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  1. kernriver

    September 11, 2001

    Please do not continue the argument and read my note above. Thanks. -Ex-RoNiN
  2. kernriver

    OFP videography

    I hope it will be in ArmA
  3. kernriver

    Breath Holding?

    IMO, this feature would be good only if there is more weapon sway due to breathing than in OFP (something between OFP and Brothers in arms) Something like FDF mod sway, maybe?
  4. kernriver

    No T-80UM / T-90 in ArmA? is that smart?

    Bottom line is: if there is no T80 in ArmA, there must be a good reason for that. Or do you think BIS is doing that just for spite?
  5. kernriver

    German Publisher

    I would give much more than 30E for ArmA. Just think about all the stuff you get with the game: editor, community made campaings, addons, missions, islands....you name it. We all know we will play this game for years, tell me one game that you can play that long. Far cry? Yeah right!
  6. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    My point exactly, but you said it better...
  7. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    Screenshots look great, but i'm still not comfortable with that soldier aiming SAW like that. I've never held it so i wouldn't know, but is it possible to aim it like that from kneeling position AND be accurate? It weights around 9 kg, right?
  8. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    That's exactly what i was thinking too. BTW, every time i see new ArmA screenshots, i think to myself: wow, this game is turning out to be so much more than what it was suposed to be (OFP 1.5), just like BergHoff said.
  9. kernriver

    United States Military Team

    @USM-75R.Spyder I feel awkward because i thought i would never talk about it in these forums, but here it goes: Yes, i've been in the army, in two armies to be exact. 1. Yugoslavian (Jugoslavian) National Army (JNA), because i had to 2. Croatian Army, because i wanted to You figure it out for yourself. Personally i have nothing against you, it was not my intention to knock you down, but of all the members in this forum you're the only one to make me respond in this manner, and i think of myself as a pretty tolerant guy. But, if you're 17 yrs old, i can understand your attitude. There's a saying in my country: "You have to eat a lot more corn mush", meaning you have to gain more experience from life to even have an idea of what you're talking about... Saying that you're teaching (with that i mean leading too) platoon tactics without being in the army is like saying you can fly an airplane just by reading the flight manual. Doesn't work that way, i'm afraid. Don't get me wrong, this is not meant to be sarcastic, i wish you and your squad the best of luck.
  10. kernriver

    United States Military Team

    You got me all wrong, Espectro. I was refering to Formations thread (page 4) that evidentely caught Dslyecxi's eye too. Teaching platoon tactics at the age of 17? People attend military academy to do that. There's nothing wrong with playing OFP military way, it's the "know-it-all" attitude that annoys me.
  11. kernriver

    United States Military Team

    Kos'aaK said it: this game is meant to be played and enjoyed. This is not a contest, USM-75R.Spyder. If you really want a challenge, join the army. I assure you, it's not like you think it is...
  12. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    You got me frozen for a second there. I thought GC stands for GameCube untill i read the rest of the post.
  13. kernriver

    Music Recommendations

    I highly recommend these: Country: Merle Haggard, George Jones, Lefty Frizzel, Hank Williams, Farron Young, Tom T. Hall, Alan Jackson, John Anderson, Conway Twitty, Doc Watson, Johnny Paycheck, Jimmy Rogers... Bluegrass: Flat & Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky thunder, Bill Monroe, Jim & Jesse, Del McCoury Band, Alisson Krauss & Union station, Charlie Sizemore, Stanley Brothers, J.D. Crowe, Mark O'Connor, Tony Rice... This is outstanding country music.
  14. kernriver


    I read in (wednesday) newspaper that there are lots of Lebanon refugees on Cyprus so Maccabi is reluctant to play there...i hope they play in Zagreb, there are lots of Livepool fans in Croatia, i guess that 95% of stadium attendance will cheer for Liverpool. Btw, Igor Biscan played for Liverpool, and he also played for Dinamo Zagreb, so there you go...support is guarantied.
  15. kernriver

    WW2 Fanatics. Does it get any better than this?

    Since this thread is turning in "What is your favourite WWII game", here it is: all that Victor said, COD and Close combat. I like WWII games (shooters) for two reasons: 1. M1 carbine 2. M1 garand
  16. kernriver

    William Porter's Blog

    Why would any developer kick out one of the main features of their game? Moddability is OFP's (and ArmA's) trade mark. I don't think that BIS would just take any publisher that comes along and asks them to castrate the game by depriving it of it's second best feature (first is gameplay IMHO)
  17. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Yeah, that's why i think there's nothing wrong with OFP reloading. If you want it to be realistic, that is (or close to realistic).
  18. kernriver

    Track ir

    I love to play Grand prix 4 sometimes. I play it with keyboard, but it's better to play it with a wheel, you'll have better times. Is that cheating too?
  19. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Maybe That means a yes. I just hope that reloading while moving would reduce your speed, because if it would be possible to reload while running, that would not be too realistic. It's possible, but it takes too much time compared to reloading while standing still or better yet, kneeling. Try to reload AK47 while running...
  20. kernriver

    Project: Flashpoint

    Nice interview, even better idea! It just goes to show you that there are some good new recruits for ArmA, and we don't have to be scared of CS players ruining the game for us. Of course there will always be imature people or teamkillers, but they exist in every community. I await further blog posts and final exam
  21. kernriver


    I support Dinamo Zagreb as well... I hope we qualify for Champions league, although i imagine it will be tough to do that against Arsenal, but still...one can always hope!
  22. kernriver

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    LOL Espectro, sounds like a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus... I've had a similar problem with my HDD, but i've solved it, i just kept pushing 'till they gave me a new HDD ...be persistent!
  23. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    Yeah, that caught my eye too. That also tells me that there will be some nice animation when the weapon is being pulled up in "ready to fire" position... Or am i wrong?
  24. kernriver

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    There aren't beep codes in this manual, but maybe it would help with jumper settings etc. http://www.abit-usa.com/downloads/manual/ Maybe this would help also... 1long, 2 short beeps / Video adapter error / Either video adapter is bad or is not seated properly. Also, check to ensure the monitor cable is connected properly. or 1long, 3short beeps / No video card or bad video RAM / Reseat or replace the video card Found it here: http://www.bioscentral.com/beepcodes/awardbeep.htm Good luck.
  25. kernriver

    VBS1 Lite and Australians in Vietnam

    Can't do that, i'm affraid. Croatia is not listed, i can't register.