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  1. Landwarrior87

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I ENJOY THE MUSIC... who cares if it doesnt fit a little re-ordering should work then. But ive just got one more thing to ask.. will you guys be working on a Desert 2006 Conversion? I just want the ACU Guys in Desert Vests since theyll still be wearing the vests of the appropriate combat theatre.
  2. Landwarrior87

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    love the mod i just got one thing... the Fading in the menu's is very annoying!! very!! And we could use some new faces overall to replace the bis faces to really give the game a new look.. How do you guys feel about that new head model?
  3. Landwarrior87

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I CANT WAIT TO TRY THIS OUT.. looks like a whole nother game.
  4. Landwarrior87

    GS faces for Llauma head model

    when is the head model suppose to be finished?? whos using it already i have only seen screenshots of it.
  5. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    how does the ai differentiate to what weapons to use then?? We already have the handgun problem in close quarter battles... i dont wanna have to in and remove a second weapon also.
  6. Landwarrior87

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    nice jackal.... just like the other guy said any other brand than SJB is out the question for me 2.
  7. Landwarrior87

    LSR Addons

    i would rather not the see the 2nd rifle thing unless its only on the snipers and spotters... cuz guys everyone in ofp aint GI Joe and Rambo. But one thing i do really wanna see is a update or patch for the SEALs Deltas and Rangers to use Llauma's Head and textures andwhatever the new units that the old ones dont. I still use the SEALs and Rangers, and Delta's
  8. Landwarrior87


    that really is a big hassle just to add em to Ordinary units but hell i guess for a spec op mission its worth it. Nice job anyway.
  9. Landwarrior87

    New Ocean Island... Flood

    it sounded a little racist what Miles Teg said? no it was racist. I cant believe this, being a black person my self how he can say that.. thats what he think our race is.. an angry black mob trying to kill all the white people and take big screen tv's. Thats it. im officially done with this board. I cant beleive these r the people i play ofp with on the net trying to have fun and these are the kind of words that come out of their mouths. With all seriousness.. at a time like this i cant believe you guys are acting like this. The black people to miles teg are nothing but "Tonal Civi's" that he can shoot with his national guard addon. I just cant believe it. Dont worry about me posting anything else im done with this board all in all.
  10. Landwarrior87

    New Ocean Island... Flood

    A training device?? Your really educated man. seriously. You think the coast guard needs to play ofp and boyington's mod to know how to do their job better? God. You amaze me. Looters huh? thats what you call them, imagine this: You and your three kids and wife had to leave your home and go to the superdome and your waiting there for five days and your watching your family starve without food or water, and thers an old abondoned Walgreens or Grocery Store right down the street.. what are you goind to do? These people are not looting they are surviving!! No one here is going to tell me they are not going to do whatever they have to keep their family ALIVE.. I KNOW I SURE AS HELL WOULD. Sow hile your calling them dogs and animals for looting you have no idea of whats going on. But your looking forward to the next missions while your telling your self this is good because the coast guard could have used this to train on. give me a fuccin break
  11. Landwarrior87

    New Ocean Island... Flood

    what you FAIL to understand is this is not a WAR cant u bastards see this? This is not the fault of two presidents or dictators not coming together on an agreement and sending thousands of troops to fight for what cause?? WHAT? Nothing? The Hurricane is just like the Tsunami this is thousands of INNOCENT civilians that WERE NOT affected by a WAR or soldiers.. this was a NATURAL DISASTER. These people had nothing to do with what happened to them. So while everyone is blasting away at Bin Laden on Afghan island because of what he did on 9/11 and you compare that to making FUN of the suitation in New Orleans, when its still brand new? not even a full week afterwards!!! Why dont u just make a 757 mod and fly it in the fuccin pentagon and World Trade Center.. would thta be fun too?? Make a mod where the trade center collapses and the firefighters get to rescue people?? give me a fuccin break. You people are heartless bastards all of you. And your right i wont use this mod and im here because if no one else will let you know i will this mod is wrong and your comparisons to make it seem "OK" are just plain stupid. Unbelievable.
  12. Landwarrior87

    New Ocean Island... Flood

    how dare you make an "addon" or a "mod" of something that has affected our country in such a way for your own personal pleasure??? its disgusting and ignorant.
  13. Landwarrior87

    My New PC

    Now that im going off to school i finally got a new pc worth around 800 dollars and its a dell and this is what i got. A       Pentium 4 [2.80 ghz] 1mb l2 cahce 533 mhz front side bus   512mb shared ddr sdram     80gb HD    [intel Extreme Graphics Card 2] <--- i was already informed my gfx card was shit. 48x CD Burner/ DVD Combo, and a 15' Flat Panel Display with a 4 year warranty. What do you guys think? coming from a p3 933mhz 128mb ram and just a office 82810E graphics card. The whole point of this post is to let me know if my flashpoint will play to its best on this system.
  14. Landwarrior87

    My New PC

    yeh i see mostly everyone on here builds there own computer, while it probablly is simple when you know what your doing im somebody who would have trouble doing it. Although an Athlon 64bit's power is making me horny. :-) lol
  15. Landwarrior87

    My New PC

    533 mhz FSB does stand for Front Side Bus does'nt it? because thats what it is. ;-[ but my flashpoint will run decent wont it? im more of a console guy anyway i only play ofp on pc anyway im a ps2 lover and hope to get ps3 when it comes out on christmas.
  16. Landwarrior87

    My New PC

    it would have been around 6 hundred bucks without the 4yr waranty but parents wouldnt let me trade in the waraanty for a widescreen and 4 speakers with the subwoofer. instead i got the warranty and a printer :-[
  17. Landwarrior87

    MIA Iraz

    nice island.. it was about time we got a decent place to play some iraq battles.
  18. Landwarrior87

    WGL Everon

    when is the link going to be re-up'd?
  19. Landwarrior87

    LSR US Navy SEALs Beta 0.5 Released

    id be fine with a proper SEAL Medic, its annoying having every seal trying to be the superman medic.
  20. Landwarrior87

    Zodiac Hurricane Beta

    i would love it if it wasnt so buggy.... please find a way to fix these bugs.
  21. Landwarrior87

    Tears of the sun seals

    Everything looks great.. and with 180 weapons... god u made an entire new arsenal of US Weapons huh?? lol i cant see how 180 is possible.... lmao.. 60 different variants of the m4.. i love it!!
  22. Landwarrior87

    LSR US Navy SEALs Beta 0.5 Released

    i was just browsing in ofp and i noticed i have some brand new faces in there... Laser i know it came from one of your addons because one of them happens to be your face, I need the names of these faces so i can put them in the init line of my SEALs and Rangers. Any help from anyone would be much appreciated :-) (The Blackhawk down faces, and the misc. camo'd ones)
  23. Landwarrior87

    A good urban combat island?

    i cant wait till that map is released.. but yeah Afghan Everon is proabbly the best island so far... nice textures and enterable buildings. Youll need to bring a little fog into your gameplay but other than that its a great map!
  24. Landwarrior87

    Back at it with Suchey's Marines

    if you do use HYK's model.. alot would have to be changed.. Vest and camelbacks and things like that. As far as variation is concerned its like the guy said.. its pretty much a standard unit though... i dont really find it neccessary to do the little added details.
  25. Landwarrior87

    Back at it with Suchey's Marines

    please use hyk's model!!! i came to that awhile ago i dont like sucheys model anmyore... they loook too big and bulky especially the helmet.