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  1. Marine Raider Team 8203 is an ARMA 3 military realism unit that mimics the real world operations of a Marine Raider Team. We are an active, mature, and disciplined group of players. We pride ourselves on our large collection of special operations missions that will challenge you. We try and maintain a high level of immersiveness during our operations utilizing a vast array of maps, mods and proper radio procedures. Additionally, MRT 8203 uses a realistic rank structure based on the United States Marine Corps and U.S. Navy. Marine Raider Team 8203 has a rigorous Assessment & Selection process, hosted at least once a week, for new prospective members. This is your time to demonstrate to us you have what it takes to become a member of our elite unit. New to ARMA 3? The unit has a core of expert members who will be more than happy to welcome and help any new recruits that are willing to learn. Also, unlike other units where advancement can be difficult and discouraging, we keep records of who is and isn't at our unit events, allowing us to truly make a accurate decision of who is worthy of promotion. However, on rare occasions exceptions can be made. Show yourself to be a skilled and active player and you may find your promotions fast tracked. If you want an active, mature, and disciplined unit, then the Marine Raider Team 8203 is the unit for you! WHAT WE OFFER OUR MEMBERS Weekly training Mature, active, and disciplined Members Serious tactics for serious players while having fun! Weekly deployment operations and nightly public operations Knowledgeable staff about mods, the game, and military Clean and well put together TeamSpeak Three servers in a dedicated Box WHAT WE EXPECT FROM OUR MEMBERS High activity level Team player Always striving to be your best Following orders and our "Rules and Guidelines" Showing integrity, humility and respect A humble personality Willingness to learn Teamspeak3 IP: Website: http://marineraiders8203.enjin.com/
  2. I've had empty Assault Boats in the water "jump" up and down between -10M below water and 10M above the water. No idea what the issue is. I have never seen it before on any other terrain.
  3. kilo1-1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, mind. It is very informative.
  4. kilo1-1

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Probably not. The plan that was stated for this mod was to focus on MARSOC/Marine Raiders first and then focusing on SEALs/Rangers and after that focusing on other SF groups.
  5. This is going to be hard for them to add because the map is in development and not even out of beta status. Every time the map updates, it will need to get reindexed.
  6. kilo1-1

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    I would also like to know this. I've been following the mod since it's first inception and I keep going back to look at the Crye uniforms that were made and some of the other weapons that didn't make it in such as the MK48. I did see that some Block 2s were made for V2 but I forgot where I saw those at.
  7. I would like to know this too. ACE Weather and MCC Weather always fight each other and it doesn't always work.
  8. Will CUP Vehicles be released on Armaholic and Playwithsix?
  9. The Seahawks, CH53, and MV22 are awesome! Keep up the good work! I am assuming CUP Weapons will be coming out with an update with the updated files?
  10. Awesome! This is great to hear.
  11. It would be great if you could integrate all of them because the CUP TP will be an All-in-One pack for everything Arma 2 terrain related stuff. No need to get extra stuff. And as I am sure you know, Evro made it so if you don't have those custom maps, the configs will be there and not create a dependency.
  12. I thought that this was already included in the release?
  13. Is there a list of already known issues so we at least know to not keep reporting the same known issue over and over again?
  14. kilo1-1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It has been hidden because for some reason it doesn't meet the quality standards that RHS has. Not sure why, it's perfectly fine, along with the MICH helmets that have been hidden as well.
  15. Is it just me or does the SCAR-H only have a single fire mode now?
  16. kilo1-1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a way to script the 9P129 nuke vehicle so the nuke is in the launching position?
  17. I believe commy and/or jaynus is behind the development of that. However they haven't made any commits to the ACE3 github since May/June. Who knows what happened to them or the status of those features?
  18. What happened to commy? He was the one assigned to the logistics portion of ACE and he hasn't made any code commits since May?
  19. kilo1-1

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    zabb, any chance there is a tan variant of the PMC vests? You have every other color variant except for tan.
  20. Anyone know how to get this working without AiA? It's such an awesome boat that deserves its place in the A3 world.
  21. Any chance the SOC-R boat will be in this pack? I know there was one in Arma 2.
  22. Is there not just going to be an all in one package like AIATP?
  23. kilo1-1

    SFP: Wamako Standalone

    Whoah. How big is this map? 8km x 8km?
  24. kilo1-1

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor, Quick question, do one of the revive options in the mission parameters have the ability to revive without the FirstAidKit/Medickit? It seems that when someone has ACE on and they are playing in a vanilla version of the mission with revive settings, there is no way to revive someone because with ACE it gets rid of FirstAidKits/Medickits for ACE related medical supplies.
  25. Correct. It's a bummer this mod hasn't been worked on in awhile to adopt the new AI changes in the recent updates but we still use it to this day because it is that damn good. Maybe it's time to switch to ASR?