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  1. Landwarrior87

    Ah-1W - Super Cobra

    looks fine 2 me.
  2. Landwarrior87

    Messor Island Released

    looks pretty CWC to me, but its meant mostly for MP play, sorry im unfamiliar with FCM. but maybe ill look into it by visiting the website.
  3. Landwarrior87

    New F-18's

    i agree.. RAD's are probably a bit outdated due to their size. I havent even tried the FDF one, too big of a pack for me to download :-( I think someone should try to contact the FDF mod makers and see if someone can mod theirs into differnt skins for different countries, (Canada, USA, any others that use em)
  4. Landwarrior87

    LSR US Navy SEALs Beta 0.5 Released

    to Laser, i have to ask will the next version of the silenced SEALs have the night vision goggles that the SD Delta's have? It seems only right.. I hate using the old BIS NVG or INQ's when we have the Delta's with their kickass looking ones.
  5. Landwarrior87

    LSR US Navy SEALs Beta 0.5 Released

    funny how all these guys were hammering me for asking for screenshots.. now everybody wants their own litle personalized SEALs Team. Laser make what ya want... im still gonna download it and play with em!! They kick a$$!
  6. Landwarrior87

    Salang Island by TWM Mod

    downloading now.... great! is it me or top notch addons coming out within the last couple days? mmhmm..
  7. Landwarrior87

    LSR US Navy SEALs Beta 0.5 Released

    once again.. i quote myself "Your the fkin man!!" im gonna have fun roaming around with these in third world countries.. lookin to blow stuff up!!
  8. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    yeah.. any updates??
  9. Landwarrior87

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    where can i download???!!?!
  10. Landwarrior87

    Questions on unified zombie mod

    download links are down.. :-(
  11. Landwarrior87

    OFP2 Unit/Weapons List

    can anyone see a minigun in any of the choppers?? because it doesnt look like well be able to shoot from within choppers :-(
  12. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    yeah im happy with what we got.. but i dream of hte SEALs night and day. Extraction is already in the works making SF
  13. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    now that someone mentioned it, there is no good zodiac out there.. a nice new one with cargo Animations would be great.. just throwing it out there for other addon makers. :-)
  14. Landwarrior87

    LSR Deltas/Rangers/Weapons 2.0 Released

    Anyone got any missions on Mapfact Nogova with these units? or for that matter in any woodland enviroments?
  15. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    @exigent: I see your new around here, dont ask for release dates.. it kills all of us too the motto around here is "Its done when it's done." Good things come to those who wait :-) @Laser: Like i said, you made them look so much different than the Delta's And Rangers thats why it also adds to them looking so well. I cant wait to patrol islands with these guys, my only request if its possible.. keep the screenshots coming!
  16. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    man i cant wait for these to come out. Gonna have a Task Force 20 raid in Iraq with SEALs, DELTA Force, and Rangers looking for saddam hussein on the old island of Mogadishu with added Tonal Objects.. it does resemble iraq.
  17. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    fuck yeahh!!! yes Laser you have done it again.. i see the grey nomex guy in the background too!!! yes yes yes!! i think you have successfully made them look different from the rangers and Delta's... i want to play with them right now! just one thing with the SEALS.. please equip them with all DESERT GEAR.. no Desert Uniform and woodland Vest.. it would be nice to have a tan vest also
  18. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    yeah nice work laser.
  19. Landwarrior87

    CIA Operator Teaser Pack

    good.. been waitin for some pj's
  20. Landwarrior87

    LSR Deltas/Rangers/Weapons 2.0 Released

    loooks like you guys are in trouble them.. the exe was so you wouldnt have to re-download the entire thingover again.. if it didnt work then i suggest you find the earlier pbo's and patch them manually.
  21. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    you and me both :-) For any of you who have the Discovery Military Channel, their featuring Navy SEALs in the "America's Secret Soldiers" in the next hour. Current and Future equipment.
  22. Landwarrior87

    so many m249's

    i like lasers because of the sound, smoke and feel to it when you fire it.. not a big heavy mg.. but it makes you feel like you got some added firepower... as far as realistic values... who cares its a video game.
  23. Landwarrior87

    OFrP #5 Release

  24. Landwarrior87

    LSR Deltas/Rangers/Weapons 2.0 Released

    patching me up now!! cool little patch program... you should have one of those to install the new addons too.. it felt all proffessional.