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  1. ltfransky-tpf-

    ARMA II Reinforcements Demo

    Why would there be a demo? Don't the official patches install lite versions of BAF and PMC?
  2. ltfransky-tpf-

    How to use rifles with grenade launcher

    That jives with the real weapon. It has a max range of 400m with an effective range for an area target of 350m and a point target effective range of 150m. 350m is a really long shot with a projectile that size and speed.
  3. ltfransky-tpf-

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    wrong place, oops
  4. ltfransky-tpf-

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 73206 Available

    http://dev-heaven.net/issues/13602 Well, it is now! :)
  5. ltfransky-tpf-

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 73206 Available

    "4. Vehicle- and tripod-mounted L111A1 (M2HB) and M621 (Lynx 20mm) are using the M240 firing sound. L7A2 GPMG mini-tripod is using 7.62 Russian ammo/tracers and PK firing sound." I've noticed this as well, but couldn't find it in the Bug Tracker. Has it been reported?
  6. ltfransky-tpf-

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Sorry to bump my question, Protegimus. But could you expand on this a bit more? I'm having trouble getting my spotter to talk to the SL and the entrenched MG. (Probably a noob mistake) Fransky
  7. Has this question been answered rexehuk? If so, it could also work for an entrenched MG. (Placing a spotter, as well as a SL, to extend the range past 200m). I'd be interested to hear what the answer turned out to be.
  8. ltfransky-tpf-

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I'd love to see an example of this. I've been messing around with the settings, but can't seem to make it work. Love Zeus AI
  9. I noticed this same thing happening in the BAF Scud Hunt mission. After the fight I tried to take one of the trucks but my spotter wouldn't board as a front seat passenger, only as driver.
  10. *Crosses fingers for this week* C'mon Canada Post!
  11. ltfransky-tpf-

    Takistan Map 12801x12803

    It's funny, I opened it in Photoshop at 72 pixels/inch, and the map was 14feet x 14feet. Oh well, I needed to wallpaper anyway :)
  12. ltfransky-tpf-

    Knife proposal

    Are we still talking about this?
  13. ltfransky-tpf-

    Latest Beta Patch: 72018

    Correct. If you are using ArmA Launcher you need to point to the beta and then add "-mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion" under Additional Parameters And make sure you uninstall the previous beta before installing the new one.
  14. ltfransky-tpf-

    Bring back the OLD Compass from ArmA 2

    I tried that. It makes the compass bigger but doesn't clear the blur
  15. ltfransky-tpf-

    OA: Campaign - A frustrating experience

    Ah. Has anyone reported this issue? That reload thing is really irritating.