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  1. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I suggest you start saving money now and get a new pc ASAP.
  2. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    If I set it to 0 arma won't even launch, it will crash my PC. In vista it worked with 0, but not in XP. I can't see very much difference between 1-3.
  3. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    haha, never heard you could actually change that float zone to a normal FPS game? (except for the up and down way ) I mean the 'lagginess' of the mouse, even if the float zone is zeroed. It's not as precise as in OFP, it was better in OFP.
  4. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Arma would be perfect without the swinging aim.
  5. Lepardi

    render frames ahead

    0 crashes your pc everytime you start arma. 1-2 works fine, didn't notice the difference between those two.
  6. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Ah, love arma! The campaign is ok, at least for now. I love planning a night-strike into a base on your own, and then after a succesful strike run away, hearing enemy vehicles starting to roam around, seeing vehicle lights flashing behind you while trying to escape.. just awesome. Just needs some russians taking you as a prisoner and getting a james gastovski to free you from the captivity. After hearing so many negative experiences I thought the Singleplayer aspect was going to suck... surprised me positively. But yeah, I've only played a few missions now.
  7. Lepardi

    2 Fixes for 1.9

    1.9? It's 1.09, not even 1.1 version.
  8. Lepardi

    ArmA 2 on Xbox 360

    Partial 90% that is. Any game launched at release of the next-generation will face difficulty. Console gamers don't have unlimited funds either!! That's why 2008 is perfect. DON"T slip again BIS (and CM i might add! Yeah don't slip again and release any kind of console version of the game- .
  9. Lepardi

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    The scans were on operationflashpoint2.info Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 At first I was in a total disbelief with codemasters doing ofp2... now after this article I can see there is a sparkle of hope. It seems they are really trying to make it the way it should be, loyal to Operation Flashpoint.
  10. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I don't know what's the point of defending the game they surely know is bugged. We are 'whining' to just give BIS a better image on what they should fix or make better.
  11. Lepardi

    What made OPF better?

    That wasnt much of a complaint. Its optional... you can adjust the float area and if you dont like it you can even disable it completely (in OPF you couldnt). And the coments about BIS concentrating only on the graphics are not exactly true, they made dramatic improvements to the graphics engine. The outdated OPF engine doesnt come close to Arma's . No that is not what I meant. I meant to mouse floatiness, when you stop the mouse it doesn't stop, it keeps going and stops a while afterwards. It has a huge impact on aiming and hitting targets.
  12. Lepardi

    What made OPF better?

    Yeah, the aiming is way too tied on FPS, when ArmA will always have low fps where you would need it. 30fps: dont even dream of hitting someone. 100fps: great response, you hit almost everything.
  13. Lepardi

    What made OPF better?

    It's the gameplay. BIS lost it when they concentrated on the graphics, they thought graphics make the game. It was a HUGE mistake. Especially I don't like the damn floaty movement of arma. IRL you can aim better and faster than in arma, in ArmA it just floats away. Float, float, float. NO! But what are we dreaming here? I bet BIS won't listen to us and will concentrate on graphics of ArmA 2 at the moment. I quess it just got to be that way that every game series gets worse and worse when they get sequels. Battlefield are another great example, battlefield 2 ruined a good start. Like ArmA ruined a good start with Operation Flashpoint. Now they just concentrate on the consoles in ArmA 2, so us PC players will have just a lousy console-port.
  14. Lepardi

    ArmA 2 on Xbox 360

    Even though you love consoles, it doesn't change the fact that ArmA 2 could be as wide in console as it would be in PC. Developers have to concentrate on the damn consoles and will give the PC just a sad console-port. Consoles are ok for your run & gun shooters like cod 4 or bioschock or some halo 3, but please don't ruin ArmA 2 with consoles. 'Which planet is that? And ArmA1 is a fail? How come?' If you can think even just a bit with your console-a*s-brains, you can see how ArmA is a huge fail compared to Operation Flashpoint.
  15. I just installed 163.75 betas and those drivers came a few hours afterwards yesterday. Are those worth the driver reinstalling hassle?
  16. Lepardi

    ArmA 2 on Xbox 360

    Don't feel bad dude, just realize that you PC folks are living in the dying age of your gaming platform. The consoles are getting more powerful with each new generation and simply give you more bang for your bucks with less trouble - more game less guff so to say. It's now HDTV time, which means everybody will have a super-size monitor in the living room connected to a really powerful engine solely dedicated to gaming, so the days of you 'office-gamers' are over. Just accept it Grim Actually the PC industry is just growing and the biggest gaming platform on the planet... And maxquibit don't talk about ArmA 1. It's a fail. Talk about OFP. It was PC only. It was a success. It wasn't ruined by evil consoles.
  17. Lepardi

    What made OPF better?

    Atmosphere. Better atmosphere. Armed Assault is more like a plain simulator, it doesn't have the plot. The atmopshere. "There's a conflict happening there, go and kill all/blow a gas station."
  18. Is it really going to have the full OFP: CWC campaign?
  19. Lepardi

    ArmA 2 on Xbox 360

    Ah Xbox... console... I have seen too many games being ruined by evil consoles. Not Arma 2!
  20. The sun is in your eyes. Turn around and your eyes will adjust so it's not as dark. Changing HDR Precision to 16 might improve it, dunno. But you lose the sun flare effect. No, it's always like that when outside. No matter if you look away from the sun, it always looks dark and like it was evening. I don't like it. And I tried hdr precision 0, 8, 16 and 32. It is all the time looking the same. http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aVuPe6r That for example, I could never run it that bright when it's sunny. It goes daaaaaaaark.
  21. Lepardi

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Was playing armademo, and those stupid bots somehow got stuck into there There goes my reinforcements, I had to take the town all by myself. They just turned their heads and stared at me like nothing happened.
  22. Hey, Is this normal? When I go to a 'dark' place, or look at my legs it looks normal, daylight is good and everything looks natural: But then I go outside and it goes like this! It looks like it's evening, not day! Is it supposed to be like this, or why does it look like this? Can it be fixed?
  23. You have a very similar system to mine, nice to see it runs great. Maybe my 8800gts 640mb can handle normal/high settings playable on XP. Gonna install it back, even though I went back to Vista just a few weeks ago... By the way, does that -maxmem=500 command improve performance, or is it just a stability tweak for Very High settings?
  24. I'm quite pissed off with my performance, it is way less than it shuold be. I'm thinking it is because of Vista. Should installing XP 32-bit help in performance? Cause I'm gonna install XP back if it really has better performance.
  25. Lepardi

    64 Bit operating system

    As for 4gb, it works fine when you use the disable command when going to play arma. It disables 1 gig, so you play with 3 gig but it works. But Vista sucks for ArmA, I recently installed back Vista and now I'm going back to XP, because armed assault didn't work.