the very end.
  11. <rant> Grrrr... this is so annoying. I like to play SP Mission #4, where you fly the AH-1 and attack a convoy. I try to fly as flawless a mission as possible, staying low and sustaining little or no damage, and earlier today while testing V1.08 I wiped out the convoy, destroyed targets of opportunity, and didn't take any hits. I was on my way back to the base, just above the water and well out to sea to avoid AA fire from a Shilka I knew was lurking in a canyon near the coast. Then I got a radio message telling me that I appear lost, and seconds later the screen fades to black and the mission ends in failure! One of the things I've always enjoyed about OFP and now ArmA is the freedom to choose how to get a particular task done. Having mission termination triggers like this one in place really kills the experience -- please don't assume that I'm a complete idiot who can't navigate (especially when the next waypoint is indicated). I hope BIS will consider the removal of these triggers, or at least make them less strict. </rant>
  12. Mister Frag

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Just install the V1.08 patch by running the installer, and toss the shortcut to the Beta and the MOD directory it used. The beta didn't overwrite any game files and can be removed easily and cleanly.
  13. Mister Frag

    50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

    Jeez, what were you guys hunting? Cadillacs?
  14. Mister Frag

    My Opinion On "EDS"

    There is nothing that prevents you from making your own backup of the electronic download version on a data DVD. You are responsible for backing up anything you don't want to lose in the event of a drive failure or some other mishap, and that goes far beyond having a copy of ArmA. I assure you that when the need for having a backup arises, you'll wish you had spent the $0.25 on a blank DVD to back up your download, and any other files and documents that you can't easily recreate.
  15. Mister Frag

    2nd Beta 1.07.5157 feedback thread

    If you have a 8xxxx nvidia card... definetly. Unless you have the US (Atari) version of the game, in that case it won't even start... Well thats an inaccurate statement if ever I've read one on these forums, and I have read a lot of them on here. Just because YOU have issues, which could for all anyone knows be hardware related or due to a third party addon confliction, not necessarily be due to the 1.07 BETA Patch, doesn't mean to say EVERYONE who has the US/Atari version will definately have issues. I've played MP games with a lot of Americans running the Atari version using the 1.07 BETA Patch and the worst they've reported is the occasional crash (more due to the CPU intensity of the Evolution mission we've played after 3 hours), and the rare graphical artifacts similar to those reported a few posts previously by Törni. There is nothing inaccurate about what I wrote. I never said the 1.07 beta doesn't work with the Atari ESD version -- I'm running that myself. This thread is specifically about the second 1.07 beta. If you install the second beta on a system running the original V1.07 beta applied to a Atari ESD version, you will not be able to start the game because it will require reactivation. The license key from the original purchase does not work with the updated beta, and Atari/Softwrap will not assist with this problem. Atari even sent out e-mail to registered users advising them not to install the public beta, probably because they got innundated with reactivation requests. I didn't save the message, but I received it not 24 hours after trying to activate the second beta.