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    International Politics Thread

    Elections nowadays are worse than the soaps on TV. Hardly any people bother. Established parties try to use their influence to keep smaller parties out of the debate. The bills / voting slips of certain parties are hidden, removed or never even allowed to be placed at the election offices. Its pathetic. I voted Fp but with entire generations of S-drones, what does it matter? I hate people voting based on habit and tradition and not party line and facts...
  2. Longinius

    War music

    Its all about putting it in the right context I reckon There is one scene for example in "Tour of Duty" (TV series) where some grunts are dropped of on a river bank from a Huey and promptly ambushed and about to be cut to shreds. The Huey pilot turns back to assist them, comes in low with rock music blasting from his loudspeakers and guns blazing. That music, in that scene, is perfect Just like the "Oh fortuna" techno remix applied to a certain scene from "Aliens". Or even a few scenes from Iron Eagle. There is just something special with fighters, weapons and rock music in a fine combo. The two tunes I listen to most with war theme is probably "Camouflage" by Stan Ridgeway and "19" by Paul Hardcastle. Classics. And of I also have a nice playlist for any flying games I might have. Including Airwolf themes, some selected Iron Eagle and Top Gun songs, a couple of classic Rolling Stones tunes and of course Ride of the Valkyries
  3. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    I dont think the US diplomacy skills are the main reason for the "victory". If their skills are any indication, its the other way around since they couldnt get the UN to approve of their actions BEFORE starting the war. The UN is almost forced to agree to some kind of resolution, for the sake of the Iraqi people if nothing else.
  4. Longinius

    D day remembrance

    I thought the celebration was not only about the event itself, but also about people uniting to rid the world of an evil regime. I find it fitting that any and all allies of France were invited. Excluding people is never a good thing, especially not when including them doesnt take anything away from what ever it is you plan on doing. In this case it was the celebration of an alliance that freed Europe of an evil dictatorship.
  5. Longinius

    D day remembrance

    Yes, lets exclude them instead. I am sure things like that will prevent future conflict. :/
  6. Longinius

    Ask a mod

    And by that you mean what, exactly?
  7. Longinius

    Ask a mod

    Flamebaiting? FFS Ralph. Its about showing respect for people that got wounded and killed and placed in a situation that went from bad to worse because of politics. The survivors of this incident are going to hold a silent moment for their friends who died, they ask others to join in, I relay the news on a military forum and thats flame baiting? What ever Ralph. But I do think you need to check yourself a bit. Is the WWII memorial threads flamebaiting to? Or is one memorial dedicated to peoples sacrifice different from another?
  8. Longinius

    Ask a mod

    Why close a thread with just a comment of "fuck this"? http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=39933 Doesnt sound like very good grounds to close down a thread asking for a moment of silence. If its in regards to it being turned into a discussion about the event, maybe you should talk to the people that did the discussing. Havent seen any of the WWII memorial threads closed based on "fuck this".
  9. Longinius

    Moment of silence on 8th of june

    For those that might care: ------------------ http://www.ussliberty.org/silence.htm A Moment of Silence Please join USS Liberty survivors and friends in a moment of silence June 8, 2004 at 5:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time 12:00 NOON Eastern Tine 11:00AM Central Time 10:00AM Mountain Time 9:00AM Pacific Time 8:00AM Alaskan Time 7:00AM Hawaiian Time in memory of 34 fine young men who died, June 8, 1967, when USS Liberty was attacked by air and naval forces of Israel.
  10. Longinius

    Starship troopers 2: hero of the federation

    Like stated before, all service wasnt military. It was basically anything and everything that was in gain for the Federation (rescue services, health care etc). If you wanted to serve, there was a place for everyone. Not just soldiers. The movie however makes it appear as if soldiering was the only way to go. Which isnt the case in the book.
  11. Longinius

    Starship troopers 2: hero of the federation

    Actually, FEDNET is a media outlet, a TV Channel (FEDeral NETwork). And as described in the book, I would prefer a world like that to what we have now. To me, it makes a lot of sense. One thing for example is in regards to voting. To be able to vote in the Federation, you must have served. Serving grants you many rights, voting being one of them. That means you value that right more and might actually bother to find out what you are voting about. In modern society, something like half the population bother to vote. Most vote out of habit and few bother to actually read up on what they are voting for. Further more, in the Federation, to become a politician you must also serve first, to earn that right. Again, that means you get a whole other level of commitment, and a more enhanced sense of community and belonging. The cool thing is that everyone could serve, you couldnt be denied the right to serve. Even if you had no legs, just one arm and no eyes to see with, the Federation would make up some task you could do if that was what you really wanted. So, its actually quite equal. All it requires is comitment and dedication (seems like good basis for earning voting rights for me).
  12. Longinius

    Swedish un soldiers in a pinch

    http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/nyheter/story/0,2789,487379,00.html Seems the Swedish UN contingent was scheduled to leave Congo on Thursday, but the latest spree of riots and attacks have made it impossible to fly out as planned. The UN soldiers are now holed up near the airport, with all hell breaking lose in the city.
  13. Longinius

