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    New AMD 13.4 and 13.5 (beta) drivers.

    Thanks for the answers guys. Yeah after googling I've found that it's possible with nVidia Inspector, I'll try that.
  2. kernriver

    A faster paced ArmA - Insurgency!

    It has coop. I'm in. :)
  3. kernriver

    New AMD 13.4 and 13.5 (beta) drivers.

    How do you do that? Could you lock it at any other value, let's say at 25 FPS?
  4. kernriver

    Music Recommendations

    George Jones, greatest country music singer ever, died. :'( "The world has lost the greatest country singer of all time," says friend Merle Haggard http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/george-jones-dead-at-81-20130426 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Jones George Jones - The race is on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERW8z8Y6MHk George Jones - Things have gone to pieces George Jones - He stopped loving her today George Jones - The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFdw9WFEQfU George Jones - Honky Tonk Song Rest in peace, Possum.
  5. Thanks, BangTail & SWAT_BigBear, I will try your suggestion. While we're at it, what about "3D settings" -> "adjust image settings with preview" in nVidia control panel? I read somewhere in these forums that setting it to "Let the 3D application decide" helps with FPS. On the other hand I read online that it is not recommended. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Could you please explain what does it do and what are the benefits? :)
  7. kernriver

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    I think soldiers in Arma 3 should look like "Swede" Johanson from Heartbreak Ridge. :rolleyes: Swede, Swede, Swede!
  8. Of course I can play Arma 2, especially now that CWR2 is released. ;)
  9. There is: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148764-I-m-new-and-I-m-lost-Some-help-for-those-new-to-the-fold ;)
  10. I tried to get the message across when first dslyecxi's video came out. Is it just an error, or did BI change the campaign story? I think it's a bug or something...
  11. Doesn't this look like a Moon seen from Southern Hemisphere? Just look at the Man on the Moon. I thought we were fighting on a Greek island? :confused:
  12. kernriver

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Exactly. This is my biggest concern also, how to do it. I have some ideas, I'll post them. This would be a problem. How would the game know if you're being suppressed by the enemy, bullets may be coming from friendlies behind you. Sorry. :o That goes to show you that two people on Arma forums can have the same opinion. :p About my version of Arma, I was just daydreaming, BI would never do that as they are in great position right now, they would be foolish to lose 90% (my estimate) of customers. :) ACE3, here I come. Now, after my rant post yesterday and a good night sleep, I want to make a constructive post. Disclaimer: Coulum, I thought of this before reading your post on suppression script. ;) When you're fired at/suppressed: 1. No blur on whole screen, that just doesn't happen. 2. if anything, you're more focused. So, slight, barely noticeable tunnel vision would be appropriate. Duration: no more than 3 seconds. If you find cover, it lasts shorter. 3. Adrenaline, heart pumping. Take it from fatigue system. Duration: 2-4 seconds, depending on if you found cover. 4. Impaired vision. Slight desaturation of colours. Duration: no more than 3 seconds. When all this happens, you are in no way unable to shoot back, it's just a little harder, as it should be. Effects must be subtle.
  13. kernriver

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Yeah, I think vanilla cracks in Arma 2 were pretty good. Agreed. But that shouldn't happen anyway because Arma is oh so realistic. ;) :rolleyes: That's why I said you're never alone on the battlefield, and I can't emphasize that enough. IMHO, penalties for stupid behavior in this game should be much much harsher. Let's face it once and for all, Arma is a game. It can not possibly simulate realism. Well it can to some extent, but there are things you simply can't copy from real life. Therefor we need some abstractions to give us an illusion of reality, or rather illusion of realistic outcome of our reactions in the game. If it was up to me, which is not, Arma would be a very painful game ;). First I would make medic simulation so harsh that it would discourage any stupid or "gamey" behaviour. Then I would make wounding system such that you can't even carry your rifle if you were hit in the arm, let alone fire it. Fatigue system? I would make it much harsher. Soldiers don't run/sprint to the combat zone, they walk. Or they use trucks. Don't get me started. :p So there's my little rant, sorry, but I'm sick and tired of this useless thread that resolves nothing, but just hangs here for people to rant in. :lookaround:
  14. kernriver

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Yes. You don't just run around like crazy without some form of suppression, be it tanks, artillery, MGs, anything. You stay put and keep your head down untill you're told otherwise. You're not alone on the battlefield... Mate, they don't understand. ;) I am all for some visual effects, but they have to be very subtle, an abstraction of fear you feel when being shot at. (I don't know how it should be done). Sonic cracks have to be really loud. And there has to be some slight disadvantage on the one that's being suppressed/shot at, otherwise what's the point? But I think the effect should only be temporary, like 1-2 seconds, because on the battlefield you're not alone, you have your squadmates to help you.
  15. kernriver

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Mate, suppressive fire is not meant to kill everything that moves, it's meant to pin down everything that would otherwise move. And yes, you're right, suppression just for the sake of it is a waste of bullets. I think suppression effects should be optional.
  16. kernriver

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I think we should look at suppression effects as a game mechanic, rather then simulation of real emotions. It would be as if the game is saying to you: "Look buddy, the bullets are flying dangerously close to you, so I've made the colours on the screen a little bit saturated, and in addition I've made you a little bit less effective in returning accurate fire for a few seconds. You can do what ever you want, but if I were you, I'd find some cover and keep my head down." That should work for AI too, which IMHO is paramount. Having said that, I think there should be some suppression effect, but it has to be very subtle and as non-intrusive as possible. And of course, bullet cracks should be really loud, as that would be the first indication that you're in danger.
  17. So true. More often than not, when I start the game (from Steam) my monitor turns off, don't know why. Must be something on my end. But when it works, it's great, even on my dated PC.
  18. I sent an alpha invite to following members: Minato Kartemar @ W0lle If I understood correctly, people that get an invite also get a spare one to give away? If so, could you please make a note of it in the OP, because I think that many (most) don't know about it.
  19. No, there is no multiplayer in alpha lite, and it can't be upgraded. EDIT: Kinglor, if you want alpha invite, look here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19396
  20. kernriver

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I think recoil is just a little bit too much, but it's way better then in Arma 2, I like it. What I like even more is sway. It's brilliant.
  21. kernriver

    Alpha lite keys?

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  22. kernriver

    Alpha lite keys?

    How do you send a key/gift through steam account only (no email, not on friends list)? ---------- Post added at 19:06 ---------- Previous post was at 19:04 ---------- Send me a PM with your email address, I'll send you an invite.
  23. kernriver

    Alpha lite keys?

    I'll give you one, just PM me your email address so I can gift it through Steam.
  24. kernriver

    Alpha lite keys?

    Thanks for the answers, but I only have recepient's steam account links, not email addresses, and they're not in my friends list.