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  1. Anyone is welcome to join the discord and grab the beta. It is supremely different from the steam version and is stable. I recommend you try it out. A discord moderator will give you access on joining.
  2. I think I've also seen this, from very quick testing on dedi.
  3. Can't say that I have seen that sixt, although I'm not running RC6.
  4. kremator

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This is lovely to see ! Keep up the good work.
  5. I must be going blind ... where is it ? I just see RC3.
  6. Sorry about that ... I was just watching the video with interest but the glaring issue was the HEMTT smashing head first into other vehicles.
  7. Hey there .. no I was commenting on the vehicle to vehicle collisions. The peds seems fine from the video.
  8. Thanks for the new version. It still seems like a 'thing' that AI will continue to plough into vehicles right in front of them (without either stopping or going around initially) Is this just another stupid AI problem or can it be potentially solved ?
  9. kremator

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    Love it .... very topical 🙂
  10. ^^ high value post right there !
  11. Thanks and Happy Birthday !
  12. kremator

    Take on Helicopters Terrains

    Wonderful !!
  13. Excited to try this out! Will have to start reading all the documentation about creating a scenario from scratch.
  14. Is it possible for HAL to automatically make it's own critical locations to hold/advance to etc ? As it stands don't we have to tell HAL where critical infrastructure / town is ?
  15. I'd really be interested in seeing just how much we can push the engine with battle size. Looking forward to the new version !
  16. Took your mission file and duplicated all spawning locations (and added a few more choopers each side). It was quite a battle !
  17. Testing now mate ! EDIT: Works perfectly on listen server and also on dedi ! Going to see about putting the number of troops up now !
  18. Ready to test as soon as it is up mate ... dedi is waiting 🙂
  19. Excellent ... thanks mate. Sorry to be a PITA, but I've never touched ACE (not that milsim!)
  20. Still giving an error about ACE barrel or something .... I can get it to work on a client server (accepting the error) but not on dedi. I did change the init.sqf file as well.