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  1. I will mention this just one more time, and from now on I'll keep my mouth shut about it: NORG: Natural Order of Realistic Gamplay. Members that frequent Blackfoot studio forums will know what I mean. Realism all the way. I agree BIS don't have to simulate you taking a shit in the woods. But the core gameplay mechanics (infantry in this case) have to reflect real life actions as realistically as possible. Take notice of NORG concept, BIS. Please. Oh yeah.
  2. Don't know if it's been already mentioned, but I'd like to see interruptable animations.
  3. Exactly. More realism. More gun sway, more recoil (for certain weapons), more accurate animations, everything more realistic. I don't want to be able to reload SAW or RPG in 3 seconds, for cryin' out loud. More realism, please.
  4. kernriver

    Gun politics

    They would be crazy to allow that, especially (former) Yugoslavia. There would be a bloodbath. Oh, wait... Then again, I don't know of any country, other then Switzerland, that allows conscript soldiers to bring their weapons home once released from sevice.
  5. +1 I won't bother with the picture, I'll just say: Shut up and take my money. :D More info, please. :)
  6. kernriver

    Gun politics

    Is that Gstaad? Beautiful. What about this? Zweisimmen, ~15 km from Gstaad. :) If it's not prohibited by law, buy all the guns you like (allowed to). Simple. No it wasn't. I don't know about Swiss army, but Yugoslav Peoples Army had good old soviet doctrine: Chaaarge! :D I know, I served. Unfortunately. I think you are talking about "territorial defence" that existed in Yugoslavia, that was similar to Swiss model, but no one had a rifle at home, rifles were in "territorial defence" caches, meant to be distributed to civilians in case of war.
  7. kernriver

    The Thing 2011

    Carpenter's movie is one of the rare movies I can watch once a week and it still wouldn't be boring (including Alien/s, Predator etc.) My hope for this one is that it would be entertaining enough for one view.
  8. kernriver

    Praha (Prague) - what to do, what to see?

    You should visit "U fleku" beer tavern / pub, I was there in 1989., looong time ago. :D IMHO, Prague is the most beautiful city in the world (never been to Budapest though)
  9. kernriver

    Gun politics

    My (narrow) view on gun laws: Guns belong to war, not civilian life.
  10. kernriver

    This + Arma = Perfect Game

    Offtopic: @froggyluv & Mr Burns & Cripsis I've been trying to find a mod with ironsights for SWAT4 for years. Guys, if you know of one please PM me, or post a link. :) I'll try it, even if it brakes my installation. :D Ontopic: I think SWAT 3/4 CQC would go fine with Arma.
  11. kernriver

    ArmA X: Anniversary Edition

    Finally. I preordered from game.co.uk for £25. It's a bargain really. :bounce3:
  12. Thanks for the info guys, I expected as much. I will surely buy it, but since I'm not an MP guy, I'll wait for the price to drop/till my next paycheck. And with the modding community, I guess this game will be around for a long time.
  13. kernriver

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    Yeah, I guess solidsnake meant everyone on CM forums etc., there sure wasn't much love for DR/RR on these boards. :D
  14. So would it be safe to say it's worth a purchase for SP campaign/co-op (and occasional MP)?
  15. Have any of you guys played co-op against AI yet? From Zipper's video I see SP is pretty good, so I guess co-op would be as well.
  16. kernriver

    Which guns do you own

    I'm surprised that gun laws in Czech Republic are so liberal. Great collection DaVca. :) Now let us see that M1 Carbine! :D (my favorite rifle, besides M1 Garand)
  17. kernriver

    Music Recommendations

    And now some good ole country music. Dale Watson - My baby makes me gravy. rUi-bppYI30
  18. kernriver

    Frontier Elite 2 Comic

    Great job, I enjoyed it. I know it's inspired by Elite, but it kinda reminds me of Archimedean dynasty and Emerald "Deadeye" Flint. Keep up the good work. :)
  19. kernriver

    SAS John McAleese dies

    Some time ago I watched a TV show where he met the guy he saved from Iranian embassy. He talked about it like it was the most natural thing. RIP Mac
  20. My mind is spinning right now from all the options, but if someone could combine MadDog's and Markwik's suggestions, I think we'd have a winner. :D With maybe a general consensus that Veteran difficulty is really Veteran, all helpers (or almost all) OFF/non-editable.
  21. Agreed. It could be something like this: Recruit: all "helpers" ON Normal: 3rd/crosshair OFF, map helpers* ON Veteran: all "helpers" OFF *waypoints, players markers, etc. This could be by default, but editable (except maybe AI skill/precision settings). That way you could have Recruit mode without 3rd/crosshair, but with less skilled AI. Or, Veteran mode with 3rd/crosshair, but with highly skilled AI. EDIT: Of course, this is for coop, it could be something similar for PVP.
  22. kernriver

    Buying Reinformcements Pack

    IMHO, yes, especially BAF.
  23. Thanks for the link colossus, nice website. As FKPLACE said, where can I pre-order? :)
  24. kernriver

    Raven Shield question

    Well said, guys. If it wasn't for those older games, I'd use my PC just for watching movies and listening to music. And Arma.
  25. kernriver

    Raven Shield question

    I installed RVS 2.0 and I like it. There's a bug here and there but I'm used to it. :D Yeah, I always have these games on my HDD: OFP Original GR +expansions Raven shield +expansions SWAT 3/4 Hidden & dangerous 1/2 One would think that today developers would make more advanced games then those I mentioned (except original OFP), both in realism and scope, but no, it's just about making more money. It's an industry, I understand that. Only hope is BIS, Tripwire Interactive, and Blackfoot studios (I hope that Ground branch is not vaporware.) And there's RL too, if gaming goes down the drain. :p