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  1. Still giving an error about ACE barrel or something .... I can get it to work on a client server (accepting the error) but not on dedi. I did change the init.sqf file as well.
  2. Thanks. Will give that a go later on. Having ACE as optional opens it up to more people.
  3. Unfortunately all altis missions are dependent on ACE ... cant use them sorry 😞
  4. That would also be cool. Something that shows off all abilities. Plus intense battles tend to get the juices flowing!
  5. Hey @NinjaRider600 Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the sample missions no longer work, giving an error with Land_BagFenceEnd being no longer available. Could you redo some of those missions to really show off this update please ? Cheers.
  6. kremator

    Warlord Mission in Second World War Setting

    So this is a mission request rather than you showing the mission ?
  7. Will drop by and see the update.... Good job keeping it fresh mate.
  8. kremator

    Dismount Where You Look

    Very nice ... possibility to have a non-Steam download too ?
  9. kremator

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Good to see you still around teilx !
  10. Okies, I understand. Shame though, as i like to load things up on my dedi and have a blast.
  11. Could this be made into an addon? If like to use this all the time!
  12. kremator

    Fly Tanoa Air [FTA]

    Excellent @wogz187 ... grats on release mate !
  13. A range of mission samples is a really good way of teaching.... looking forward to it.
  14. kremator

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Yes, I had AI enabled. I'll check it again later.
  15. kremator

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Hi Xeno, I'm sure I did have a medic in my team, but they refused to heal me. Is there a way to call them over (ala pressing H) when incapacitated on spectator ?
  16. kremator

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Hi xeno, If I'm playing solo on a dedi server (with AI soldiers in my team) do the AI Revive me (or each other)? If not is this something that perhaps could be added?
  17. Still here and still using it!
  18. kremator

    Fly Tanoa Air

    Cool ... will give it a go mate. Good job. Krem
  19. kremator

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Hey gc8, I've given the previous version a go today. I'm seeing a few issues. 1) When trying to purchase armoured vehicles, the list is empty (fine, because I've set commander to research) but it comes up with an error of missing price for bobcat - the list never appears 2) Sometimes when killing an enemy, they immediately poof - nothing on the floor, no money increase etc 3) Talking of money increase - I've had it stall on me - not sure why 4) 'Last guy' issue .... perhaps due to 2) these troops are still counted as enemy but they aren't really (and don't move position) therefore AI will never get to kill them - I've not seen mounted troops disembark and search 5) is there meant to be player revive, as I've not had it so far. FPS on my dedi server was from 34 - 41, so that is good.
  20. kremator

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Grabbing to try now. EDIT..... you sure that the new version is on GoogleDrive? File size is identical to the one a couple of days ago
  21. Would there be a way of scanning for people around a vehicle and pushing them away (setspeed, setdir etc)? Or would that be too expensive in terms of cycles ?
  22. Ran the latest version and just saw a tank (test5) run over 2 solders 😞 This was on a local machine. Also seen soldiers are still walking into moving vehicles and getting run over (test1). You may need to do a test off the sides of the vehicles too RAC3. Dont know how this is going to affect vehicles passing troops. Honestly this bloody stupid AI is a nightmare. Won't be a supporter of next Arma version until I see completely revamped AI.
  23. There surely must be a way to check if people are walking/running towards a moving vehicle and redirect them a few metres away from that danger (apart from then loading etc)?
  24. Is there anything you can do to fix the 'crash, interminably long pause, reverse in the wrong direction, recrash, anothre long pause, reverse in EXACTLY the same way as before, crash ...... etc' ? I suppose I'm asking if there is a way to detect vehicle crashes. Checked the mod on a dedi server (not fully optimised) and it does improve things .. but needs a little more tweaking I guess
  25. Testing now. EDIT: Not seeing any problems so far. EDIT2: A proper test would be 5 tanks approaching another 5 tanks. Just added 5 more tanks into the mix, going to opposite way. Mod handled it pretty well..... unforunately bloody stupid Physx ended with some tanks in the air or on their sides!