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  1. Ran the latest version and just saw a tank (test5) run over 2 solders  😞   This was on a local machine.


    Also seen soldiers are still walking into moving vehicles and getting run over (test1).  You may need to do a test off the sides of the vehicles too RAC3.  Dont know how this is going to affect vehicles passing troops.


    Honestly this bloody stupid AI is a nightmare.  Won't be a supporter of next Arma version until I see completely revamped AI.

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  2. 13 hours ago, dr@gon said:

    Someone needs to write a pedestrian script where after the first person gets run over by a giant military truck the rest get the heck off the road. I understand the frustration of your own infantry getting run over by your own vehicles when in column but when civilians stroll down the road and refuse to get out of the way of traffic even after someone has been killed is ridiculous.

    There surely must be a way to check if people are walking/running towards a moving vehicle and redirect them a few metres away from that danger (apart from then loading etc)?  



  3. Is there anything you can do to fix the 'crash, interminably long pause, reverse in the wrong direction, recrash, anothre long pause, reverse in EXACTLY the same way as before, crash ...... etc' ?  I suppose I'm asking if there is a way to detect vehicle crashes.


    Checked the mod on a dedi server (not fully optimised) and it does improve things .. but needs a little more tweaking I guess


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  4. Testing now.


    EDIT:  Not seeing any problems so far.


    EDIT2:  A proper test would be 5 tanks approaching another 5 tanks.   Just added 5 more tanks into the mix, going to opposite way.  Mod handled it pretty well..... unforunately bloody stupid Physx ended with some tanks in the air or on their sides!

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  5. OMFG RCA3 ... you have done something that even BIS cannot do ... SORTED AI DRIVING !  What kind of friggen magic is this ?  I watched as trucks FAILED to run over friendlies, FAILED to crash into objects, FAILED to crash into walls ..... this is not the BIS way 🙂


    For the love of all things sacred .. please keep working on this!

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  6. For the first time in ages, I ragequit Arma3.  Holy fucking weeping jesus Devs, do you even play your own game?  I'm in a prowler, and tank is ahead.  We are travelling down a STRAIGHT road on tanoa, and my driver decides to run over the standing stones at the side of the road.  Later, the same road, we come across a tank.  The driver tries to pass the tank, swerving uncontrollably, hits the back of the tank and we're all dead.


    Sandbox, my friggen arse !

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  7. 1 hour ago, johnnyboy said:

    I also modified the capture code to sense if two move points are less than 2 meters apart.  If so, my code generates the slower tactical move, which should result in greater accuracy end point arrival accuracty, and less twitchiness on tight corners like the stairs.

    This will make it look really cool!  Now...is there ever gonna be a way to automate this?  I'm thinking C2 style (by madcheese) .. you point at a building and an addaction appears (addaction attached to that particluar building of course)

  8. I'm a totally disgusted with tank driving .... what the hell are you guys actually doing about it ?  I've tried vanilla, I've tried modded and it is SHOCKING.  Here's some of the crap we have to deal with ....


    Tanks veering off bloody straight roads for NO reason (makes no difference what combat status I set!),


    Inability for tanks to turn on corner without crashing into anything


    Tanks ACTUALLY SWERVE INTO civilians and their owns troops (W T absolute F !!)


    Convoys?  Don't make me laugh !


    Seriously devs .... I've lost all confidence in your ability to sort this stuff out.  As a long term supporter (right from the bloody start!) I'm disgusted in what we have to put up with.  Ignore your supporters at your business peril.

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