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  1. Lepardi

    Red Hammer campaign

    So... I gave it a try in version 1.46 and then in 1.30, but it just doesn't work, what the hell?
  2. Lepardi

    justsome animations

    Static weapons like .50 cals should have recoil, it's just stupid how in the partisan video for example there's not even a slightest bit of recoil when the guy opens fire.
  3. Lepardi

    Destructible Terrain

    Works fine on Battlefield Bad Company and Söldner already, so what are you going to wait for when it's been possible for years already?
  4. Lepardi

    tunguska fireanimation

    Yeah but I guess there's still the limitation present where you can't shoot with more than 1 barrel per gunner, so it's shooting at half the RPM.
  5. Lepardi

    M203 Grenade Launcher Replacement

    Couldn't care less if it was a 203 or 230 for the reasons mentioned above, they should just concentrate on real issues like the sounds. There'll be a 230 released for sure by modders.
  6. Lepardi

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Soldiers look really nice.
  7. They should just use the OFP tracks... they are much better than any of those remixes/new tracks...
  8. Lepardi

    Truly Realistic Sound

    Yeah they said they're going to upgrade the sounds, but that seems to be only those vehicle sounds which are awesome. But the other sounds are just placeholder quality at max.
  9. I completely agree, with these fixed ArmA II would be a 100% definite buy for me. A single shotting abrams with it's coaxial is just not right, but sound engine is still like from a 90's game. Gunshots should get muffled from distance and the effects in general are unrealistic. They were talking about upgraded sounds but seems like they only upgraded vehicle sounds, all the other sounds are just terrible.
  10. Lepardi

    Truly Realistic Sound

    Sounds are a real issue, and the sounds in ArmA are pretty poorly done, and there is no distance sound effects at all, it all just faints away unrealistically. Why would you think a realistic sound environment is something unneccessary? Don't you think it creates more atmosphere when you're hearing that distant artillery and gunfire just like in real life, not just that "Bhoooom..." and decreasing volume over distance? Or what about getting shot by a machine gun, hearing each of the bullets of the burst snapping loud right above your head while hitting the dirt?
  11. Lepardi

    Truly Realistic Sound

    BF: Bad Company HDR sound engine does it pretty damn well. ArmA II sounds like a 90s game after playing Bad Company. wow, youre right. checked out some gameplay videos and the sounds are awesome. bis should listen & take notes. Yea they should, sounds are one of the most important parts of the game after all. C'mon BIS!
  12. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    Yeah man and it's also free and only like 7 million players registered play it. who would want to play that cowcod? I wasn't saying it was a bad game. Â I was just surprised that it looks worse than ArmA 2 given the smaller scale, that's all. Â I used to play it up until the version where they introduced special forces and rpgs. Â It's a great game. Â Those shots way back whenever I made that comment looked surprisingly low definition, though. Â I was expecting more fine detail and a more robust renderer. The new shots show a completely different level of quality.
  13. Yeah visually... but audiovisually P O O R
  14. Lepardi

    Truly Realistic Sound

    BF: Bad Company HDR sound engine does it pretty damn well. ArmA II sounds like a 90s game after playing Bad Company.
  15. Lepardi

    Truly Realistic Sound

    Please BIS, rework the explosion sounds, still those unrealistic ones from ArmA are being used. IMO even OFP explosions sounded better. With better explosion sounds that video would've been much better. That plain 'Bhooomm...' isn't just doing it's job.
  16. Lepardi

    Good Music

    I just started playing 1985 & red hammer again, and the music (and missions, and just about everything...) is just awesome compared to ArmA. Use the same songs if you can't make anything similar anymore...
  17. amen. Hell no. ArmA showed that they have lost the touch long time ago. There's absolutely no chance that we will experience the OFP atmosphere in ArmA II.
  18. Lepardi

    The HUD

    That would be nice. I don't like how it glows 24/7 on the screen.
  19. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    It will have a surround sound like Mumble, hopefully better since mumble surround doesn't work with X-Fi cards.
  20. Lepardi

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Yeah that would make mission editing so much easier and you don't have to waste time in placing units.
  21. Lepardi

    The HUD

    No it doesn't.
  22. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    Works and have worked in Project Reality for a few years now - and AA3 will have even more advanced mission planning/squad system, where squads will be assigned their waypoints before the round starts.
  23. Lepardi

    Americas Army 3

    Didn't you watch the video about mission planning and built in TS3 voip? The game will have much more teamwork in public than AA 2.x.
  24. Lepardi

    FOV Management

    No fancy management stuff, make it like FLASHPOINT, just perfect, no extra hassle.