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  1. Better late than never eh? LOL! ;)

  2. Hi minigundad, i noticed your location was uk sw, i'm assuming sw is south west or am i wrong? I'm in exeter what's your location?

    Jon ;)

  3. Ok mate, and yourself?

  4. Hi mate. I'm basically into ArmA2 OA ACE etc. Got a console but i think they're for kids. Don't play it unless i fancy a quick Fifa 12. I work Fri & Sat' nights only 9pm - 9am which leaves the rest of the week doing absolutely sod all. :D

    My teamspeak is on everyday. My ip is or try ts3server:// My mate had trouble with that but my server name is LawGivers Private Server. I use ACRE too, just getting the hang of it.

    Catch you soon mate1 ;)

  5. Good, i hope you like it mate. ;-)