    Dune is becoming a reality

    Out of pure interest, how about you guys telling us who translated your versions of that scripture, when it was done and who printed it? I am quite sure that has some relevance in the translation...
  14. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    And the same defectors that according to several newspapers today were working for Iran, doing their best to get the US to attack their arch enemy?
  15. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    Thats of course your opinion. But it might be worth noting that it wasnt Saddam himself that ran the prisons. Ordinary Iraqis did that. Ordinary Iraqis staffed the prisons, tortured their country men and comitted those crimes. Removing all evidence of that doesnt help future generations. Further more, I think the comparison to the Nazi death camps were pretty spot on, for two reasons. 1. Many visit these sites because they cant believe it really existed until they see it first hand. Its hard to grasp such evil without somehow experiencing itself. 2. If all traces are removed, then eventually it might be forgotten or even denied. Which would be really bad.
  16. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    Do you think we should have destroyed the Nazi death camps to? I happen to think they serve a purpose, telling those that werent there what happened all those years ago.
  17. Longinius

    The Middle East part 2

    Watching a documentary right now on Swedish TV about the various checkpoints in and around Israel. A guy is just walking around with a camera, filming and interviewing border police and people crossing. Now, with the way some of those border police guys are acting I understand why there is hatred. At one of the check points the soldiers stopped every good looking woman multiple times, so the individual soldiers could try their best pick up lines. At another check point, an Israeli arab was allowed to drive through with his truck. Before passing, he asked if he would be allowed to drive back again since he was only doing a delivery. The soldier said he would. One hour later he is back, and the soldier refuses to let him pass. He is now unable to return home. When asking to talk to an officer in charge, he is told that cant be done. As luck has it, the officer happens to come by, clears it and the guy can go home after a good while of shouting, pleading and begging. Out of all the soldiers portrayed, not many seemed at all respectful towards the people they met. With attitudes like that, its not strange that there is a war. Very sad. And yes, I do understand the pressure those guys are under. But I dont understand the humiliation they subjected some of those people to. One sad thing: A soldier at a check point telling the cameraman that the palestinians are animals, not human. Only the Israelis are human. One surreal thing: A bunch of arabs having a snowball fight at an Israeli checkpoint while yelling "Allah akhbar". One pathetic thing: Holding a bunch of people at a checkpoint over the night, not letting them pass, not giving back their ID-cards when they wanted to return home. Officer said "Keep them waiting". And yes, the documentary didnt show any of the suffering Israelis go through and I am sure there is plenty of that to.
  18. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    According to Swedish daily Expressen, four people have recently been arrasted for the decapitation of Nick Berg.
  19. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    I second that BN. Sun alone doesnt quite do it for me
  20. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    Dont mess with the Brits... ------------------------- The Sun Bayonet Brits kill 35 rebels OUTNUMBERED British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago. The fearless Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders stormed rebel positions after being ambushed and pinned down. Despite being outnumbered five to one, they suffered only three minor wounds in the hand-to-hand fighting near the city of Amara. The battle erupted after Land Rovers carrying 20 Argylls came under attack on a highway. After radioing for back-up, they fixed bayonets and charged at 100 rebels using tactics learned in drills. When the fighting ended bodies lay all over the highway — and more were floating in a nearby river. Nine rebels were captured. An Army spokesman said: “This was an intense engagement.†The last bayonet charge was by the Scots Guards and the Paras against Argentinian positions.
  21. Longinius

    Eurovision 2004

    Chill, buddy. We still produce great composers. Like, uhm, Abba, Per Gessle and E-Type ;P
  22. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    Uhm, I dont think rape and murder is in most peoples "nature". If civilization collapsed today, I wouldnt be out raping and murdering tomorrow. No matter if these rules were put on paper, the norms of our civilization should apply, even during war.
  23. Longinius

    The Iraq thread 3

    And it would seem they are smart enough to learn and adapt.
  24. Longinius

    Gta san andreas

    Gangsters and gangsta's aint the same thing. Gangsters I can take, but gangsta's just get on my nerve
  25. Longinius

    Help a brother out

    "1. Who knows of a good, cheap, reliable host?" I recommend www.nomonthlyfees.com I have my site hosted there myself. You only pay one time every year, and thats basically for the domain name and a small fee. You get: - 600MB of Webspace! (more than enough) - Free Domain Name! (not really true, its baked into the fee) - 25 Gigs Transfer (good enough) - Unlimited Sub-Domains - Unlimited MySQL DB's (very sweet) - Unlimited FTP Accounts (yummy) - Unlimited Email Accounts (useful for a group of people - FrontPage Extensions - Personal CGI-BIN - Server-Side Includes - Hit Counter - Site Search Engine - Super Fast Servers (fast enough anyway) - UNIX Based - JAVA, Perl, PHP, ... - RealAudio/Video - URL Redirection - Anonymous FTP - FTP/SSH Access - Tons Of Free Scripts - 24/7 Tech Support (VERY good guys) Cost: $99 For The First Year, $70/Year Thereafter It also has a easy to use web interface to manage the site, with good help documents available "2. Whats the best (free) web design program for idiots like me?" Dreamweaver is good, but I dont know if its free. "3. What am I otherwise forgetting to do?" At this stage, nothing. Make sure you actually learn the basics of HTML though, even if you use a "What you see is what you get"-editor.