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  1. You just have to find out the IP-address of the server you want to connect to first. I can now confirm that this post will result in connection EXCEPT that the port is 2302 ! Prior to this I could host any games but this evening, having read this post I first of all - opened ports 2302, 2303 and 2305 (just in case! Then I applied the 1.11 patch again (over my reverted to 1.09) I ran a server and told my friends to add -connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -port 2302 into their beta directory commandline. AND BEHOLD IT WORKED. We played with all the good things that people have been saying (increased performance etc) for 4 hours straight. I hope this helps. The key thing was port 2302 for us. [TAO] Kremator
  2. Agreed, sorry. Posting there. [TAO] Kremator
  3. Mandoble, I have spent a day working with your scripts and I have now made a version of Domination with an AH64 Apache and a Scud-type Stryker (and the ability to rearm them ! AMAZING STUFF ! Now this doesn't sound impressive but considering I have NO programming/scripting experience it IS ! Anyway, a few questions. 1) The power of the scud missiles are a little large, what do I have to change in init to downgrade them? 2) Can I have your babies ? [TAO] Kremator
  4. kremator

    Can't connect to MP games

    It's all in the troubleshooting thread for 1.11 ! MANY MANY people cannot connect to servers using the 1.11 patch and have therefore (RELUCTANTLY! gone back to using 1.09 I really want to use this patch but if I cannot connect to others, or others connecting to me, then it's in the bin. [TAO] Kremator
  5. Further to my last post, I have now been drawn into scripting mission due to Mandoble's AMAZING work ! [TAO] Kremator
  6. kremator

    Mando Missile ArmA

    Well .... I have gone and done it now ... been forced into the world of scripting ... BUT IT'S FUN ! OK sometimes it can be very frustrating but I have just got my first harrier to drop GBUs onto a laser ! I don't think any other addon would make me WANT to script. Thanks Mandoble. Iam slowly going through all of your mission files etc to see how you did things then copy/paste them into mine ... AND IT'S WORKING. Keep up teh good work. [TAO] Kremator
  7. kremator

    Mando Missile ArmA

    Mandoble, Simply the BEST addon for ARMA so far (and thats taking ECS into account ! Well done. You addon is SOOO good that I stayed up to 3am trying out all the demo missions ! Is is possible to AUTOMATICALLY override the default missiles WITHOUT changing mission files (via the .pbo) for instance? I never want to use default missiles ever again. Keep up the good work. [TAO] Kremator
  8. Would be LOVELY for skilled people to post any missions with Mandoble's great scripts. *hint* [TAO] Kremator PS too thick to do it myself !
  9. kremator

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.11

    Can any BIS staff comment on why some poeple are having difficulties connecting to some servers? I can host a server on my machine but have noone in my clan connect to it. I will not play (actually CANNOT) with this new patch unless either some workaround is shown or a hotfix from BIS. HELP ! The performance increases are wonderful but I only play MP and therefore I cannot get the full benefit of the patch! [TAO] Kremator
  10. kremator

    PVP 2 Sided Evolution

    Just played it again with TAO guys. There were 6 of us (3 on each side) and I found that if I harrassed them, by HALOing at their base, I could really screw them up. I placed satchels in their hangars and did a LOT of damage ! Maybe having random patrols would help as well in base ? Keep up the good work though ...... this is a winner ! Teleporting to friendly bases would really spice things up ! TAO Kremator
  11. kremator

    PVP 2 Sided Evolution

    I have just finished playing it. The main problem was that the amount of AI just dried up after 2 hours ! Until that point it was great ! Also main bases need MAJOR defence.... it's too easy to get in and waste all the enemy armour sitting there for MAJOR points. I also found that when I had troops under my control I wasn't getting points for their kills, which is wierd as in the briefing it does say that. It just needs a little tweaking. Well done ! [TAO] Kremator
  12. Guys. I hope this helps. I have been playing ARMA ever since it came out and have had no problems UNTIL I upgraded my PC. I installed a new Core2duo proc, ASUS mobo and 2Gb RAM. I could install from DVD (1.04) and it worked. I patched to 1.05 using the patch (tried it with both variants to make sure! and the game worked. HOWEVER on patching to 1.08 the cursor would turn to the hourglass for a few seconds then NOTHING. Here is the link (MANY MANY thanks to Jerry Hopper for finding this! http://www.securom.com/support....rma.zip I backed up my original ARMA.EXE and installed this new one AND THE GAME NOW WORKS AT 1.08 Kremator
  13. kremator

    CoC Command Engine X

    Many MANY thanks for this. Superb release. Can't wait for all the rest of the COC addons.
  14. kremator

    Extended Init Event Handler

    Fantastic. Now I can get the sight adjustment to work WITH XAM ! Well done. Now if only I could get the full DMSmokeEffects to work (the REAL black smoke part that is only active IF I run the server) that would be sweet. Any code that could do that ? Kremator
  15. Glad it was of help. We need to tell more people! A sticky would help ..... but keeping it on first page wil also help those in trouble. Kremator
  16. kremator

    More 1.08 ??

    See my topic on a WORKING 1.08 Kremator
  17. kremator

    Patching to 1.08 fails.

    See my topic on a WORKING 1.08 Kremator
  18. kremator

    Start up issues.

    Come on BIS. Sort it out. I have just upgraded my PC. Yesterday I was playing 1.08 PERFECTLY and now that I have upgraded my processor (Core2Duo) and a new mobo and ram, IT AINT WORKING NOW. I click the start icon and after 3 seconds (of the egg-timer) nothing else happens. Any clues?
  19. kremator

    TOP2 GOD - RTE

    Gaia, This is totally brilliant mate ! A god admin controlling (in a logical and tactical way) how the battle progresses is just genius. Please, PLEASE ask for help from the community if you need it! You will have people falling over themselves to help. Keep up the amazing work. Kremator