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  1. Lupus-WD-

    Zasleh problems

    Make sure your addon has a GEO LOD with proper design (with mass set, convex components... ).
  2. Lupus-WD-

    Patching the game problem

    thanx all, I had tried this way of directly unpacking the gz files off the DVD, but for some reasons there was always a point where one pbo would still not work. I still gave it a chance and it worked, this time ! Don't ask why. So now i am back to the same situation i was before 1.08 was released as of course 1.08 still refuses to patch. I have tested with sfv and large archives (both made sfv files for archives and content ) moved them and tested again, and it worked fine. sooo... well... i don't know. I'll try with even larger archives and several times, maybe errors will occur :\
  3. Lupus-WD-

    Patching the game problem

    I had a plain unmodified 1.05 version. I tried to update to 1.08 to no avail (air.pbo or air3.pbo thing, can't remember exactly). I optimistically uninstalled, reinstalled from the DVD (505 edition), then, when i tried to patch from the original patcher i had already successfully used (1.05) a few months ago i got the error with air.pbo... now stuck with a working but outdated out of the box 1.04 version. I have tried downloading the patch several times from several sources, reinstalled countless times and i always get the same error... Needless to say i am no longer trying hard to reinstall, i am just a bit frustrated and i don't play ArmA any longer. One day, maybe...
  4. Lupus-WD-

    Patching the game problem

    Please... SHOOT !
  5. Lupus-WD-

    Whos waiting for linux dedicated exe

    Funny, i only viewed the results (no vote) then after i couldn't vote as i was tagged as having voted already...
  6. Lupus-WD-

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    with this kind of options i only see a "flame bait" poll here..
  7. Lupus-WD-

    ArmA Progress Updates

    If you don't like it, just turn it off. Are you sure it's optional ? Can you point us to a reliable source ? I hope you're right, and i also hope it's not only client side, i mean, this would be quite unbalanced if in a MP game people could chose to have this fixed aim and just put a marker on their monitor to show the aim when crosshair isn't visible. just my .02€
  8. Lupus-WD-

    Latest screenshots available

    this other "CZtvMovie.wmv" video shows footage that look more recent and the crosshair on some sequences where it's visible isn't locked... just for information. Now it's always a zoomed in capture of a portion of the screen and it's hard to realize if the amplitude of movement is still as large as it was in ofp (i had the feeling it was not).
  9. taken while testing my custom head and helmet models... addons: as printed on the first image. Click for larger versions.
  10. Lupus-WD-

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    My light cones and star shaped flares are customized but wont be removed... NEVAH !!! :P
  11. ...and finally this one on a separate post for the number of pictures per post is limited. OFrP(*), testing some custom helmet and head models.. Oh BTW, you can click on the images to see the larger versions.
  12. It's been a long time since i have posted, but since i've been working on a lot of stuff (along with the rest of OFrP team) i have made a lot of screenshots while testing things out, so... OFrP(*) , Malden w/ hires textures OFrP(*), AGS stuff (port, industrial...) OFrP(*), Malden HiRes OFrP(*), Malden HiRes OFrP(*), Battle over Hokkaido islands & mod OFrP(*), Battle over Hokkaido islands & mod (not really visible here :P ) (*) = mix of unreleased, betas and released stuff.
  13. Lupus-WD-


    Of course, sooner or later, jumping should be an included feature. It's not a reason because lots of fps (all of them ?) have a bad implementation of the ability to jump that it should be removed from the field of abilities of a human in ofp or its sequels... It's not a f...ing elephant simulator, gawdammit !
  14. Lupus-WD-

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    They (we ) did prevail ! ! OC Og beat OC looz' sorry ass The night ain't over yet...
  15. Lupus-WD-

    Flashpoint Photography 4 - No images over 100kb.

    Long time not posted, but as i was testing some modifications on my EC635 i took a couple of screenshots... Addons: my unreleased EC635 (in progress) - retextured Malden Island - OFrP Fennec helicopter, infantry and pilots - DXDLL