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  1. Lepardi

    Sharper recoils

    Does this work in normal MP? Useless download, if it doesn't.
  2. Lepardi

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Vista has a HUGE impact on ArmA performance. It was unplayable for me in vista, XP it's all smooth.
  3. Lepardi

    AAZ NEWS! on saturdays

    So will it be a stream on winamp or something?
  4. Any idea when are the WHQL ones coming out? Will they come out for XP too?
  5. Lepardi

    ArmA freezes

    I'm having this issue where arma just freezes, sound sometimes keep looping, but it is completely frozen. However, if I alt+tab, it will go to windows after some time (a minute or so) I have added -maxmem=512 parameter. What is wrong?? Specs: Operating System: Windows XP Professional OS Language: Finnish (Regional Setting: Finnish) Processor (CPU): Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 3.20GHz (2 CPUs) Total Memory: 4096MB DDR2 800MHz RAM Graphics Card Name: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OverClock 2 Graphics Card Chipset: GeForce 8800 GTS @ 580MHz Graphics Card Memory: 640 MB 1800MHz
  6. Lepardi

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Is this game even worth buying? I mean, I do not want another CoD 2 with modern setting.
  7. Lepardi

    Chammys Sound Mod

    What would be the point of this mod if it had some skins, so you couldn't play arma mp with new sounds, to boooooost up your game experience?
  8. Lepardi

    Patch 1.09

    Will you fix the flying T-72's? I was making a mission yesterday, while I noticed a T-72 bounced up in the air like 200m, I videoed it.
  9. Lepardi

    Chammys Sound Mod

    Will this mod have scream voices for people getting hit? And will it work flawlessly online, like FDF soundpack?
  10. Lepardi

    Lowplants v1.1

    so you basically replaced the default with that? Replacing original plants.pbo forces it to use the new lowplants?
  11. Lepardi

    Lowplants v1.1

    Ok I think I can't get it working, I had a 0fps impact on FPS with it. What have I done wrong? I installed the package, and added Lowplants to arma launcher. It shuould work, right? Or do I have to launch Queens Gambit from queens gambit disc, or is normal ArmA disk OK? I wanna get this addon working. Mouselag is unbearable under 40fps.
  12. Lepardi

    ArmA freezes

    ^Yeah forgot to mentio that. X-Fi Xtremefatal1ty soundcard. With latest XP Pro drivers. The jamming mostly happens when I shoot something, middle of the explosion effect it just freezes and stays there. Not always the sounds keep looping.
  13. Lepardi

    ArmA freezes

    I have ran the game with system running at stock speeds. Game still just freezes, I can shut it down and go play every other game I have without crashes/freezes. It's only ArmA.
  14. Lepardi

    Lowplants v1.1

    Any ideas why does it change the grass detail when I change settings to higher?
  15. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Maybe the engine runs because it needs the power from the engine when you move the turret? It stays shutdown until you start moving the turret.
  16. Lepardi

    Lowplants v1.1

    What are the video settings to get this work? I see grass detail going up and down when trying different shader levels, which is the right one?
  17. Lepardi

    Lowplants v1.1

    Yeah works in MP. And get ArmA launcher to be sure you launch the addon correctly, many just add -mod=DBE1 -mod=lowplants which is wrong parameter.
  18. Lepardi

    Fog bug again!!!!

    Not on all countries yet.
  19. Lepardi

    Fog bug again!!!!

    The patch will be released at the same time as ArmA Gold Edition, which means we will be getting it next week.
  20. Lepardi

    ArmA freezes

    Asus P5K and latest bios.
  21. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    No, I hate it and love it at the same time
  22. I've been trying to figure out how can I sync the X and Y axis in Armed Assault. With default settings the sliders are in the same position, but Y axis is clearly not as sensitive. It makes aiming harder. In OFP it was alright, and aiming was a lot easier. What settings synchronizes them equal to each other? I feel playing very frustrating because of the FUBAR aim in ArmA.
  23. Lepardi

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Not with the current level of skill.
  24. Lepardi

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Have you ever played OFP? Have you ever experienced the paranormally fantastic campaign and plot and everything, the singleplayer atmosphere? Seeing your text you have not. It is like playing a movie, except dozens of times more entertaining. I cannot find ArmA multiplayer even near the level of OFP singleplayer campaign, but it's fairly good. ArmA is like a cut down ofp with better graphics. "Instead of wasting time to frustrating campaign..." Yes, but insted use the time well and make a good campaign, like in OFP. Only one mission in ArmA campaign has a little touch to the operation flashpoint feeling. Operation Flashpoint had 48 missions + hours (?) of well-made cutscenes that kept you in the plot. ArmA has only 20 lousy missions with boring newsreport-cutscenes, c'mon! And of which only one mission's side assigment has the touch to the atmosphere. That's a lot of difference. To the wrong way. No no. When did you lose the touch, BIS? I hope the codies can handle it in OFP2, as bis has lost the touch.
  25. Lepardi

    Video options question

    For me there is no change between 8, 16 or 32. It's always same sh*tty HDR ruining my game-experience. If BIS wanted it to be hard-coded, why not code it well instead of giving us a too overreacting piece of sh*t.