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    iFEEL support & 3D ironsights

    IMO, the only advantage 3D sights has over 2D ones is: in OFP if you look through iron sights and walk, it feels awkward, like the rifle is "glued" to your head; in COD2, for example, moving while looking through iron sights is more natural because the front sight is moving and only the rear sight is "glued" to your head. As Baphomet said, the rest is just aesthetics.
  2. kernriver

    Fabulous flying & firing machines in ArmA?

    We need some info ASAP, we are getting restless BIS!
  3. kernriver

    Best of First-Person Tactical/Wargaming

    Yeah. Too bad. You can always order SWAT 4 Gold, it's 20$. I ordered it today myself
  4. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I am in favour of hard copy also. When someone asks me what games do i play, i proudly show them my GOTY copy. You can't beat that!
  5. kernriver

    Best of First-Person Tactical/Wargaming

    Wow, tnx Dslyecxi! One thing about flashlight on weapons: SWAT4 has it, and it works quite well. Too bad you haven't tried it Once again, great job!
  6. kernriver

    About the US military in ArmA

    While realism aspects are being discussed here, i'm sure that BIS is doing the best they can to make ArmA a great game, and that's really all we can ask of them. If some equipment or vehicles wont be exactly the same as in RL, we'll just have to live with it, i guess (or mod it).
  7. kernriver

    Coop Campaign

    This coop campaign will be great, i allready have a friend that will play with me (we played OFP too), so now we are just waiting for game to be released...
  8. kernriver

    AIs behaviour/improvement

    Of course it is. If BIS only improved AI and did nothing else, ArmA would still be a must have. Because, for me it's all about gameplay, good graphics and sounds are fine, but gameplay is what gets me goin'.
  9. kernriver

    Community: LOOK AT YOURSELVES!

    I don't understand why character switching is such a big problem? Like ofpforum said, you can play ArmA like it was OFP, just load last saved game if you die, or start the mission from the beggining. IMO this feature is there to attract new players so they don't get intimidated right away and leave before they realise what a great game it is. I think the more features the better, under one condition: if you DON'T HAVE to use them. Every game needs to evolve, so does OFP. OFP veterans like us will adjust and play the game the way it "should" be played, and newcomers can play any way they see fit.
  10. kernriver

    ArmA + future games = dropping vection aiming?

    Of course, non-fixed view shouldn't be changed, i like that as any OFP player.
  11. kernriver

    ArmA + future games = dropping vection aiming?

    It really shouldn't bother us what type of crosshair aiming will be in ArmA since 99% of shooting is done thru iron sights and optics At least that was the case in OFP. I've never used crosshair to shoot unless the enemy soldier was very close, 5-10 meters maybe...
  12. kernriver

    Just some things... (From 160mb Demo Vid)

    Looks great. Nice jump at the end of the vid, i thought i was watching motocross And the turret seems pretty agile.
  13. kernriver

    Release Date

    Maybe this thread could be saved from locking: Question: in which country will ArmA be released first? Or to rephrase that, does it come out in Europe before anywhere else?
  14. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I agree, it will take some discipline, especially when/if you die, because then you will have to abort the mission even though you could continue...but i think it'll be worth it, you can get great replay value this way. I'll try it for sure, where will it get me i don't know...
  15. kernriver

    ArmA E3 Trailer Music

    Same here. Although music can increse tension in the game, i don't think soldiers fight with headphones on their heads listening to music
  16. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Character switching will actually give you a chance to play a campaign a few times (depending on how many characters you can switch) and every time it should feel like you've never played it before. First you play it as a grunt, than as a tank gunner and then as a sniper. Atleast that's the way i see it
  17. kernriver

    GameSpot's E3 2006 impression.

    Well, it was frustrating for me too at the beggining, but than i realised that you shouldn't play it like Half-life Edit: When i (finally) realised it, it became a whole new game...
  18. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    A quote from Exclusive Armed Assault report at ofp.info: "We also asked about the new inventory system used for weapons and items, but Rastavovich wouldn’t want to give us any information about it. He stated that it should remain a surprise for the community"...more suprises??Weeeeeee!!!
  19. kernriver


    I think that's not such a bad idea for atleast two reasons: 1. With JIP feature, more people would be able to join MP games since they wouldn't have to wait in the lobby anymore. That will make MP games a little frantic in a way that you won't be able to distinguish good players from bad since there will be so many joining...some kind of ranks (or maybe not ranks in terms of military designations, but more as a statistics on players achievements) would be helpfull to make things easier for the commander. 2. Players will know what kind of behaviour they should expect from other players and would stick to good and dedicated ones, rather than poor and troublemaking ones. At the end, i don't think there should be any banning or stuff like that, we should just politely ask them to leave the game, and if they don't wanna do that then just ignore them.
  20. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    Be patient guys, we'll wait for as long as it takes, in a mean time i play OFP and try not to think about ArmA too much (doesn't work though... )
  21. kernriver

    OFP videography

    Brrrrrr! Exactly the same thing happened to me due to hard disk faliure...i had to download all addons, mods, etc. all over again (make backup, people! ) ...i sympathize with you Pierre.
  22. kernriver

    Join in progress (JIP) and possible problems

    Don't worry so much about JIP guys, ArmA is a great filter by itself, just run veteran settings on the server and you'll be fine...
  23. kernriver

    Just how much has OFP affected you?

    OFP has affected me in a way that i constantly harass people to play it with me...it finally payed off: on friday, my brother, two friends and me are having a LAN coop, it took a lot of effort to persuade them...
  24. kernriver

    What do you play Ofp with?

    Go to Start / Run / type: dxdiag / click OK You have everything you need to know in System and Display tabs Hope it helps
  25. kernriver

    Why do you see OFP as the best military game?

    The best gameplay there is. You can complete your objectives in any way you see fit, or better yet, the situation on the battlefield forces you to use the most appropriate tacticts. In other games like COD it was allways so frustrating when you want to get behind enemy's back, but you can't do it because there's allways some truck wreck or something that's in the way.