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  1. Leone

    Game Start Problem

    Well not an error....just the "protection" claiming I'm using a backup CD. Can't say I'm impressed And yes, probably puts off more people than stops cracking.
  2. Leone

    Game Start Problem

    Just to hijack this thread a little...the game put a shortcut on my desktop, which I don't like (i run a clean desktop). However this is the only shortcut that will work. I can't move it, copy it, create new ones...they just result in the game telling me I'm using a backup CD (which I'm not). The desktop one is the only one that will start the game, and even then it usually takes 2 tries. Any help?
  3. Leone

    Texture quality sucks!

    Add a little bit of noise to it? Not enough to really show up but just enough to break up any banding. Sometimes works...
  4. Leone

    Regarding photo effects

    lol...why buy it? I think what Colossus showed is pretty good. If you do it a lot just create an action for it
  5. Leone

    Racial Violence Continues in Australia

    I think I just found a new signature line
  6. Leone

    Racial Violence Continues in Australia

    At least there's a 2 year sunset clause on the NSW laws...I guess.. NFI about the anti-terror laws....guess they can repeal them once they win the war on terror...right?
  7. Leone

    Getting into the game industry

    *sigh* I can't see why you bothered to summarise what you thought was the "essence" when there's only about 12 things listed. At least half the things on the list would best be demostrated through a folio, and the rest could easily be shown. I'm guessing you got your three things from the first paragraph? If that's the case then what I'm saying is you didn't really represent it properly. Notice how most of it talks about art skills and the other two are tacked on the end. Might be a hint about what is super important (ie: folio showing fantasy characters) and what isn't as important (teamwork, own ideas). My reference, which is a goldmine, was posted at the top of the last page  Edit: I'm not going to start analysing individual ads....I've got at least 50 sites bookmarked and really can't be bothered trolling through them today.
  8. Leone

    Racial Violence Continues in Australia

    They recalled the State Parilment today to give the Police more power to control the situation. Things like stop and search, curfews and closing pubs. But it's just treating the symptons not the cause of course....
  9. Leone

    Getting into the game industry

    Two of the three? I read it and it's asking for a lot more than three and plenty of them can be demonstrated by yourself. You've really twisted it to just say what you want it to say
  10. Leone

    Racial Violence Continues in Australia

    Any right that is given can be taken away But anyway...I'm not suprised this has happened. John Howard has been building fear (and greed, but that's another issue...workplace relations anyone?...) in the population ever since 911. Immigration, "children overboard" scandal, detention centers, etc etc. Throw in the Bali bombings and Australian troops in Iraq...well it's not suprising that idiots on both sides of the racial fence...they're all equally stupid...decide to go out and riot. I'm really sorry it's happening, but considering the government we have (and lets face it, the people that voted them in), it's only going to continue. Australia is not ever going to be a happy melting pot, because no politician has the balls to take a stand when it's easier to be elected trading in fear. And that's the sad truth of it.
  11. Leone


    Yeah I've been following this since E3 this year. Other than the gameplay (Spore vs Simlife etc....not getting into that), the revolutionary stuff is the proceedural content. I'm really hanging out to see just how much of it is proceedural. Gonna be interesting to see if more game devs start using this approach. I'm probably waiting more for this game than any other now (....fkn STALKER release date pushed back endlessly....)
  12. Leone

    Getting into the game industry

    As already mentioned....it's all about your folio. Doesn't matter if you've studied for 10 years, if your work isn't any good, you won't get a job. I'm halfway through a design/art course that is entirely focussed on computer games...pity for you it's in Australia (I now feel slightly embarrised by the OFP stuff I did years ago...) Mods used to be a really good way to get a job, but not as much anymore. They are still good experience and a possible way to go, but they aren't the great path they were 5 or 6 years ago. GarageGames is a great spot to get some ideas/experience as well. My personal fav however is Gamasutra. Register then read as many articles as you can....including the "How to Get into the Industry" PDF. LINKY! Good luck!
  13. Leone

    Addon/Mod Ownership - Q&A.

    In English that means that BIS contacted them, said "Naughty naughty, you need a license". Since Placebo ends with "pursuant to a license" and NOT "BBN purchased a license" I would say they never coughed up the dough. My guess is they have stopped work on it or changed engines or are seeking investment or just realised that VBS1 does the same thing except better. From me personally I think BIS have done the right thing for themselves and the community, and called their bluff. Although my contribution to some of the addons used in the video is small and was given willingly, I'd be pissed off if they started making money from it. Once again, BIS prove themselves to be a cut above the rest
  14. Leone

    Experimental City Island

    Default 3DSMAX texture?
  15. Leone

    What is Streaming Technology then?

    From what I've read it's only the AI that would be calculated globally in STALKER. There would still be loading screens inbetween zones....a lot like HL2. In fact from what I've seen the game will be similar in many ways to HL2.