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  1. REALLY like the create FARP idea ! Isn't there a spare button on the console that could be used to fly in a 4 chopper flight with all the required things for a FARP? [TAO] Kremator
  2. kremator

    SLX MOD public release

    I found the 'missing' aiming dot ! First un-pbo slx_modweapons_c.pbo Find the section <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class Rifle : RifleCore { // SLX ADD : Access. //// access=1; autoFire = true; reloadAction = "ManActReloadMagazine"; //soundContinuous = 0; optics = false; scope = protected; **// cursor = "RifleCursor"; **// cursorAim = "\ca\Weapons\Data\w_weapon_S"; // SLX MOD : No crosshairs. && cursor="\ca\Weapons\Data\clear_empty"; && cursorAim = "\ca\Weapons\Data\clear_empty"; value = 4; //displayName = $STR_DN_RIFLE; nameSound = "rifle"; //reloadTime = 0.15; //modelOptics = "-"; //sound[] = {""}; //drysound[] = {"\ca\Weapons\Data\Sound\M16_cock_v1", 0.000316228, 1}; // //reloadsound[] = {"", 1, 1}; REMOVE the **// COMMENT IN the && with // Now re-pbo the file eh voila ! SLX mod WITH aiming ! Enjoy. [TAO] Kremator EDIT If you want the MG to have the aim dot then look for MGunCore and do the same thing as above.
  3. I use EMSIs UAV in my mission that uses Mando Bombs VERY effectively. However, what would be even better is the UAV to circle the point at a fixed distance rather than crossing the waypoint again and again (although I don't know how this could be scripted Mandoble) In terms of functionality Mando Bombs is amazing, but I'm sure Mando has other things up his sleeve that will BLOW US AWAY ! [TAO] Kremator
  4. kremator

    SLX MOD public release

    Can anyone tell me how to get back my aiming dot on 1st and 3rd person view please ? [TAO] Kremator
  5. Yeah I don't think it works like that. Now IF we could call in CAS that would 'look' for laser deisgnators that would be good. Perhaps a couple of AV8Bs flying REALLY high, that could tell you when on station. I think there is ONE tab that Mandoble could assign As you have seen, we ask and the guru listens and implements. What do you think, Mandoble? [TAO] Kremator
  6. kremator

    SLX MOD public release

    Hi Para, GREAT MOD !!!! props to all One thing however ...... PLEASE PLEASE tell me HOW to re-enable the aiming dot. I know it sounds a poor excuse but this would probably stop me using SLX. Thanks in advance [TAO] Kremator
  7. Yeah he prolly means that the camera stays on one location and gimbals on the air-platform so that it points in that direction UNTIL it reaches its limits. [TAO] Kremator
  8. Just got home and turned on PC to this great news. Will try it out now ! Looking forward to hunting the aircraft carrier Superb work AS ALWAYS Mandoble. [TAO] Kremator PS .... OK have now had a play with it and LOVE the Reco action ... just what is needed. The control is smooth. Is there any way to make the control of the CM now as smooth? They still seem a little jumpy (very digital in movement - centre=still, leftor right a little=major movement) PPS a NEW idea for this mod ..... C130 gunship (calls in a hercules gunship to circle the area using bofors to POUND the area with explosive rounds) ala Flight of the Intruder
  9. Excellent news ! Can't wait to try it. I can now have my commander ACTUALLY commanding ! I have put EMSI's UAV as my 'eye in the sky' flying on limited and it works a treat ...... but having a STABLE camera will be amazing. Now here's the next thing ...... assuming that I have my commander doing his thing (looking through the camera at the surroundings), is it POSSIBLE that they other members of his team/side/2nd in charge can see what he sees through that camera ? CANNOT wait to hold a MP naval battle. It could be a little like BATTLESHIPS where a drone is sent out to a particluar area to relay a GPS location for a cruise strike ! If you keep going at this rate Mandoble BIS will have to rename it Mandoble's Armed Assault ! [TAO] Kremator
  10. kremator

    SLX MOD public release

    There must be a conflict with another one of your mods. Check the arma.rpt file [TAO] Kremator
  11. Pure genius on your part ... pure DOH on mine ...... will try that now. The reason that I would love the Reco to continue flying over the area is for a commander position .... to be able to command troops (and pinpoint problems) over an area would be the DOG'S DANGIES ! Although it IS a brilliant idea to transmit the position of cars/tanks etc IF the drone was controlled by a human operator it stayed on station for a while I think would add to the functionality. So if I click on 'camera on' it knows that I want to access the commander function and stays on station (of course IF i turn the camera off it completes it's mission and returns to base. Sooooo excited about this! We need more people using it in their missions ! [TAO] Kremator
  12. Mandoble, Have tried to put this new version into my mission (previous version worked perfectly) and now all planes etc have a (-) beside them. What am I missing? Do I need to assign PublicVariable to them ? The demo mission is BRILLIANT fun ! The CM and Reco control take a little getting used to. Remember a while back I asked if it was possible to make the Reco stay on station (wide circle around chosen point) until destroyed/runs out of fuel/dismissed ...... is this possible with your scipts ? [TAO] Kremator
  13. Once again .... the Guru has worked his magic ! Putting it into my mission now Thanks again Mandoble ! [TAO] Kremator
  14. Getting ready for this week's lazy Sunday ...... any good news for us Mandoble ? [TAO] Kremator
  15. Then we can wait Keep up the good work. [TAO] Kremator
  16. Mandoble, got any lazy Sunday release for us? DESPERATE to work it into my mission! [TAO] Kremator
  17. kremator

    Hifi Sound FX V1.00 Released

    I like the 3 varieties idea ...... but it will be a major headache for you in the long run. This is THE best sound pack so far. It just keeps getting better and better ! [TAO] Kremator
  18. This is FANTASTIC news Mandoble ....... if YOU are stunned then I'm gonna get a bottle of smelling salts by my PC in preparation! [TAO] Kremator
  19. Any news Mandoble? Desperate to getting playing with the cruise in particular ! [TAO] Kremator
  20. Now this is the DOG'S DANGLIES ! Can't wait to try it. What worries me sometimes is that the cruise missiles (that normally launch from the west) smack into the HUGE mountains of North Sahrani. I will have to have a look at the flying height. [TAO] Kremator
  21. Excellent news thegunnysgt. If you play the commander position in my mission (in User Missions) then you will see the whole power of it [TAO] Kremator
  22. Hehe. Glad I could help! Seriously.....keep up this great work Mandoble! [TAO] Kremator
  23. That sounds great now. Can't wait to try it out! I won't ask you for a release date though [TAO] Kremator
  24. kremator

    Mando Missile ArmA

    @thegunnysgt, I was in your position about 3 weeks ago and I had done NO scripting / mission editing before. Mandobles missile and bomb addon got me into making missions! What I did was to open up all the example missions that Mandoble had made and see what the init, description and mission files all needed then put them into my missions. Check out my mission in USER MISSIONS on the forums as this has mando bombs and missiles in it (called SABOTAGE) Thanks again Mandoble. [TAO] Kremator
  25. VERY nice! Although the plane is travelling WAY too fast ..... with a custom model (like a UAV) flying much slower it will add to the effect. Well done. Can't wait to update my Sabotage mission with this in it! [TAO] Kremator