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    Using Map stops movement - does it bother you?

    I've noticed that if i run and look at the map, i stop running. But if i sprint and press M, i keep moving. It's the same with vehicles. Btw, i don't use WASD or Arrow Keys.
  2. kernriver

    I find a tweak that help my Arma performance.

    I found it, but thanks anyway Red kite. Also, if anyone is experiencing problems with their AMD x2 CPU, here is something that might help: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=81429
  3. kernriver

    I find a tweak that help my Arma performance.

    To continue with what Red kite was talking about: how do you set one core to run ArmA, and the other to cope with OS? I have AMD x2 4600+ so if my ArmA experience would benefit from setting one core to run only ArmA, please explain how to do that. boecko
  4. kernriver

    Taking Cover

    As someone else said, you can't see around the corner without sticking your head out.
  5. kernriver

    Infantry, prepare to be amazed

    At last! I'm very happy whit this fix, we were all waiting for this for so long, i think we deserve it On the other hand: i am currently playing Medal of honor: Pacific assault (2004. game i think) just for fun along with ArmA (demo), and it is implemented there (also COD, BIA etc.), so it would be a shame if it wasn't implemented in ArmA too... Anyway, thanks BIS! Edit: And of course, thank you for that great video, Dslyecxi.
  6. kernriver

    Armed Assault Addonlist

    Bookmarked , keep it up
  7. kernriver

    Health system

    That would be great. It was nicely done in Medal of honor: Pacific assault. You didn't have to carry wounded soldiers too far, but it was a nice feature which is, IMO, almost essential in a game like ArmA. As Eric said, there are people around to help you, and of course, they would IRL... I've only played ArmA demo till now and there were a few occasions when i needed help badly (coop mission)
  8. kernriver

    Arma/Ofp players

    I only played a demo of BF2, but i stoped playing when i realised you can't kill someone when fireing five bullets in his chest, but you have to use rocket launcher instead...
  9. kernriver

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    4 in 1 quote: now i am using a 2500+ no OC 768 MB RAM(one of my 256MB get busted....) and a 9800 SE AIW softmod to PRO.........now thats really cause some problem Thanks for bad news 4in1 My specs are similar to yours (AMD 1700+ @ 1900Mhz, 1GB RAM, ATI 9800 SE softmodded)...damn! Can you atlest run the game?
  10. kernriver

    The so-called "grown up" community

    Why do we act like we do....about OFP, ArmA, BF2, anything??? Friends, here is a qoute from Albert Einstein: http://rescomp.stanford.edu/~cheshire/EinsteinQuotes.html "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." This is not ment as an insult to anyone, of course, I just wanna say that good ole Albert had an answer a long time ago...
  11. kernriver

    Arma around the world

    I'm from Croatia, 505 area also, but i'm getting UK version, i want full english Arma...it would be awkward for me too read briefings and subtitles in croat, dunno...it would just take away some realism from the game.
  12. kernriver

    IS 2007 TO LONG ?

    I'll wait for UK version. Meanwhile, i'm playing good ole Raven shield with iron sight mod, also i bought Athena sword expansion and downloaded Iron wrath (free download), that will keep me busy
  13. kernriver

    Schumacher announces retirement!

    IMHO, Schumacher is the best F1 driver after Senna, but the worst sportsman i've ever seen. After what he's done to Hill, and especially Villneuve, i can't have even a gram of respect for that man. His driving was great, but his manners and actions at some points were very poor... He will be remembered for sure, in one way or another
  14. kernriver

    Saving more than ocnce in a mission?

    Press shift, then press "-" on numpad (don't release shift), then release them both. Then type savegame. It should work, sure works for me. Screen is zoomed out when you press shift, but don't let it distract you, just follow the procedure.
  15. kernriver

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I am also waiting for UK (or US) version, because i want my ArmA to be in english all the way...hope we get news about UK publisher soon.
  16. kernriver

    Saving more than ocnce in a mission?

    Yes, saving the way i described it does overwrite your previous saved game.
  17. kernriver


    @ TFOGas: Sry, little OFFTOPIC. I like your music selection for "1.4 patch" video, are you by any chance a bluegrass fan?
  18. kernriver

    Saving more than ocnce in a mission?

    Or you could do what kutya said: When IN GAME, press shift and - (numpad) keys simultaneously. Release them, then type savegame. You can't see it being typed, just press those keys like you are typing.
  19. kernriver

    OFP videography

    LOL! Great job. That scene from Goodfellas is legendary.
  20. kernriver

    Was the Pope..

    I agree with thunderbird84 and nubbin77 posts. Only respect, understanding and dialogue will sort out this mess. In the line with my words... it's not between muslims and christians, but between muslims and jews...read this: http://www.culturenet.hr/v1/english/read.asp?id=757&cat=12 Summary: Jewish event ‘Bejahad - Together 2006’ starts on Hvar The seventh Jewish cultural event ‘Bejahad - Together 2006’ started on the Croatian island of Hvar... The Bejahad director, Vladimir Salomon read out an appeal sent to European Muslims and Jews on "being together through culture". The initiators of the declaration, Mr. Salomon and Reis-ul-Elema Mustafa Ceric, the head of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Herzegovina, call on Muslim and Jewish intellectuals and prominent members of those communities to promote mutual understanding and invest joint efforts so as to eliminate prejudges and lack of knowledge. This all happened in Croatia, mostly christian country. It's little offtopic, but it shows the way different religions should make contact. It's eather this, or bloodshed. Which one do you prefer?
  21. kernriver

    FlashNews Armour Hit Competition.

    That's exactly what i did...
  22. kernriver

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Guy that's flying a helicopter has no boots on. Maybe he's more comfortable that way?
  23. kernriver

    OFP videography

    LOL i just watched it, it's always nice to start your day with a smile.
  24. kernriver

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Who can forget Del and his little brother Rodney ... Imagine Trotters Independent Trading co. as ArmA publisher
  25. kernriver

    Latest screenshots available

    Those arty pics that Chipper posted are just great! Especially the second one (east), D-30 howitzer. I served on one when i was in the army, so i'm quite familiar with it. I can't wait to see how operating it is simulated, if at all...if it's good, i'll spend a lot of time on Northern Sahrani side