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  1. Best advice I can give is to overclock your CPU. Clocking my Q9550 from 2.8Ghz to 3.8Ghz did wonders for me :)
  2. L33t-krew

    3D surround sound

    The sound dosent seem to work well for me. (X-Fi Titanium, Z5500 5.1 using analogue). If there is a helicopter above me, it will only be audible in certain positions :/
  3. L33t-krew

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    Bump by me. I had 4Gb Dominator 1066mhz working fine yesterday. Another 4gb came in the post today and its hit the corruption lark. Disappointing it hasnt been fixed tbh.
  4. I thought there was a huge difference between 1280x1024 and 1920x1200? (1,310,720 pixels vs 2,304,000 pixels).
  5. i want to get it on steam, but im ****ed if im paying 48euros.
  6. Will this pc run @ 1920x1200 @ high quality settings? Core i7 @ 3.2Ghz 6Gb DDR3 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24 1Gb GTX 285 OC2 80Gb Intel G2 SSD
  7. L33t-krew

    Why am I turning into a Bird?

    ive tried new campaigns, reinstalling, rollbacks, everything. So basically im screwed. **** this. I paid a shit load of money for this game instead of pirating it, out of TOTAL respect, and ive been ****ed up the backside. I cant return this game (im Ireland they dont allow it to be returned after it has been opened) so im left with a game which is an admirable pidgeon simulator. Very annoyed
  8. L33t-krew

    Why am I turning into a Bird?

    ive tried reinstalling it with serial code which is in box (I brought sealed so it hasnt been stolen). I havent used keygen. I havent used cracks. Ive updated to latest level. Result? Still the same Im really really annoyed because its basically halted my progress and its just turning into a debacle. Any ideas?
  9. Any reason? Every so often, of I change with some stupid message about being good? Ive googled around, and it seems its an anti virus protection measure :| wtf? Ive got a legal copy of the game, purchased from my nearest Game store. It dosent happen often, but its pissing me of BIG time ,especially after a hard fought campaign. Im on the latest patch 1.14. Any ideas? thanks
  10. L33t-krew

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Does anyone know how to fix a sound issue with an X-FI @ 5.1 surround sound. The game is running fine, but the audio is crackling like hell, cutting out, no distance meter thingy. Basically I consider it broken. Im running Game mode (xfi control panel), have sound acceleration and EAX running, though have tried disabling them to no effect. Any ideas? Im going mad with frustration. cheers
  11. L33t-krew

    Flying planes, and Killing tanks

    wow, I thought there were no planes in aRma. Damn..... Great tactics everyone. My only gripe is the way the helicopter seems to love to blow up when it touches the ground a bit hard. Take the armoury section. Im flying that heli with mingun @ 2000 & 4000rpm and some unguided missles. When I attack the base there are 3 armoured car/tanks sort of things. Basically as soon as they see me, im falling . I can limit my fall but the plane invaribly crashes and blows up >_<
  12. L33t-krew

    How will it run?

    okay, I played on the secondary system (ie the crap on ) on one of my 24" Ran fine @ 1920x1200 @ High detail. Was a wee bit sluggish at some bits, and the was no anistropic filtering, just high special effects, high (not v high) textures, high models etc. (high terrain) Dosetn look to bad though I feel the 256mb limits the games tremendously. The only prob I have and its really annoying is the cutting sound out. I mean, I was playing on my 5.1 THX setup (I assume Arma supports 5.1?) and the sound would occasionally cut out. Add to that, that it sounds quite feeble (no offense), that was a bit disappointing. Was hoping for impressive sound effects for the minigun on the helicopter Also the guns look like **** and in particular the animations. Im not a rivet counter at all, but having a bolt action sniper that simply fired was a wee bit distracting. Meh, small complaints for a great game.
  13. L33t-krew

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Just wondering, how will ARMA run on my pc? e6420 @ 3.6Ghz 4Gb Reaper X 800Mhz 4-4-4-15 (2x2gb) 768mb 8800GTX OC2 X-fi extrememusic with Z-5500 500Gb Sata II 16mb hdd @ 1920x1200 @ Max Quality (AA dosent need to be high though) Also what is the playability on a E6550 2.33ghz 2gb DDR2 (2x1gb) 667mb CL5 7950GT OC 320gb HDD 16Mb cache @ 1920x1200 any quality. Obviously with the latest patches. Also does Arma support the X-52 Pro well? I havent got the foot rudders just the HOTAS system. cheers
  14. L33t-krew

    How will it run?

    The last time I played it was a year ago on a crappy P4 pc. :| I have purchased the official version today, and it includes the Queens Gambit Thanks very much, and I hope that it will run good. Does the latest patch offer any real improvements on performance, and would upgrading to a quad core or going SLI increase performance at all? cheers p.s how does the X-52 run? I