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  1. Lepardi

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    With that card, your processor will be a huge bottleneck, as X850 card require a 3500+ processor to get everything out. Do you even have PCI-E mobo? If not, you can't install that card.
  2. Lepardi

    ArmA Photography

    By the way guys, any desert camo M1A2 in the game? And what about bradleys and such, are they ingame? You could take a photograph of them if there is any.
  3. Lepardi

    Everyone Who Has ArmA Read This!

    Yeah, I would like to know it too. Please post the specs & frames per second. And ingame settings.
  4. Lepardi

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    I think a poster would be very nice, and the packing should be like in OFP; The guy aiming at you in the box, it really attracts people !!
  5. Lepardi

    So who has received their copy?

    I think BIS did a very bad job with the 'international' publisher... I just have to say it: It's very unfair that others can enjoy the game so much earlier than most of the ofp players. I can only imagine the sadness of U.S fans.
  6. Lepardi


    So, as you can notice from the latest HD trailer that came yesterday, there is no blood. Is this an on/off option in the options? Just look at the support guy dying there, looks like a goddamn 1950's B-class warmovie, the guy just put's his head down to the ground, nothing that refers to the bullet impact at the guy. Sad. It badly eats the realism.
  7. Lepardi

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Who else is worried of arma quality? Just look at the reviews.. 55/100, 7/10. I'm starting to think it's a damned flop.
  8. Lepardi


    There was a little "cloud" of blood flying through the air when you got shot.
  9. Lepardi

    ArmA Photography

    Where did you get armed assault to take these screenies?
  10. Lepardi

    1944 game

    1944 game Maybe a good challenger?
  11. Lepardi

    1944 game

    Sorry for posting it in the wrong forum.. i was just wondering because there isn't a competetor for bis games.
  12. Lepardi

    OFP Player ID's

    It's different games, depending on the CD-Key, so I'm pretty sure you won't be able to do that.
  13. Lepardi

    Character switching

    Can you turn this lame option what ruins the campaign off?
  14. Lepardi

    The Campaign

    Tutorial? The campaign is the heart of the game..
  15. Lepardi

    IS 2007 TO LONG ?

    I'm still worried how they're gonna handle DX10, can you play with a DX10 machine the older DX9 games, or? I am buying dx10 pc in the summer... would be sad if arma wouldn't be playable then
  16. Lepardi

    The Campaign

    I don't think that people will complain/give feedback if the campaigns not good, they'll just stick to multiplayer and be happy. And bis won't listen to one person suggestions, even if they're good. Just hope it won't become too mainstream.
  17. Lepardi

    The Campaign

    Well, it's as a goddamn feature, and if a mission gets really hard, you maybe just can't resist and use it 'only for this mission', which ruins the fun etc. I don't like how BIS gets lazy and doesn't make it like in CWC; different campaigns for different characters. Now they just put all in the same, with a relatively small, fast played campaign. This just isn't right.
  18. Lepardi

    The Campaign

    Yeah, I totally agree with you. It's just so stupid to change the character when you die, no reason to try to stay alive. No fun, it's all gone sad. I am going to restart the mission when my main character is dying, I just can't ruin the fun by changing characters. How on earth would the story go on if you're main character dies? It's just so sad.
  19. Currently in ArmA, when you shoot enough a building some dust appears, and the building literally falls under the ground.
  20. Lepardi

    All the Animations YOU want

    Definitely better grabbing anims for guns. I just totally hate the clipping. Doesn't look good so far... but I trust BIS, they will hopefully fix them.
  21. Lepardi

    Ironsight ?

    Just get a camera, aim and tell someone to take picture of the position of your eye and you get the best picture how to do it..
  22. Lepardi


    The last thing I want is a battlerecorder. Just slows down the server and offers you only some lag.
  23. Lepardi

    ArmedA Soundtrack

    So what's less atmospherical about the given examples? It's all about what kind of atmosphere you want it for. Don't you also think that they might have showed us the ones which felt new and tense instead of something which is just like in OFP? I'm quite sure that they will have more mellow ambient songs too. It just simply isn't even near to the ofp musics. I think they're "too modern" or something, but not even close to the atmosphere in OFP musics, which is sad.
  24. Lepardi

    ArmedA Soundtrack

    Yes, you like the sound of it, but we are talking about the atmospherical musics, which this new soundtrack most likely won't give us.
  25. Lepardi

    ArmedA Soundtrack

    Yeah, community is our only hope.