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    bizzare sepia graphics problem in coop

    My brother and I played Harvest red in coop when Arma2 was released (no Operation Arrowhead), never had this problem. Are you playing it through Arma2 exe or Combined operations exe, maybe it makes a difference, IDK. Have you tried playing any coop mission other than campaign?
  2. I'll try to answer since I'm using RMB to move forward also. 1. Go to "move forward" and hold RMB for a second or two, don't tap the button 2. Whichever conflicts are there, You have to remove them one by one by going to corresponding key binds (for example, if the conflict is with hold breath, go to "hold breath" binding and hold RMB, thus removing it, and don't forget to assign another key for this action) Do the same for optics, go to "optics" and tap RMB, binding should be removed. Again, You should assign another key. At the end, if configured properly, You should not have any conflicts for any action (be sure to check it twice though) Hope this helps. Welcome to the forums. :)
  3. Yeah, before any "merging", lets play this game first. :) I already preordered it, 25th can't come soon enough. Good luck to developers, I hope this game will be succesfull.
  4. kernriver

    Music Recommendations

    This is for all the working men out there. :) qBss0J2-ukI
  5. Thanks for the info and the link guys. Tonight will be a long night. :)
  6. kernriver

    European Politics Thread.

    I know this is from a few pages back, but I have to comment, in the light of the discussion that's been going on. This way of thinking is not uncommon, actually it's very common. When there was a referendum last year on Croatia entering the EU, I saw on TV young people saying they want to enter EU because we could cross the border, with Slovenia for example, more easely, without waiting. What a great arguement. Last month I went to Slovenia and I crossed the border in no time, I didn't even have a passport, I had ID card. People just don't see, or don't want to see, the bigger picture (future). BTW, I'm against EU.
  7. kernriver

    What languages do you know or want to know.

    It's similar with slovenian and croatian. Slovenian zahod=west, croatian zahod=toilet. :D Croats, like Slovakians, say "zapad" for west. BTW, I speak croatian (and all the other similar languages from the Balkans), and english. I understand slovenian and macedonian very well. I'd like to learn spanish and as much Slav languages as possible, primarily czech and russian.
  8. kernriver

    What was your worst/best/funniest holiday like?

    Not to go offtopic, just to get the facts straight. It was Croatian police officer. His name was Josip Jović. Sadly, I've never been to Plitvice. Have to visit it sometime. My favourite visit to another country (it wasn't really a holliday) was Country music night in Gstaad. Beautiful.
  9. I like Aquanox too, but it's not pre 2000 game. ;) :p
  10. I forgot to mention Archimedean dynasty.
  11. kernriver

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    OFP/Arma veterans (myself humbly included) should remember the first time they learned how to put new .pbo in the missions folder, and after a while learned how to edit that mission to suit them, or how to download some mod and make it work. I'm not saying it's rocket science, but it takes time, research and patience. We take it for granted. Could it be made easier? If yes, I'd welcome it.
  12. Wizard of Wor (C64) Blood
  13. Exactly. Personally, I don't care. I will preorder the game anyway.
  14. kernriver

    Any interesting books to recommend?

    Dan Simmons - Hyperion quadrilogy (Sci-Fi)
  15. kernriver

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year Thread

    Merry Christmas.
  16. When I had those exact same simptoms, I thought my GPU was dieing aswell, but it turned out to be the CPU. I've replaced CPU, and have no problems since. Check your CPU temps mate. :)
  17. My wish: interruptible animations.
  18. kernriver

    Music Recommendations

    Bluegrass view on recession and budget cuts. :D IIIrd Tyme Out - Lower On The Hog eb_uK1uc6ZI
  19. I didn't mean the game will automaticaly balance weapons or anything like that, I meant exactly what Cripsis said. Arma 3 should "balance" itself with real life. IMHO. :)
  20. kernriver

    Tax the 1%ers and banks to pay for austerity?

    I don't think we ever lived in true capitalism. BTW, I'll ask again: what about North Dakota state bank, does anybody know anything about it? They seem to do pretty well over there.
  21. True, but the features I mentioned were just an example. What I was trying to say is Arma needs no balancing. If BIS makes Arma3 as realistic as possible, the game will balance itself.
  22. kernriver

    Tax the 1%ers and banks to pay for austerity?

    @ Abs Regarding the video you posted: Yeah, I've seen plenty of "documentaries" talking about loans, debt, making money out of thin air, FED, etc. (BTW waaay offtopic: Jesus wouldn't aprove of this system, but that's another story) What is the solution to this situation? Ban fractional reserve banking system and commercial banks? I say YES. But then what? Gold standard? Government issued fiat money? I don't have an answer. On another note, I've read about North Dakota state bank, but I couldn't really work out what that's all about. Apparently, they (ND) have a surplus in the state budged, unemployment rate ~5 % etc. Can anyone shed some light on this? Why is it working for them but not for the rest of the USA (world)?
  23. kernriver

    Best Pilot Award goes to...!

    I think this was a very special landing, just ask people onboard the plane. ;) First thing I thought when I heard his name was: the crow has landed. :) (In croatian crow is spelled vrana, it's similar in most Slav languages I guess)
  24. That's the spirit of Arma right there. Numerous times I've played as a truck driver responsible for delivering fresh troops to the front line, for ~3 hours. My kill/death ratio was 0/0, but I had a blast regardless. Another time I would be a medic/corpsman, again with K/D ratio 0/0. Never touched helicopters though. I can't fly for shit. :D This. Teamplay in MP/COOP is where Arma really shines. But I still think BIS should make Arma even more realistic, particulary reloading, blind fire, fireing while running/jogging, supression, fatigue, climbing over obsticales, even jumping (not 5 meters in the air though) if your stamina allows it...etc. Everything a soldier can do in battle must be reflected realistically in a game, for some it might be boring, for me it's a must.