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    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    That tweak completely changed the way of shooting in ArmA for me! I can actually aim and hit now, after the excess mouselag is GONE. But still, I am disappointed for it not being able to run just about decently on normal settings. 8800GTS 640Mb, E6750 @ 3,2GHz, and 4gb of ram. 1 Gig disabled for arma 64-bit bugging, that might drop fps some, and BIS ain't gonna fix it.
  2. Meh... can't believe it. My new system cannot run ArmA. I have 4gb of ram (1gig disabled for arma 64-bit & 4gb problem), a C2D @3,2GHz and 8800GTS 640Mb. Barely runs on normal settings, well, gotta go with these then. I am disappointed. Or is there any chance of a better performance in the full game over that US Demo (1.06) ?
  3. Lepardi

    render frames ahead

    I saw a prerender something setting in rivatuner, but it's in VSync setting. Is it right? It helps a bit with VSync, but I play without. E: It works! And much better. Thx.
  4. Lepardi

    render frames ahead

    So what program with can I change it from 3 to 0? Oh and other thing, does this happen with ATI card, cos I'm getting a 2900Pro soon?? I have a terrible mouse lag in armed assault now.
  5. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Oh plees. Is the HDR improved over the 1.06 demo? I just tried it.. and disappointed. Image quality is good only when watching your feet, and even if I don't look to the sun... it's just ruined. Too dark/washed out image because of that damn HDR. Which lowers FPS too. And the other thing I hate is the floatiness of the mouse... just plain stupid. I don't like my sights lagging behind me, CQB situations seem hopeless. AWW!
  6. Lepardi

    bigfoot killer nic M1

    muropaketti.com test showed actually worse fps in some games like cs:s, and the ping wasn't that great ovet a normal integrated NIC. Buy an intel NIC, you get much much much more value for money.
  7. Lepardi

    OFP Vs Arma QC SP Campaign

    I wonder if BIS can ever do a masterpiece campaign like in OFP. I liked being a grunt, not having to lead all the time.
  8. My friend can play ArmA at full settings and 10km VD almost all the time 100fps. Forests dont lag at all, smooth as silk. He has an XFX 8800 Ultra, the overclocked model, 4GB ram and E6850 processor.
  9. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I'm getting a Radeon 2900 Pro 1024Mb DDR4 soon, how does it run with 2900 series cards?
  10. Lepardi

    Vista Black load screen?

    Works fine with latest 163.xx series drivers, and the hotfixes supplied by microsoft, linked by Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.com/object/windows_vista_hotfixes.html So what exactly do I have to do to get it working? How can I get back my missing 1024 memory, when I go to play other games rather than ArmA?
  11. Lepardi

    Vista Black load screen?

    Is BIS ever going to fix this problem, if the same problem occurs with XP 64-bit, too? I wanna play arma but can't because of this !!
  12. I'm thinking about buying this game, but got into other thoughts after findig out if wont work on my system (Vista 64 & 4gig mem). Is there a fix coming, or any way that it will work without removing memory?
  13. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    A good AI would have saved the game... but... but it's just dumb. In combat situation they just crawl. Crawl all the way. Or no combat situation, you shoot, they will crawl. Crawl crawl crawl, all they can do.
  14. At the moment, forget AMD. Wipe it out of your mind. ASAP. Intel C2D and upcoming penryn kicks amd in butt, and 22.7 is coming an another pricecut where you get new models E6750 for $170 and E6850 for $266. E6850 is better than X6800 with its 1333mhz fsb and 3,0 ghz clock speeds. Oh yeah, and E6700 is equal to AMD X2 6000+ just to let you know. But you will get it's better version E6750 for sub $200 price.
  15. Lepardi

    Armed Assault videos

    The last two movies doesn't have sound.
  16. Lepardi

    New rig for ArmA

    I will be buying a new gaming rig with ArmA in mind, this summer. I'll get an E6700 processor, 2gig 1066mhz ram, and two T166 320gb HDD's. I'll probably buy Vista Ultimate, because of it's readyboost feature that I think will really help in ArmA, because it eases the job of HDD hugely. I still don't know which GFX card, I was thinking of 8800GTS 640mb, but I've heard ppl need to play with lowest settings with it.. Will 8800GTX do the job (fog bug fixed?), will that rig do the job, of running ArmA at it's glory? Is it better to install ArmA to the windows HDD, and put the pagefile to the other, or vice versa?
  17. Lepardi

    New rig for ArmA

    I really need a new rig, can't go any further than this summer. Do 8800 users still have the fog bug, that I read about in this forum sometime earlier? So far: -E6700 -2x 1gb 1066mhz -Evga 680i A1 -Ultimate + readyboost (with a fast usb flash) -8800GTX, maybe Inno3d or palit -2x T166 320gb 16mb I really want to squeeze all the juice out of ArmA. I've been too much without ArmA, now it's the time! That rig reaches pretty much the tops of my budget. Should I change anything or give it a go? I hope 8800 wouldn't let me down with it's drivers. Read too much bad news about poor performance on 8800
  18. I didn't see the fix of the leak bug in ATI drivers 6.7 and up in arma at the release notes in ati.com - Is it fixed?
  19. Lepardi

    ATI driver bug - not fixed?

    Just ask yourself "who's making Ati drivers? And why I thought that BIS is the one." Dude, I meant that they're being lazy because they haven't asked ATI to fix the problem.
  20. Lepardi

    ATI driver bug - not fixed?

    Why? BIS being lazy on that?
  21. Lepardi

    Buying ArmA

    Oh? I got it for 35. Or in play.com it's euro 27.99 DELIVERED
  22. Lepardi

    WOW huge performance boost!!!

    I use that ultimatedefrag... but I don't know where I should put pagefile.sys, to the archive or high perfomance in my hdd? or just leave it there? Oh, and merry christmas! Edit: Also should I tick the put directories close to MFT or just tick the two 'respect archive' and 'respect high performance?'
  23. Lepardi

    ArmA Photography

    Nah, the fastest around is equal to a 5,2 Ghz processor.
  24. Lepardi

    Bring back driving and cursor as in OFP

    Why to ruin a perfect driving control that was already in OFP? At least give us an option to turn it off and have the same driving control as in Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis.
  25. Lepardi

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    You could order a cooling fan to your processor, then overclock it and u would be fine with ArmA.