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    ArmA Progress Updates

    LoL omg? Why is friday so special?
  2. Lepardi

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Maybe, but your gfx card and processor is a little weak (GFX not only a a little) for ArmA. I suggest you would upgrade to a GF6600 GT, and buy some cooling to your processor to overclock it a bit. Then you should be fine i think. It's only a ~150€ upgrade, but helps you much.
  3. Lepardi

    ArmedA Soundtrack

    Well I think they're just trying to create something 'new and awesome', and not stick to the unique ofp feeling, which sucks.
  4. Lepardi

    ArmedA Soundtrack

    Damn... I really hope that we will hear those atmospherical musics in ArmA.
  5. Lepardi

    Just a question

    Just a question - are you going to go more towards the 'mainstream' as you did with Armed Assault, with Game 2?
  6. Lepardi

    Armed Assault FAQ

    I ran OFP nicely with a 420mhz celeron with 1280x1024 resolution. Remember, vanilla OFP is so much smoother than addons and all, they suck FPS like mad.
  7. Lepardi

    ArmAs Cover Art

    This new cover art isn't so good. Why wouldn't you make the guy aiming at you in the cover? It sure does catch people's attention, unlike this current cover which is so basic it can ever be. IRL pictures are better than some poor 3d art. Just my thoughts. Leopardi
  8. Lepardi

    Singleplayer experience

    This is what makes me buy the game. I want a story like in CWC and it's expansions, but it seems like there's not an exact plot in ArmA, just something like "Enemy has that town in his hands. Go and seize the town, then hold it during the enemy counterattack." no cutscenes or anything else that moves on the story, just a guy and conflict, shoot and kill everyone. *sigh* In CWC it had the feeling you were there... it was something special. It was fun to be the only one alive from your squad and survive. Was scary to hear a BMP coming towards you from far away and all. What I'm asking here is that are they going to make a good plot in the campaign and give us a great singleplayer experience like in CWC, or just concentrate on multiplayer and make a short, boring campaign. What also worries me is the trailers. They turn out to be the basic "Explosive action" crap. The CWC trailer was awesome, it was exciting.